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Seasons Greetings from Drangan Video

This year has certainly been a busy one for us here at Drangan Video and without doubt, it has been a joyous one. We have been lucky enough to travel the length and breadth of Kilkenny and Tipperary offering our services to happy brides and grooms.
I have witnessed some of the most beautiful places Ireland has to offer and been party to some incredible local wedding ceremonies in Kilkenny and Tipperary.  It’s now hard to believe that the year is almost at a close and 2016 is just around the corner.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers, past, present and future, a very Happy Christmas and hope that your festive season is filled with fun, family, happiness and of course romance for you all.
With the year nearly at it’s wintery end, I have put together a few items for our 2016 brides and grooms to think about on the lead up to their big day:

Merry Christmas from Drangan Video Kilkenny
Merry Christmas from Drangan Video Kilkenny







What weddings could look like in 2016
– Hair and Makeup

Feminine, elegant hair and makeup looks set to be a big trend in 2016. Beautiful up-do’s such as side-swept buns and chignons will be as popular next year as they have been in 2015. Also, experts in the industry are predicting that much of the hair and makeup in 2016 will be vintage-inspired.
Continuing with the vintage-inspired theme, brides will likely opt for more neutral eye makeup with the focus put firmly on the lips. Of course, these are just trends and brides should wear whatever makeup they feel most comfortable with. Your wedding makeup should reflect your own personal style.

– The Dresses

The trend for bridal dresses with long sleeves, and sleeves in general, will continue throughout 2016. Strapless gowns will no longer be as universally popular as they once were, and lace continues to hold its own in the years ahead.
Dresses with plunging necklines have been featured prominently in spring 2016 catwalk collections and also look set to be popular with high street retailers. For bridesmaid gowns, there appears to be a large trend for blush pink and pastel blue dresses.

– Colour Themes and Décor

Stonewash colours and pastels look set to be trendy shades in 2016, making them a great option for brides and grooms that want to try something different. In terms of decor, whimsical romantic themes will be popular as couples start to focus more on the romance of their special day, rather than the formality. Chandeliers, flowers, and candlelight will all be popular décor elements in 2016.

– The Food

In 2016, while the traditional wedding cake will still stand strong, a few food trends do seem to be competing for the top spot. Miniature food, whether it’s quiche or cakes, will prove very popular. Miniature deserts in particular look set to be the new big trend in 2016.

I hope that budding brides and grooms find our rundown on the trends of 2016 useful for planning your 2016 wedding. Don’t forget to check back with our blog for more tips, ideas and trends for weddings in 2016. As always, if you require wedding videography services in Kilkenny, Tipperary or any part of Ireland  please feel free to contact Eamon here at Drangan Video at any time of the year for superb videography packages to suit all budgets.

Seasons Greetings from all at Drangan Video


Fun Wedding Video: Clonmel Tipperary

Its hard to believe that we are knocking on the door to another new year, I am looking forward to 2016 which is going to be another busy  year for Drangan Video, once again the majority of our bookings are for weddings in Tipperary.  At this time of the year  its nice to share some of our 2015  wedding films  from my home county.

Elaine Quirke and Dean McNamara were married in St. Mary’s Church Clonmel in July 2015,  I’m delighted to have the opportunity of sharing video highlights from what was a fun, exciting and romantic wedding.

This highlights clip  features some of the special moments from Elaine & Dean’s big day,  it has already been  shared on my facebook, twitter profiles  and has received  many glowing comments not least from the happy couple who played a staring role in their wedding film.

St Mary’s Church Clonmel  is one of the best wedding ceremony venues in Tipperary, it was built 1850  and has stood the test of time to the present day,  I always look forward to recording weddings in St. Marys  its ideal for discreet video recording and the acoustics are amazing.

My first duty on the day was a visit to Elaine and the girls to capture the excitement of the  wedding preps, the easy going bride to be was in no particular rush to get ready she was enjoying all the attention from her attentive bridesmaids, a bottle of bubbly was uncorked to sound of a huge cheer from the girls, something was telling me that its going to be a fun day.

