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Cheerful Colorful Winter Wedding In Kilkenny City

Weddings in Kilkenny are now  an all year round occurrence , gone are the days when a winter wedding was considered to be an out of season event.
Here at Drangan Video our winter wedding bookings have soared to an al-time hight with Kilkenny been our most frequent   location. The following wedding film highlights are that of Nicola and John who were married in St. John’s Church on January 5th 2017.

Nicola and John’s Wedding Story

The story begins with the bridal preps at Nicola’s house situated on Old Golf Links Road in Kilkenny, when I arrived the preparations were in full swing. The very talented Ross Costigan was the photographer he was already there when I arrived, I love working with Ross its fair to say that some of my best films were shot while working  with him, he has an amazing talent for wedding photography. Nicola and John’s wedding video  is  a typical no nonsense  production, it features lots of natural shots which were discreetly recorded  while adapting  a hands off approach.

Kilkenny Bride and Groom

St. John’s Church Kilkenny 200th anniversary

St. John’s Church   celebrated  its 200th anniversary on My 12th 2017 the Bishop of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory, the Right Rev Michael Burrows conducted the the historic ceremony.
Nicola and John have now entered the history records of St. Johns Church just like scores of other Kilkenny couples dating back 200 years, Fr. Sean O’ Connor was the wedding celebrant  he is a lovely guy to work with just so nice and pleasant, putting a slightly nervous Bride and Groom at ease.

Rothe House Museum and Gardens

Situated in the centre of Kilkenny Rothe House and Garden is the ideal stopp off location for a wedding photo shoot,  it was built between 1594 and 1610 and  was the home of the renowned merchant, landowner and Mayor of Kilkenny City, John Rothe Fitz Piers.
Nicola and John enjoyed some time away  from their busy day to relax with the bridal party and get the photo shoot over and done with, the ever beautiful surroundings of Rothe House provided an interesting backdrop for their  wedding film.

Kilkenny Wedding

langton House Hotel Kilkenny

Any couple who have had their wedding reception in Langtons will comment on the  absolute Top Class performance by Sean and the staff. The decoration of the room itself is always superbly and tastefully  crafted, everything about langtons spells a quality wedding reception location.
Nicola and John decided to have the speeches before the meal, getting them out of the way allowed the speakers lots of time to enjoy a tasty wedding dinner.

I hope you liked Nicola and Johns wedding video highlights, they are delighted with their DVDS, this clip  has already been shared on facebook and twitter.
If you are considering hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding in Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford or indeed any part of Ireland, please feel free to contact my self Eamon  who will be happy to discuss our range  of wedding video packages for 2017/2018 and 2019.

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Autumn Wedding In Kilkenny

October 1st 2016 was a beautiful warm sunny day in Kilkenny, one wedding guest described the beautiful spell of weather as an Indian summer.
I am delighted to be finally getting around to sharing the following  highlights from Galia and Emmet’s wedding video

Video coverage of the day began at Galia’s parents house  situated in Cellarstown, Kilkenny it is only a ten minute drive from Kilkenny city.
My style of  video recording is totally laid back and easygoing, many Kilkenny brides have commented on my  unobtrusive and hands off approach to capturing their special day, I received a nice message from Galia and Emmet saying that they are delighted with their wedding video and barely noticed the camera during the day.

The wedding ceremony took place in St. John’s Church which is situated near McDonagh Junction and Kilkenny, it is a beautiful old church with gorgeous architecture and stunning design. It has huge  ceilings and a purely peaceful, captivating beauty!  I Would recommend stopping off seeing this if you are in Kilkenny.

Wedding in Kilkenny

After the ceremony we went back to Galia’s house for the photo shoot, the house and gardens were in top class condition which was testament to weeks of hard work by a very proud Mum and Dad.

Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel

Galia and Emmet enjoyed a fab wedding reception in the Kilkenny ­Ormonde Hotel which is Kilkenny’s number one 4 star city centre wedding venue. It is located within walking distance of  Kilkenny Castle and Medieval Rothe House.
The staff are always friendly and helpful and their efficent attention to detail is one of the many positive  hallmarks The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel.

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest wedding blog post, if you are in the process of looking for a wedding videographer in Kilkenny, why not contact myself Eamon here at Drangan Video who will be more than happy to go through our 2017/2018 range of HD wedding videography packages.

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Wedding Video In Ballyragget

Vicki and Seamie were married in Ballyragget Kilkenny, I am very proud to be sharing this fab highlights clip from their wedding video.
Once again I had ventured over the Tipperary Kilkenny border to shoot yet another  wedding video in Kilkenny

Ballyragget is a small town in Kilkenny, it is situated on the banks the river Nore in north Kilkenny.

The video begins on the outskirts of Ballyragget with coverage of Vicki and the girls preparing for the happiest day of Vickie’s life, she is finally about to become Mrs Vickie Corrigan.

St. Patrick’s Church  stands proud in the centre of Ballyragget in an area locally know as chapel lane, it is a lovely setting for a wedding ceremony.

Vickie and Seamie enjoyed a nice relaxed wedding ceremony which was  celebrated by Fr. Tommy Murphy.

Vickie and Seamie at Butler House

We stopped off at Butler House Kilkenny for the photos and  video coverage, the garden and interior of the house are a wedding videographers  paradise.  The interior consists  of  a number of magnificent reception rooms, with high ceilings and impressive bay windows. The perfectly maintained  walled garden is ideal for wedding photos, Kilkenny Castle provided a beautiful backdrop for Vicke and Seamie’s photo call.

