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Irish Wedding Traditions you can make your own

Whether you are getting married in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Cork or Galway, this overview of Irish wedding traditions could be just what you’re looking for to add something special to your big day.

Money for Luck

In Ireland it is a long-standing tradition to present each other with coins on the day of the wedding. These coins symbolise luck and prosperity for the new bride and groom. For those of you who have a religious faith, it can be a nice touch to get the coins blessed by the priest saying the mass.

Wedding Traditions In Kilkenny
The Irish Horseshoe

The horseshoe is one of Irelands oldest wedding traditions and can be displayed at your home, at the ceremony or in another location of your choice. Be aware that the horseshoe should be displayed pointing upwards (like the letter U) to symbolise that your luck will never run out during your married life.

Tying the Knot – Handfasting

No doubt you are familiar with the term ‘tying the knot’! This ancient reference comes from the act of Handfasting, which was originally practiced in Celtic regions across the globe. Handfasting involves the couple holding hands, right hand to right hand and left hand to left hand. The joined hands are then bound with the Handfasting ribbon to symbolise their union. A beautiful old tradition, which seems to be going through somewhat of a revival.

The Blue Bride

Believe it or not, it is Irish tradition that the bride dresses in blue, not the white we most associate with weddings in Ireland today. In ancient Irish folklore, blue symbolised purity and was therefore the colour of choice for brides across the country. Thinking of adding a little ‘blue’ to your own wedding? Why not accent your bridal party outfits with shades of marines or dusky blues if you’re not quite sure about wearing blue yourself on the big day.

The Wedding Harpist

Even today a lot of brides and grooms will book a harpist to play either at their wedding ceremony or for their guests upon arrival at the reception venue. The harpist has a deep-rooted history of playing for Irish weddings and we are delighted that this tradition has lasted throughout the centuries.

Tying The Knot A Tipperary Wedding Tradition
The Magic Hanky

A thoughtfully embroidered handkerchief thought to symbolise fertility for the married couples future. The magic hanky should be incorporated into the bride’s outfit for the day in some way. Here are some ways in which you can do that:

Use the hanky as a garter

Wrap your bouquet stems in the hanky
Have the hanky stitched to the inside of your dress.
Make it part of your hairpiece.

Ancient stories tell us that once the ceremony is over, the bride should store the magic hanky in a safe place until the couple’s first-born child arrives and should then fashion a bonnet for the baby from the magic material. Such a lovely way to share your big day with your child!

Well we certainly learned a lot when we started researching these old Irish wedding traditions and we hope that you have found the information insightful and inspiring. What better way to keep our Irish traditions alive and well than by making them a part of your very own big day!

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December Wedding In Thurles Cathedral

Thurles in Co. Tipperary  is known as the home of hurling and rightly so because it is where the GAA was founded.  On the November 1st 1884 Michael Cusack and seven other men had a meeting in Hayes Hotel and founded the Gaelic Athletic Association.
Since 1879 Thurles Cathedral has been the choice of wedding ceremony venue  by so  many  couples  I suppose it could be best described as the home of weddings in Tipperary.

Sinead and Diarmuid’s Wedding Video

December 30th 2016  was a rather unseasonal day for the time of year, the sun was shining  it was very calm and not a drop of rain to be seen, conditions were ideal for shooting great video footage.
The video begins with coverage of Sinead and girls preparing for the big event, Sinead was getting ready in her parents house which is situated on the Holycross Road about 10 minutes from Thurles Town.
When I arrived  the Bridal Preps were in full swing, Mum and Dad were playing their part in helping  to get the bride to the church on time, the expressions on their face  was proof   of  the pride and emotion that they were feeling  right then.
Sinead was a stunning bride she  is a tall girl with a perfect figure and apart form looking amazingly eloquent and beautiful  she was a really nice person to deal with both before and after the wedding.

