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Fab Spring Wedding In Ballincollig Cork

The main advantage of been  a Tipperary based wedding videographer is  location, I am only one hour from  amazing wedding locations in Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Carlow. Its lovely to sit into my car after a long wedding shoot knowing that I will be home within the hour.
March 31st 2016 was a beautiful sunny day  spring was in the air, I was on my way to Ballincollig to film the wedding of Catherine and Paul, the following video clip are the highlights from their wedding video.

The locals who live in Ballincollig will refer to it as ” The Village” even though it would be classed as a town  this is a way of saying that they have retained their identity, folks in Ballincollig are very proud of their roots.  It is not known as tourist town but it has allot to offer for instance the Regional Park is one of the largest Industrial Sites in Ireland.
When I arrived at Catherine’s parents house, the bridal preps were in full swing the girls were in a pretty relaxed mood, the bride was just about ready to get in to her dress, the big moment had finally arrived all the wedding planning was now history this is the day when the next history chapter commences.

Wedding Videographer Cork Drangan Video
Wedding Videographer Cork Drangan Video

The wedding Ceremony took place in St. Mary’s and St. Johns Church Ballincollig just a 10 minute drive for Catherine and her proud dad,that journey to the church is a very special and memorable time between a father and daughter, last journey with her dad as a single lady.
The Church of St Mary and St John is situated on Station road it  is the older of the two churchs in Ballincollig, it is a lovely setting for a wedding with lots of natural light coming through the large windows and loads of space for invisible wedding video recording.

Catherine and Paul enjoyed their big day, they are a lovely couple and were so easy to work with on the day, Paul is from Waterford and proud of his roots and a keen follower of all things GAA, he was hoping for an  all Ireland victory for the Deise sadly he will have to wail and see what next  next has to offer.

Wedding Video Highlights Cork
The Marybouragh Hotel in Douglas was our final stop it is one the best wedding reception venues in Cork, I always look forward to shooting wedding videos in the Maryborough the staff are always very helpful towards wedding videographers and photographers.

If you are planning on getting married  and have not yet decided on hiring  a wedding videographer, just contact myself Eamon  by email, Facebook, messenger or a simple phone call, I will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding wedding video coverage of your special day.

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Fun Wedding In Ballykisteen Hotel Tipperary

Once again I am proud to sharing video highlights from  yet another local wedding in Tipperary.
Carol and Kevin played a staring roll in this wedding film, they were both so easygoing and relaxed and were happy to let me do my own thing,  taking  full charge of shooting and producing their wedding video

Video coverage of the day began with a visit to Carol’s parents house which is situated near  Ballingarry, when I arrived at 11am the bridal preps were in full swing. Carol was already looking beautiful, apart from her stunning figure and good looks she is blessed with a lovely warm personality.
It is always a pleasure  to work with kilkenny based wedding photographer Ross Costigan  we have shot many weddings together throughout Tipperary and Kilkenny  this year.
Karen Maher was on duty for makeup, she is a much sough  after make up artist for Brides in Tipperary, Kilkenny and the South East.

Fun Wedding In Mullinahone Tipperary
Fun Wedding In Mullinahone Tipperary

June 24th was not a typical summer day rain clouds were gathering and drops were falling but Carol and Kevin were still smiling, as usual I was been very optimistic and making comments “sure its only a shower” “the sun is ready to shine” believe it or not the sun did appear during the photo shoot.

The happy couple were married in St. Michael’s Church Mullinahone it’s a nice roomy bright church  which  is perfect for discreet wedding video recording.
After the ceremony  we made our way to Ballykisteen Hotel Tipperary, we stopped off in Cashel for a few quick photos with the bride and groom, the  famous Rock of Cashel provided a nice back drop for the photos and the video shoot.
The Rock of Cashel is one of Tipperary’s  most visited tourist attractions, its also a very popular location for wedding photography, wedding videographers  in Tipperary are also  frequent  visitors to the Rock of Cashel.  It’s a five-minute stroll from the town centre up to the Rock, from where you can  fantastic views  the green Tipperary countryside.

Wedding Videos At The Rock Of Cashel
Wedding Videos At The Rock Of Cashel

Carol and Kevin enjoyed a fab wedding reception in Ballykisteen Hotel Tipperary which is located in the shadow of the Galtee Mountains in the heart of County Tipperary, Ballykisteen Hotel and Golf Resort is a wonderful  wedding venue the staff are always helpful and accommodating.

Congratulations to Carol and Kevin on what was a wonderful day,  everyone seemed to be smiling and happy the bride and groom were having a ball and were not worried about a few rain drops.

If you are in the process of wedding  planning  for 2017 and are thinking of hiring a wedding videographer please feel to cantact  myself Eamon  who will be more than happy to share details of our affordable  range of wedding video packages.

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Traditional First Dance or something a little bit Different?