Langton House Hotel is one the best wedding venues in the south east, my own daughter had her wedding reception in Langtons in 2013, so I am probably been somewhat  bias in stating that Langtons is my favourite wedding venue in Kilkenny

I really enjoyed working with Vickie and Seamie on the day, they were a dream couple, just so relaxed down to earth  and easygoing, they are very happy with their wedding film.

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest wedding  blog post, if you are right in the middle of wedding planning and have not yet hired a wedding videographer, please feel free to contact myself Eamon who will be more than happy to fill you in on the latest range of high quality HD wedding video packages available from Drangan Video.

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What to do after the big day

In this blog post we are going to talk a little bit about what happens when the big day is over. All those months if not years of planning come to a head on your big day and then all of a sudden you’re wondering what comes next, hopefully this article will give you some tips on how to spend the days following your nuptials.

Stay an extra day

If you are celebrating your wedding at a hotel, it can be lovely idea to stay an extra night with your wedding party, or immediate family. Use this quality time to unwind and reminisce over the big day, you can also use this time to catch up with anyone you may have missed out on mingling with during the wedding breakfast. Many hotels offer an extra night free for the Bride and Groom so make sure you enquire about this at the time of booking your venue.

Weddings In Kilkenny

Make a List

It may be tempting the day after your wedding when you see all those cards and gifts to tear into them- that’s understandable, it’s like Christmas! All those beautifully wrapped gifts and nicely addressed envelopes to you and your new Mr or Mrs. However, make sure you take a breath and remember to make a note of all those generous guests who brought gifts for your big day, you will want to thank those people later. Making a note of who gave you cash and who got you that handy bread maker will mean you’re able to pop a personalised message into each card, instead of writing ‘thank you for your generous gift…’ potentially hundreds of times. It also saves you the embarrassment of realising a few months down the line that you missed someone off the list.

Go on your Honeymoon

Traditionally the married couple departed for their honeymoon immediately after the wedding celebration- we’ve all see that scene in Father of the Bride, right? But, while this is probably out of reach for most couples, looking forward to your honeymoon or even planning a late one will bring great joy for you and your new husband or wife.

Wedding Planning Tips Kilkenny and Tipperary

Hit the Dry Cleaners

In this instance you can probably pass this along to one of the bridal party (if they’re feeling up to it the day after). You’ll likely have a few pictures taken outside after saying ‘I do’ which might mean your beautiful dress has been trailed through the mud, or had a few things spilled on it during the course of the day, not to mention all that dancing. Your wedding clothes may be the most expensive togs you ever invest in so, take care of them by taking them to the dry cleaners as soon after the big day as possible.


Coordinating your big day, no matter what size it is, can be TIRING, this remains true for all event planning. Likely you’ll have planned treatments before the wedding so you’ll look your best, but why not book a massage in the days following your wedding so you can start married life feeling and looking great too?

Make a Weekend out of it

More and more, we are seeing brides and grooms host a second night of entertainment and celebration the night following the wedding day. Consider hosting an ‘after party’ at your local pub or club and extend the festivities so that you get to enjoy the occasion in a more informal setting. This is a particularly good idea if you have relatives and friends who have travelled to attend your nuptials and allows you to spend some more time in their company before they depart.

Contact Eamon at Drangan Video for a quote, we will be more than happy to offer a special all-in price for two nights coverage of your wedding video in Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford or Carlow Eamon is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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Colourful Christmas Wedding In Castlewarren Kilkenny

This is one of the many Christmas weddings filmed in 2016 by Drangan Video, Mairead and Derek celebrated a heart warming wedding ceremony in Castlewarren Church Co. Kilkenny on December 27th 2016.

I like Christmas weddings, the winter light poses a certain challenge for wedding videographers and photographers, I certainly like a challenge some of my best wedding videos were shot on cold winter days.

Castlewarren  is a small village in County Kilkenny, Ireland, located some 4 kilometres north of the N10 national primary road at Flagmount very near the Kilkenny Carlow border.
I arrived in Castlewarren at 11am which allowed ample time for a visit to Mairead’s parents house to capture highlights of  the bridal preparations. Mairead was a very calm easygoing bride and very well organized, all the careful planning had paid off so not care in the world on this very beautiful bride it was her perfect Christmas wedding.

Christmas Wedding In Kilkenny
Christmas Wedding In Kilkenny

After the wedding ceremony we headed for Leighlinbridge  which sits on the banks of the River Barrow. The Millennium Gardens  was our location for the wedding photos and video shoot, the area consists of  small gardens,  the garden tells the story of life through a series of themes, including peace and tranquility, happiness, friendship, reconciliation, hope, harmony and eternity.  I love shooting wedding videos in the Millennium Gardens it is  a personal son favorite of mine.

Mairead and  Derek enjoyed a fabulous  wedding reception in the award winning  Lord Bagenal Hotel, the wedding team  are very dedicated and  always strive to make everything possible for couples on their wedding day. Mairead and Derek had their wedding reception  in the spacious, bright and seasonally  decorated Marina Room, for summer weddings  the huge function room offers unique and exclusive view of the marina and the River Barrow.  The Waterfront Restaurant  is great  for smaller wedding celebrations it will  cater for  70 guests.

I really enjoyed been part of Mairead and Derek’s wedding day, they were a lovely couple to work with, they gave me very little direction on how to film their special day, I was more than happy to work quietly and discreetly in the background.

If you are currently in the process of wedding planning and are looking for a professional wedding videographer in Kilkenny or Carlow, please feel free to cantact myself Eamon who will be happy to discuss  our range of affordable wedding video packages.

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Regards Eamon.