Wedding In Castle Durrow

Cathedral Of The Assumption Thurles

I arrived at Thurles Cathedral about an hour before the ceremony allowing ample time to grab  footage of  the boys arriving, I was videographer for wedding of  Diarmuid’s  sister two years ago so it was nice to asked back to shoot yet another Purcell  family wedding.
The video highlights features the words of  a lovely reflection which was written by Diarmuid.  Sinead arrived almost on time for her 1pm appointment with  her husband  to be.
As Sinead’s Dad Tom  walked his beautiful daughter up the aisle his feeling of  pride must have been a wonderful ,  he was probably taking in the architecture of the historic building as they passed the huge pillars  of Cork and  Kilkenny  marble that flank both sides of the wide aisle.
The wedding ceremony was carried out by Fr. Gerard Hennessy it was a nice personal ceremony and we were out of the church within the hour.
One of the highlights of the wedding was the music by Anne Marie Dwan and vocals by the ever wonderful Marie Taylor, the music and lyrics  echoed in every corner of the historic cathedral.

Wedding Video Castle Durrow

Weddings At Castle Durrow

Castle Durrow  Country House Hotel was the wedding reception venue  it is located on the old Dublin – Cork Road  in the  village of Durrow, in Co Laois.
One of the best things about been a wedding videographer is that I get to visit so many fantastic wedding venues in Tipperary Kilkenny and Laoise, Castle Durrow is one of my personal favorites.
The large gardens and beautiful interiors provide the perfect backdrop for shooting high quality wedding videos.
Sinead and Diarmuid joined their guests for dinner at 6pm, the speeches were conducted after the meal,  while waiting for the speeches I took some time out in the bar restaurant and enjoyed a really beautiful meal.

Diarmuid and Sinead were a smashing couple to work with, they were very easygoing and relaxed, I had full permission to go ahead and do my own thing. My style of video recording is very much a fly on the wall approach, couples like this style because they are free to enjoy their big day without interruption from their  wedding videographer.

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Hiring a Wedding Videographer in Tipperary

Tipperary is without doubt one of the most scenic locations in Ireland to get married and we always enjoy filming wedding videos there at all times of the year. In Tipperary, we find that Brides and Grooms tend to opt for wedding videos that feature not just the ceremony itself but also the reception, first dance and the early part of the celebrations. Here at Drangan Video we will be happy to put together a tailored package just for you, incorporating your wishes, style and budget.

So what do you get when you hire Drangan Video for your Tipperary Wedding?

Here at Drangan Video we offer a range of styles and solutions to suit every taste and every budget.

Wedding Video Shoot in  Tipperary

State of the art equipment

Drangan Video uses only the most up to date equipment at all times. Our cameras and accessories receive regular maintenance and our lead videographer Eamon is highly qualified and experienced in how to get the best from this equipment.

A professional service

One of the most important things for Brides and Grooms is that they can rely on their wedding suppliers. We realise that on your wedding day you will want to have 100% confidence in the suppliers you have chosen and we are here to make sure you are not disappointed.

Top class customer care

The team here at Drangan are always on hand to assist with any queries you may have and will always return your call on the same day. Our dedication to providing top class customer care means we have built up an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients.

The perfect wedding video

Most importantly, we deliver a professional product for you to enjoy for years to come. All of our wedding videos are edited in-house meaning there are no third parties involved. Many other videographers will send your wedding video to another company to be edited and this can sometimes result in mixed communication and a less than perfect video.

Solutions for every budget

Whether you’re on a tight budget or have cash to splash, Drangan Video can offer a wedding video solution that will suit your pocket. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Wedding Video Locations Tipperary

Need some advice? Have questions?

That’s no problem at all, we are here to help you in any way we can. Our aim is to provide you with the best service possible for your Tipperary wedding and we look forward to meeting you on or before your big day.

Call Eamon today at Drangan Video and he will talk you through the many options we offer. Please also feel free to visit our testimonials page where you will see lots of 5* reviews from very happy Brides and Grooms in the Tipperary area.

Writing Your Own Wedding Blog

Weddings are a huge industry, and this applies to the bloggersphere too. There are so many wedding blogs online now (87,200,000 according to Google), so how do you make your wedding blog stand out from the crowd? We’ve put together a list of tips on how to make and sustain a great wedding blog. Whether you are blogging as a diarist in the lead up to your wedding or looking to start your own blog based solely on weddings, we think you’ll find this blog post useful.