Over the past number of years  we have seen a huge change in the way newly-weds approach the first dance, some of these have been worthy of YouTube and Facebook fame and as a wedding videographer they  have been an absolute joy  to shoot. Whether you are getting married in Kilkenny or Tipperary, Cork or Limerick we would be absolutely honoured to be your wedding videographer  and capture this very special dance on your big day!

Tipperary Wedding Videographer Drangan Video
Tipperary Wedding Videographer Drangan Video

In this wedding blog post we are going to talk a little bit about how the landscape of the first dance has changed and how some of the most wonderful new traditions are starting to emerge from this trend.

For those of you who prefer a more traditional wedding dance, we would urge you not to feel pressured into providing an entertaining dance if this is something you are not comfortable with. It’s really not for everyone and in all circumstances the traditional first dance in the way you feel most comfortable is absolutely wonderful to watch and in our case also to record on wedding video.

We first started to notice the trend for non-traditional wedding dances emerging in Ireland about 10 years ago when YouTube videos seemed to be popping up every other day. This trend seems to have started in the US and it really wasn’t very long before brides and grooms in Tipperary, Kilkenny  and all over  the country started adding their own imaginative twists to both their first dance and the wedding ceremonies.

If you and your intended have decided that you would like to try something a little bit different for your first dance and are unsure of where to start. We would recommend looking first in your local area to see if there are any dance instructors in the locale that can give you some tips and advise you on some nifty dance moves you can do for your chosen song.

Fun Wedding Video Memories From Weddings In Tipperary
Fun Wedding Video Memories From Weddings In Tipperary

Looking for inspiration? You probably won’t go far wrong by looking through the thousands of videos available on YouTube or Vimeo and checking out some of the more varied dances others have done before you.

The very first thing you should do though is probably choose the song you would like to dance to. Then think about who you would like to involve in the routine, perhaps you would just like it to be you and your new husband or wife or maybe you would like to include the whole bridal party or individuals from the guest list?

Don’t forget to practice! Most importantly, you’re going to need to organise a rehearsal schedule with all participants and make sure everyone involved has the time to commit to learning the dance routine.

Top Quality Wedding Videos Drangan Video Tipperary
Top Quality Wedding Videos Drangan Video Tipperary

Enjoy yourself – This is the key to all of the best first dances. Enjoy the moment and only do what you and your new spouse feel comfortable with, soak up the atmosphere around you and truly immerse yourself in this very first dance as a married couple.

Here at Drangan Video we would be absolutely honoured to get your first dance on video for you to enjoy time and time again. Speak to Eamon here any time to get an idea of how a professionally shot wedding video can become an integral part of your big day. Plus, you’ll get to sit back, relax and enjoy your choreographed first dance in the comfort of your own home or with friends and family, what could be better?

More Wedding News Soon.
Regards Eamon.

Tipperary Brides Are Saying Yes To Drangan Video

More and more Tipperary brides are saying yes to hiring Drangan Video to film their wedding day, its a  great feeling  to be the preferred choice of wedding videographer for so many local weddings in Tipperary.
Denise Lafford and Paul McGrath were married in St. Michael’s Church Clerihan, the following video is the actual  highlights clip from their wedding DVD.

Denise and Paul had their wedding video booked for almost two years before the big day, couples are now booking their wedding videographer much earlier to avoid disappointment.
It was nice to be back in Clerihan once again to film another local wedding, my day began with video coverage of the bridal preps which took place at Denise’s mum’s house in Church View situated on the outskirts of the village of Clerihan.
My approach to covering  the bridal preps is a very easygoing fly on the wall style of recording, I have a knack of blending into the back ground.  The highlights clip features lovely close up shots of the bride and the girls who were completely unaware of the video camera.

Drangan Video Wedding Videographer in Tipperary
Drangan Video Wedding Videographer in Tipperary

Denise and Paul’s  wedding ceremony was celebrated by one of my favourite  wedding celebrants, namely Fr. Ailbe O’ Bric parish priest of Clerihan.  He is a no nonsense guy who performs a lovely lighted style of ceremony and yet very spiritual, he is one of the good guys.

One of the highlights of the day was beautifully restored Vintage Volkswagen Campervan which was their choice of wedding transport! This is an alternative to wedding a car that  gives you the  opportunity to drive an iconic head turning vehicle on your wedding day, it also looks fab on your wedding video.

Wedding Video Clerihan Clonmel Co. Tipperary
Wedding Video Clerihan Clonmel Co. Tipperary

The Castle Oaks House Hotel was our final destination the beautiful Georgian Manor House was looking splendid in the brilliant warm sunshine. The Castle Oaks House Hotel is a fantastic wedding venue and is a popular choice by Tipperary brides,  it embodies all that is great about  a  fabulous wedding reception experience.Denise and Paul arrived at the hotel in style the camper van was glistening in the brilliant sunshine, after enjoying  a welcome drink the bridal party made their to the  beautiful mature gardens that lead down to the banks of the River Shannon.   The video clip features some lovely footage of the bride and groom enjoying a leisurely stroll along  the leafy pathways that wind around the edge of the Shannon River.