It was an honor to have been the videographer for Elaine & Dean’s big day, they were so nice and down to earth and a pleasure to work with, they have passed my name on to many of their friends who are getting married in Clonmel, Cashel and other parts of Tipperary during 2016/2017.

Drangan Video Tipperary Wedding Video Productions
Drangan Video Tipperary Wedding Video Productions








As a Wedding  Videographer in Clonmel and South Tipperary i am well acquainted with all the the local places of interest and beauty  for wedding photos and video shoots, here are a few that are worth considering.

No1  St. Patrick’s Well : ” Calm Tranquil Setting”

A must see for anyone interested in history. Very ancient feel and very spiritual, enjoy a break from the fuss on your hectic wedding day. If you are lucky enough to be able to just sit and listen and take in the absolute peacefulness of this place, you will come  away with your spirits lifted and ready to enjoy your wedding celebrations.

No 2  The Main Guard : ” A Historical Gem”

A visit to Clonmels Main Guard is a must for any trip to Clonmel. You’ll find loads of historical information about the town and the walls and invasions etc. You’ll also get to look down the main street and immerse yourself in what our predecessors must have seen many generations ago in more hostile time, its also an interesting spot for for wedding photos and video shoots.

No 3   Marfield Lake:   “Autumn by the Lake is Magic”

Great for a bridal party visit maybe feed the swans  or a short romantic  walk for the Bride & Groom.  The changing seasons are really apparent, and the many majestic trees make a very beautiful picture for Autumn Wedding Films,  take a detour to drive by the lake.

No 4  Carey’s Castle:  “A Hidden Gem”

Hidden away in the woods just outside Clonmel is Carey’s Castle. I wish I knew more about the place but there are so many tales and stories and you can nearly make your own up as you wonder about. Well wort a visit on your wedding day, dont forget your walking shoes.

If you are planing on getting married in Tipperary be sure to contact Eamon here at Drangan Video for a  profssional wedding video at an affordable price.

More wedding news soon.

Regards Eamon.






Planning your 2016 wedding, our Top 10 Money Saving Tips

It’s hard to believe we are already writing about 2016 weddings but the New Year is fast approaching, and if you’re getting married next year, you will understand just how fast the time flies by!
Understandably you will want your wedding day to be as special and as enjoyable as possible, however, as we are all aware, costs can soon mount up and spiral out of control if we don’t keep on top of them. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of ten money saving tips you may be able to utilise to bring down some essential costs for your 2016 wedding.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary







1. Don’t get Married on a Saturday

Getting married on a Saturday can add considerable expense to your big day and will cost you a lot more than getting married on another day of the week. Perhaps consider holding your nuptials on a Friday or Wednesday, and you could save yourself hundreds or even thousands of Euros that can be put towards an exciting honeymoon for you both to enjoy.

2. Don’t be too Traditional

Generally speaking, the more “traditional” a wedding, the more expensive it can be. When you start dealing with traditional venues such as country clubs and hotels, your wedding costs can spiral quite quickly. Consider less traditional options such as getting married at a local community park or a family members home or garden for a truly unique and cost-effective ceremony and reception.

3. Hold the Reception at a Restaurant

Consider hosting your wedding reception at your favourite restaurant, not only will it make the day more special for you and your guests; it will also lower costs considerably. When you host your reception at a traditional venue, quite often you will pay to rent the space and then also need to provide your own touches such as décor and linens. In most cases you will also have to pay the venue per head of staff required to host your big day. However, with a restaurant, all of these costs are eliminated. You simply pay for the food and the beverages with no hidden extras.

4. Consider Cutting the Guest List

Do you really need to invite your fifth cousin to your celebrations? It’s unlikely. While a large wedding might seem exciting, dealing with a huge guest list can be costly, and can be stressful on the lead up to your big day. Consider cutting the guest list down to close family members and friends only.

