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I have been recording and producing Video’s for more than 15 years and looking back  it only seems like yesterday since turning out my very first  Video Production.  Over the years Wedding Videos have accounted for 90% of all my productions, and like other Professional Wedding Videographers we all have developed a personal style of Wedding Video Production.

I have listed some of the qualities that in my view help to make Drangan Video a popular choice by Munster Brides, and Tipperary Brides.

Camera Shoot on the day:

My approach to recording a Wedding is very easygoing and relaxed, there is no setting up of cheesy shots or asking the couple to perform for the camera. I always use two cameras for the ceremony and the speeches  which is great for cutaway shots and different  angles of the same shot. I am credited with been very discreet on the day, it is very important as a Wedding Videographer to blend in with the guests and not to noticed especially during the Wedding ceremony. Testimonials

Recording crisp & clear sound :

It goes without saying that high picture quality is something that is to be expected from HD Video Cameras, all the very latest Video Cams are capable of shooting stunning Video Footage :  Recording high quality sound is not as straightforward though. Drangan Video has invested in a broad range of external audio recording equipment consisting of top quality lapel microphones, and directional microphones. The musicians and singers are a priority when it comes to sound recording by Drangan Video, typically a minimum of two directional microphones will be placed in front of the singers/musicians, separate discreet mic’s will pick up the vows, readers and celebrants.

Editing and post production :

This is one area of Wedding Video Production that I feel really passionate about, it would be so easy to arrive home from a wedding shoot and just simply transfer the recorded footage to a DVD.  Editing is the key to a stylish Wedding Video Production my average time spent on each Wedding Edit is two days. Because of work commitments park time weekend Videographers will find it very difficult to allocate a decent amount of  time to editing and post production, very often they will pass on the editing to another person which is not an ideal situation.  I shoot and edit all my own work which is a wonderful way of combining  my creative camera skills with detailed editing skills.

Price of a Wedding Video :

I have seen blog posts and adverts by Wedding Videographers  claiming to be not alone the Cheapest in Tippeary but in Ireland. I had a call from a couple recently who attended a recent Wedding Fair in Tipperary  they were amused by one of the Wedding Video Compans who claimed to be cheapest in Munster, They were also offering huge discounts for passing their details to other couples. I put it to the couple as to why they had not booked this particular Video Company, the said that the sample DVD was poorly produced and not well edited, to sum up they felt that their Wedding Packages were very cheap & affordable but not good value for money.  Drangan Video Prices.

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Looking forward to fulfilling all my Wedding Video Bookings in Tipperary & Munster for 20113 and beyond, if you happen to be attending any of these Weddings be sure to come over and say Hi 🙂

Best Regards

Eamon Anglim.

Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for 2013

If you are a man ? just skip this blog post 🙂

Interesting reading for 2013  Irish Brides  2 B  ( A good hair day )

One of our favourite things to browse on Pinterest is photos of gorgeous wedding hair styles. Wedding hair trends come under the influence of many things – what’s on the catwalks, on the red carpet, in movies, and the bride’s own personal style. We’ve gathered together ten of the best hair styles we’re seeing trending in 2013, and let you know if it’s perfect for you, or best avoided.

Check out the full press release  Here

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Latest Irish Wedding News

Traditional values changing in 2013, says results of Ireland’s largest wedding survey by

Irish Wedding Stats 2013

Other top line results show that weddings in Ireland continue to be an expensive event, with people prepared to spend significant amounts on their big day. While the most popular bracket was the €15,000-€20,000 (24%), over 21% of respondents still planned to shell out between €20,000 and €25,000 on their special day.

The average price per head at a wedding remains steady, with over 25% of those surveyed budgeting €40-€50 per guest on the reception meal. At the higher end of the scale, 3% plan on spending €80-€90 per head and nearly 4% have a budget of €90-€100 per guest.

Check out the full report  Here

Wedding Day Slideshow special offer

As an optional extra Drangan Video will provide edited highlights of your Wedding Day. The video clip will be edited on the day and viewed in the main function room just before the first dance. Most Wedding Venues in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Limerick and Munster will be equipped for Multimedia Presentations. In the event of your desired Wedding Venue not been equipped for Media Presentation, Drangan Video will provide a large 16:9 format HD projector complete with large screen.

This is the  actual Wedding Video Slide-show which was presented by Drangan Video on the day of Rachel & Andrew’s Wedding In Newpark Hotel Kilkenny.

The Video presentation is availabe with the following packages as an optional extra : Silver Package, Gold Package and the Diamond Package. There is huge interest in the Wedding Slide-show and I was surprised to hear that a number of Wedding Videographers In Tipperary are not yet set up for an on the day Video Presentation.

The Wedding  Slide Show is much sough after by Brides In Tipperary, Fethard Brides, Thurles Brides, and Munster Brides.  Drangan Video is  well equipped for some exciting Wedding Day Video Presentations in Tipperary and Munster : Please contact Eamon for full details.

Drangan Video on Facebook

I have recently set up a business facebook page for Drangan Video, which is just another way of sharing Wedding Videos with Brides in Tipperary, Kilkenny Brides and Munster Brides. The page will be updated on regular basis to include all the latest  Wedding News.

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