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Questions to ask a Wedding Videographer

Here at Drangan Video we love nothing more than providing the very best wedding videography services to brides and grooms right across Ireland. For over a decade now, we have had the pleasure of travelling the country and capturing the happiest moments in the lives of our customers. Over this time, our newly engaged couples have spoken to us about their main concerns and have asked us a lot of really important questions, in this article we’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions and will aim to provide you with as much information as possible.

Wedding Videography kilkenny

Should you have a question that you don’t see mentioned below, please do feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

Have you shot a Wedding Video at our Venue before?
Familiarity with a venue certainly brings its advantages and in most cases we can answer in the affirmative to this question because of our vast experience in venues across Ireland. In instances where we haven’t filmed in a location before, we will make it our priority to plan ahead and ensure we are familiar with all aspects of the venue.

What style of Videography do you offer?
Here at Drangan Video we offer both a modern and a traditional approach to videography. Our state of the art equipment allows us to capture every moment of your big day without intruding on the celebrations or those special moments. Whether you are looking for documentary style footage, a cinematic approach or indeed a mixture of both, we will be happy to accommodate your vision. Perhaps you want us to interview guests or shoot a special clip focusing on the children in your life? Whatever style you choose, the team here at Drangan will deliver in style.

Do you outsource your editing?
No, Eamon here at Drangan Video does all the editing in-house, meaning you never have to worry about the quality of your video. With the very best editing software and equipment you can be assured that no important footage will end up on the cutting room floor.

Tell us about the Equipment you use..
Eamon is constantly adding to and upgrading his videography equipment, using only the very best available on the market today. Investing in high-quality cameras and lighting has been the backbone of Drangan’s success (along with expertise of course) and we always strive to keep up to date with the very latest video technology.
Drone videography is also available for those who want a different perspective on their big day.

How many Weddings have you filmed?
Hundreds. On average, Drangan Video shoots 2-3 wedding videos per week, each of them unique in their own special way. Should you wish to read testimonials from our clients, please pop over to our testimonials page for further information. We are also happy to provide references and provide samples of our work.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary

To speak with us about your wedding video, please do feel free to get in touch with Eamon here at any time that suits you. He will be happy to provide you with a number of options that fit within your budget and answer any further questions you may have.

Drangan Video offers wedding videography services right across Ireland, so whether you are based in Kilkenny, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary or Dublin we would love to hear from you.

First Look Photography and Videography

In todays blog post we are going to discuss a wedding trend, which has only recently reached Irish shores. This trend has been growing increasingly popular in both the UK and US over the past number of years and now looks set to be a firm Irish favourite with brides and grooms up and down the country.

When we speak about ‘First Look’ photographs or videos, we are talking about setting the stage for the day to come by bringing the bride and groom together before the ceremony for a photograph or video like no other. The more traditional amongst you may balk at this idea, and that is perfectly normal, quite a few of us traditionalists out there are quite happy to leave the first glimpse of our intended until we get to the altar or celebrant on the big day. However, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to capture a moment that is  uniquely special, feel free to read on and see how this whole trend has captured the imagination of millions across the globe.

First Look Wedding Videos For Tipperary and Kilkenny Brides
First Look Wedding Videos For Tipperary and Kilkenny Brides






First Look Photographs and Videos.

So, the say is upon you, you’re dressed in all your finery and ready to exchange vows with the partner of your dreams. Traditionally you wouldn’t clap eyes on them until you reach the altar, however, this time, you’re going to try something a little bit different!

Setting the stage for the first look

Most photographers and videographers will help you with the setting, props and details for your first look, so make sure you discuss this with them in advance. The idea is, that you and your intended are brought to a location of your choice in separate cars, you can be blindfolded and both arrive at the same time, or one of you can arrive before the other. The photographer/videographer will be there ready to capture the moment you both lay eyes on each other. We have seen fantastic examples of these images where photographers take images of you both first separately and then place you back to back for another image. You then get to turn around and face each other, for what I can only describe as a breath-taking moment. Now imagine this captured on film forever!

First Look Wedding Videography In Ireland
First Look Wedding Videography In Ireland





Now, you may be wondering why the photographer or videographer cannot do the same thing in the church when you reach the altar? Well, the wonder of a first look image or video is that it is just between you and your intended, no family or friends will be present (unless you prefer they were there), and you get to choose the setting. Perhaps you could organise your first look at a local landmark or in the café where you first met? The options are endless, the results are fantastic and the emotions that go with meeting your bride or groom in a place that is special to you both cannot be matched.

If this wedding blog post has you considering a first look video, feel free to get in touch with Eamon here at Drangan who can talk you through everything that is involved and show you some samples of previous first look wedding videos which were filmed throughout Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Cork and Limerick.

More Wedding Blog News Soon.
Regards Eamon







Tipperary Brides Are Saying Yes To Drangan Video

More and more Tipperary brides are saying yes to hiring Drangan Video to film their wedding day, its a  great feeling  to be the preferred choice of wedding videographer for so many local weddings in Tipperary.
Denise Lafford and Paul McGrath were married in St. Michael’s Church Clerihan, the following video is the actual  highlights clip from their wedding DVD.

Denise and Paul had their wedding video booked for almost two years before the big day, couples are now booking their wedding videographer much earlier to avoid disappointment.
It was nice to be back in Clerihan once again to film another local wedding, my day began with video coverage of the bridal preps which took place at Denise’s mum’s house in Church View situated on the outskirts of the village of Clerihan.
My approach to covering  the bridal preps is a very easygoing fly on the wall style of recording, I have a knack of blending into the back ground.  The highlights clip features lovely close up shots of the bride and the girls who were completely unaware of the video camera.