5. Use a venue that doesn’t make you use their Vendors

Find a venue that doesn’t require you to use their vendors. In some circumstances venues will have their own caterers, bartenders and DJs, which often charge a high surcharge on top of your agreed rate. Talk to your venue to determine whether they will allow you to use outside service providers.

6. Make sure the Venue doesn’t require too much Décor

Choose a venue that’s beautiful enough to speak for itself. This option will allow you to enjoy the venue without having to spend extra cash on décor essentials

7. Get Married in December

During the festive season, many venues such as churches, hotels and restaurants are pre-decorated for the Christmas period. This means you can take advantage of the beautiful flowers, candles, decorations and lights already on display at no extra cost!

8. Don’t Rush

Take the time to do your research thoroughly when planning your wedding and avoid the temptation to rush through your checklist. By taking the time to research a diverse selection of venues, you can often find less expensive options right on your doorstep. Ask for recommendations from friends and family and take the time to listen to their experiences before making any decisions.

9. Do the Flowers Yourself

Rather than employing the services of a florist, consider arranging the wedding flowers yourself. This option can be extremely cost-effective and will give your day that personal touch. Enlist the help of crafty members of the family or friends to make your arrangements even more special. Choose your flowers from a family members garden or plan in advance and grow them yourself. You also have the option to purchase the flowers from a wholesaler to create your own bouquets and centrepieces.

10. Purchase Decorations Online or at Local Markets

For those of you who are opting to decorate the venue yourself, try to get the best value for money by shopping online or by visiting markets in your area. High street wedding retailers can prove an expensive option and you will find just as high quality in your local market or favourite online store.
We hope that the above tips help you budding brides and grooms to plan ahead for your big day. Weddings can be expensive and can put a huge burden of debt on a couple before they have even said the words ‘I do’. In short, it needn’t be like this, with careful planning and family involvement your wedding can be affordable, enjoyable and memorable without adding an extra financial burden.
Get in touch with Drangan Video for affordable wedding videography nationwide. Whether you are in Tipperary, Sligo, Cork or Donegal, we can provide you with a service that is unequalled elsewhere in the country.

More Wedding News Soon

Regards Eamon



Beautiful Ireland Winter Weddings: Making the Most of the Cold

A few years back, if you’d asked me what my busiest time of year was as a wedding videographer, I’d
immediately say it was the summer. Today, I’m not so sure! A definite trend I’ve seen since launching Drangan Video is that there’s no longer a defined ‘wedding season’ in Ireland. More and more brides and grooms are opting for magical, almost fairytale-like weddings in the winter, and there’s something that’s just so special about it. Bridesmaids wrapped up in furry shawls, venues putting up their festive decorations, and mugs and mugs of hot chocolate… I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for winter weddings! If you’re considering a winter wedding in Ireland, here’s some great ideas to think about:

Ireland Wedding Venues:

Now, Ireland is known for a lot of things, but great weather isn’t one of them! As you know, the weather here can be a little unpredictable at times (and that’s being kind!), and in the winter months especially we can’t guarantee anything. That’s why it’s important to pick a wedding venue that’s as beautiful inside as it is out. This means that should you be lucky and have beautiful blue skies on the big day, you can get some photos and video footage among the stunning scenery. And if it rains? No problem! You’ll still get some great memories inside your gorgeous venue.
One of my favourite winter wedding venues in Ireland is Langton House in Kilkenny. OK, so I’m a little biased because my own daughter got married there, but it’s really starting to become one of the most popular winter wedding venues in Ireland. The Ballroom is particularly great – it’s got its own conservatory so you get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, even if it’s cold, raining, or snowing!