Wedding Blog News Tipperary

Study Up
Take inspiration. While you’re planning what kind of blog you’re going to launch, make sure you do your research and check out the competition. This is important for a few reasons: you will need to be familiar with the market you’re entering into – and who you will be competing with when trying to win readership. As you are researching these popular blogs you will need to consider: what is it that you like about them? Is it the content that you find there, or maybe it’s the way the blog looks? Making notes of these points will certainly help you identify the qualities you want to reflect in your own blog.

Find your voice
Weddings are a really personal thing and it is vitally important that your blog reflects and embraces this. The Internet is flooded with wedding blogs, many of which are not so great, so it is important that you identify what unique insight you can bring to this field. Talk to other people about the ambitions you have for your writing. These could be friends and relatives, or clients you’ve worked with if you’re an industry professional. They will be able to identify your strengths clearly and should give you the motivation needed to really get your teeth into your new wedding blog.

Wedding Video News Tipperary

Show your Passion
The most engaging thing for readers of a blog is the enthusiasm their writer feels for the subject. Of course there might be some must-cover topics for the blog you’re producing, but try to find something that enthuses you about them. The passion you feel will show in your writing, and this will help engage and grow your audience as well as make the process of running your blog a lot more enjoyable for you personally. Making a note of the kind of topics you would really love to read will help you identify the subjects that are close to your heart and therefore easier to write about.

Stand out from the Crowd
It is always important to make sure your blog has an appealing look in order to catch the eye of potential readers and marketers. By paying particular attention to the visual aspect of your blog, you will be ensuring that more people stick around long enough to soak up all the great posts you’ve been crafting. Make sure you pair your look carefully with the tone and focus you’ve chosen so that the design and content make for a cohesive reader experience.

Stay True to your Vision
Every few months, it’s important to sit back and review your blog. Is it still serving it’s purpose? Does it look good? Have you gained a strong readership? Ask yourself what you could be doing better and then do it.
If, like many modern brides, you are writing your wedding blog as part of the planning and build-up to your big day, make sure you keep your readers updated afterwards too.

Here at Drangan Video we love to blog and find that many Irish brides and grooms are now also taking up the hobby. What a great way to express yourself, give advice, make new friends and in some cases start a brand new career!

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Beautiful Autumn Wedding In Clonmel Co. Tipperary

Spring is in the air, the busy wedding season is fast approaching, Tipperary brides are busy and buzzing with excitement  in anticipation of what promises to be the happiest  day  of their life.

Here at Drangan Video we are in the happy position that we have cleared our backlog of wedding video editing and post production and are looking forward to another busy wedding season for weddings in Tipperary during  2017.  In this blog post I am delighted to be sharing a beautiful wedding video from Autumn 2016  which I had the pleasure of shooting in Clonmel Co. Tipperary.

Sinéad and David were married in St.Mary’s Church Clonmel followed by a fantastic wedding reception at Hotel Minella, Clonmel.
The video captures all the emotions of a typical wedding day, fun, excitement, romance and tears of joy. The camera shoot began at Sinéad’s parent’s home in St. Patrick’s Terrace, Irishtown, Clonmel it is only a few minutes from  St. Mary’s Church.

I was delighted  to be back again  in Clonmel, it  is one of my  favourite Towns in Tipperary, set amid  rich farm land and beautiful scenic surroundings along the  banks  of the famous river Suir. Clonmel happens to be  one of the largest inland towns of Ireland.

Wedding Video Hotel Minella Clonmel, Tipperary

Sinéad and David enjoyed a memorable  wedding reception in the award winning  Minella Hotel, nestled between the Comeragh Mountains and the River Suir in Clonmel Co. Tipperary.   The hotel is only a short drive from O’ Connell Street Clonmel, the hotel has seen much change over the years, including  the building of the ever popular  leisure facilities at Club Minella, Hotel Minella is the number one wedding location in Tipperary.

Wedding Video In Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Sinéad and David were so nice to work with on the day, I really enjoyed shooting their wedding video, I have already shared the highlights on Facebook.

If you are planning on hiring a wedding videographer please feel free to contact myself Eamon who will be more than happy to chat to you about our range of affordable HD wedding video packages.

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