Wedding Videographer In Tipperary Drangan Video
Wedding Videographer In Tipperary Drangan Video

Denise and Paul were a dream couple to work with, they were both so easygoing and relaxed which made my day so easy  I just did my own thing in my own laid back way.
Their wedding video highlights have already been shared on facebook, Twitter and now on my ever popular wedding news page.

As I write this blog post I am keeping one eye on the clock, its almost time to pack up my video gear and head off to another local wedding in Tipperary, followed by a wedding in Kilkenny tomorrow.
If you are in the process of planning your wedding for 2017/2018 and thinking of hiring a wedding videographer, please feel free to contact myself Eamon who will be more than happy to provide all the necessary information regarding video coverage of your big day

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest wedding news blog.
Happy Wedding Planning.
Eamon 🙂

The Duties of the Best Man and Maid of Honour

Its amazing how quickly summer 2016  has come and gone, 2017 is on the horizon, here at Drangan Video  it has been another very busy year. We have shot weddings  all over  Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Carlow and Galway  our wedding video bookings for 2017 are  at an al time high which is great news.
In this wedding news blog we take an in dept look into the the duties of the Best Man and Maid of Honour.

Top Quality Wedding Videos Tipperary
Top Quality Wedding Videos Tipperary

This article will touch on the duties of the best man and the maid of honour on your wedding day and in the weeks and months leading up to it. If you have recently been asked by a best friend or family member to be an integral part of their wedding by being a member of the bridal party then we hope you find this blog post helpful.

Duties of the Maid of Honour

The maid of honour plays an important role in both the planning stages of the wedding and on the big day itself. Prepare yourself for a busy few months ahead and do your very best take some of the strain and stress from the bride by being at her side throughout.

  • Organising the hen night – This will fall upon the maid of honour and the bridesmaids to organise, so make sure you plan a night that includes all of the brides favourite things. It may be tempting to initially choose activities or destinations that you yourself would like, so it’s important to ensure that you are giving the bride a night that is just perfect for her. After all she will only ever have one hen night!
  • Direct the bridesmaids – On the big day it will be your job to organise the bridesmaids, make sure they’re all positioned where they’re meant to be and address any issues that may arise.
  • Attend and organise the dress fittings: As the maid of honour it will be your duty to get the bridesmaids to all of their dress fittings and make sure they are well prepared for the day ahead. You should also attend the dress fittings with the bride and tell her just how wonderful she looks in her wedding dress of choice.
  • Help with decision-making – The bride will no doubt be overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made during the planning of the wedding. Try to take the weight off as much as possible by assisting her with these choices. This may include vetting suppliers, checking online reviews, ordering samples, visiting wedding fairs etc.
  • Other Duties:
  • Mingle with the guests
  • Keep an eye on the Bride and make sure she has everything she needs on the big day
  • Prepare a wedding emergency kit
Drangan Video Fethard Co Tipperary
Drangan Video Fethard Co Tipperary

Duties of the Best Man

The best man is the driving force behind every great wedding and does so much more than many guests will realise. In the lead up to the big day and on the day itself, you are going to be busy, but it will be worth every minute of it to see the smile on your best friends face when his bride walks down that aisle.


  • Organise the stag night. The planning of this night comes down to you and the other members of the groom’s party. You should also consult with any other guests who will be attending to ensure you are truly delivering a night that everyone will enjoy.
  • Write your speech. This is the part you will probably find the most daunting, however, it’s really not as scary as it seems and once you have delivered a heartfelt and entertaining speech you will no doubt feel as proud as punch. There’s a host of resources on the Internet that can assist you if you’re unsure what direction your speech should take.
  • Assist the groom and bride with choosing attire for the groom’s party. This will mean attending fittings, getting the rest of the groomsmen organised and ensuring the suits or tuxes are delivered safely and in good condition back to the rental shop the next day.
  • Assist the groom with any planning for relatives and friends. This may involve organising transport, accommodation or assisting elderly relatives and friends throughout the day.
  • On the day of the wedding you should:
  • Make sure you have the rings in a safe place
  • Organise the groomsmen
  • Have spare umbrellas in the boot of your car
  • Keep your eyes peeled for any behaviour that may upset the bride or groom and nip it in the bud (discreetly).
  • Escort and dance with the maid of honour
  • Take care of any envelopes or gifts and ensure they are delivered safely to the bridal suite.
  • Organise payment with any suppliers; get envelopes for each supplier from the groom in the days beforehand.
Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary Eamon Anglim

If you are planning on having  wedding filmed  in Tipperary, Kilkenny or indeed any county in Ireland be sure to check out  Drangan Video we have a selection of 5 individual stunning  HD wedding video packages.
This is another busy weekend, with a humanist  wedding in the wonderful  Kilkenny Lyrath Hotel today, a wedding in Ballingarry Tipperary tomorrow and a wedding in Durrow Co. Laois on Saturday.

More Wedding Video News Next Week.
Cheers Eamon