Winter Weddings Tipperary Kilkenny
Winter Weddings Tipperary Kilkenny








Keep it Fun:

Although I love winter weddings, I do have to admit that it’s fantastic during those warm summer evenings when guests are milling around the grounds of the venue, drinking, chatting, and having a good time. This is something that’s not always possible in the winter. So keep it fun! Make it so that your guests are having such a good time indoors that they don’t even want to head out!
Over the years of working at Drangan Video, I’ve noticed that brides and grooms are moving away from the traditional, and are having quirkier, more unconventional receptions. We’re seeing photo booths and old-fashioned ‘sweet shoppes’ popping up, and these are some great ways to keep your guests entertained indoors. You could even toast with mulled wine instead of the usual champagne (Irish weddings are never short of a toast or two… or three… or four!), or have a big vat of warming hot chocolate on the go. And for little guests, a kid’s area with cozy cushions, bean bags, pop-up tents, and some books is enough to keep them busy until the music starts playing

Capture Those Unique Moments:

I believe that every wedding should have both a photographer and videographer, but it’s so, so, so important for brides and grooms having winter weddings in Ireland. Incase you haven’t noticed, winter is the most stunning month in Ireland – everything’s covered in a beautiful frost, the landscape looks fresh, crisp, and clean, and there may even be a few snowflakes around. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to capture these moments. That’s where Drangan Video and myself – Eamon – come in. We’ll help ensure your winter wedding memories last a lifetime.

Here’s to a very special festive season.

More wedding planning advice soon.

Regards Eamon.

Happy Kilkenny Couple : Say Yes In Foulkstown Kilkenny

Here in Kilkenny more and more couples are saying yes to hiring a wedding videographer  which is is indeed positive news for Drangan Video.  I am a member of country wide group of professional Wedding videographers who share wedding related news and information on a private group facebook page, all members are reporting a considerable increase  wedding bookings.

Today I am delighted to share yet another Kilkenny Wedding Video from summer 2015. Lisa Maher & John Lafford  tied the knot in St. Joseph’s Church Foulkstown followed by a fab wedding reception in the the tastefully refurbished  River Court Kilkenny.

The video story begins with bridal preps in Cyprus Grove , Kilkenny City, a visit to the house in the morning is just one of the many things that are in included in all our wedding packages at no extra cost, its a great start to an entertaining wedding film.

The perfect Kilkenny wedding ceremony venue :

St Joseph’s Church Foulkstown: is to be found on the Waterford Road, just outside of Kilkenny city. Surrounded by a graveyard the church has an old feel. The inside of the church is plainly decorated but kept in immaculate  condition. There is enough seating for a congregation of roughly 180 wedding guests. There is some extra seating on either side of the altar. A choir balcony is located at the rear of the church which is ideal for the wedding singers/music.

Drangan Video Wedding Videographer Kilkenny
Drangan Video Wedding Videographer Kilkenny







Fr. Liam Taylor was the wedding celebrant he has a lovey easgoing way about him and he did not detain us too long, which is always a plus.

Kilkenny Castle: The Ideal location For Wedding Video/Photos :

KILKENNY CASTLE stands dramatically on a strategic height that commands a crossing on the River Nore and dominates the ‘High Town’ of Kilkenny City. Over the eight centuries of its existence, many additions and alterations have been made to the fabric of the building, making Kilkenny Castle today a complex structure of various architectural styles.

First Choice Wedding Venue In Kilkenny:

The Kilkenny ­Ormonde Hotel is Kilkenny’s premiere, 4 star city centre Hotel; a dazzling jewel in a remarkable city.  It is located  right next to Kilkenny City landmarks such as the magical  Kilkenny castle provides a beautiful back drop for wedding video/photos.

the intriguing St. Canice’s Cathedral, Medieval Rothe House and just a few steps away from the finest boutiques, theatres, bars and restaurants.

Lisa and John were a perfect couple to work with, it was a pleasure to have part of their big day, I recently received a beautifully hand written thank you card. Its a lovely touch when a bride takes the time to sit down and express  her appreciation in writing.

More & More Kilkenny Brides Are Saying Yes To Drangan Video:

If you are from Kilkenny and are planning on getting married in 2016/2017 why not give myself  Eamon a call,  a message on facebook or an email to discuss our affordable wide range of wedding video packages.

More Kilkenny Wedding Videos soon.

Regards Eamon