Drangan Video Wedding Videographer in Tipperary
Drangan Video Wedding Videographer in Tipperary

Denise and Paul’s  wedding ceremony was celebrated by one of my favourite  wedding celebrants, namely Fr. Ailbe O’ Bric parish priest of Clerihan.  He is a no nonsense guy who performs a lovely lighted style of ceremony and yet very spiritual, he is one of the good guys.

One of the highlights of the day was beautifully restored Vintage Volkswagen Campervan which was their choice of wedding transport! This is an alternative to wedding a car that  gives you the  opportunity to drive an iconic head turning vehicle on your wedding day, it also looks fab on your wedding video.

Wedding Video Clerihan Clonmel Co. Tipperary
Wedding Video Clerihan Clonmel Co. Tipperary

The Castle Oaks House Hotel was our final destination the beautiful Georgian Manor House was looking splendid in the brilliant warm sunshine. The Castle Oaks House Hotel is a fantastic wedding venue and is a popular choice by Tipperary brides,  it embodies all that is great about  a  fabulous wedding reception experience.Denise and Paul arrived at the hotel in style the camper van was glistening in the brilliant sunshine, after enjoying  a welcome drink the bridal party made their to the  beautiful mature gardens that lead down to the banks of the River Shannon.   The video clip features some lovely footage of the bride and groom enjoying a leisurely stroll along  the leafy pathways that wind around the edge of the Shannon River.

Wedding Videographer In Tipperary Drangan Video
Wedding Videographer In Tipperary Drangan Video

Denise and Paul were a dream couple to work with, they were both so easygoing and relaxed which made my day so easy  I just did my own thing in my own laid back way.
Their wedding video highlights have already been shared on facebook, Twitter and now on my ever popular wedding news page.

As I write this blog post I am keeping one eye on the clock, its almost time to pack up my video gear and head off to another local wedding in Tipperary, followed by a wedding in Kilkenny tomorrow.
If you are in the process of planning your wedding for 2017/2018 and thinking of hiring a wedding videographer, please feel free to contact myself Eamon who will be more than happy to provide all the necessary information regarding video coverage of your big day

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest wedding news blog.
Happy Wedding Planning.
Eamon 🙂

Lovely Country Style Wedding Video In Doon Co. Limerick

On March 18th 2016 I had the pleasure of filming  the wedding of Katie and David who exchanged their vows  in St. Patrick’s Church Doon, Co. Limerick.
It was a wedding with a difference,  just a little bit off center of main stream,  coming from a farming back ground in the hearth of Tipperary,  country style weddings are very close to my own heart.

The wedding video begins with a visit to Katie’s parents  house, where katie grew up and helped out on the family farm. The spring sunshine was beaming down upon  the lush green pastures which surrounded the  traditional farm house and buildings.
When I arrived the bridal preps were in full swing with a mixture of fun and slightly nervous pre  wedding  excitement, a beautifully restored V W Camper was the means of transport to the church.

Wedding Video Doon Co. Limerick
Wedding Video Doon Co. Limerick

Doon is a litle country village in east County Limerick,  close to the border of my own  County Tipperary.

Carrigmore Farm Self-Catering accommodation  is situated on the grounds of the Cummins farm which is 3 miles from Doon village in County Limerick. The building is south facing, tucked away in a peaceful courtyard of the farm, down a small lane which overlooks cattle grazing in the fields.

Carrigmore, or “Big Rock” in the Irish Language, is a major geological feature in the area. It is a solid rock of flint that was deposited long ago by glaciers. From the house you can look out the back window at the rock to the North and the beauty of the surrounding countryside with the Galtee Mountains in the distance to the South.
Katie has fond childhood memories of climbing Carrigmore and as it happens the ” Big Rock” was her choice of location for  amazing wedding photos and stunning wedding video footage. We were transported to base of the rock on the back of a farm jeep, wellies were the order of day for our journey to the summit, it was the most amazing wedding footage that I have ever recorded.

Stunning Wedding Video In Doon, Co. Limerick
Stunning Wedding Video In Doon, Co. Limerick






After our expatiation  to the Rock it was time to head back over the boarder to my native Tipperary  and the superb Ballykisteen Wedding Venue.  Set in 170 acres of manicured parkland golf course and gardens, Ballykisteen Hotel & Golf Resort is an exclusive wedding venue in Co. Tipperary, t he gracious Palatine Suite can host up to 280 guests, with twinkling chandeliers and incredible views it is fit for a princess and guaranteed to wow.  In my role as a  wedding videographer im a regular visitor to Ballykisteen, it is always a  pleasant  experience the management and staff are so nice to deal with.

Drangan Video Wedding Videographer Limerick
Drangan Video Wedding Videographer Limerick






Thanks to Katie and David for choosing Drangan Video to film their wedding, it was an amazing wedding  the highlight of the day was our trip to the Big Rock.  The wedding video features spectacular footage from the summit, the green patchwork pastures  of Co. Limerick provided the perfect backdrop for this fantastic HD wedding film.

If you are in the process of planning your wedding  and would like to have the day captured on video, please feel free to contact myself Eamon I will be happy to discuss pricing and package options.
We are offering a choice of 5 indivual  HD wedding video packages, sharing on facebook, Twitter and vimeo is included  at no extra cost.

More Wedding News Soon.
Chat soon !! Eamon






Limerick as a Wedding Destination

Here at Drangan Video, we have had the pleasure of travelling all over the country to provide our wedding videography services to happy couples. During our travels, we’ve seen plenty of beautiful wedding  destinations that have been the perfect backdrop for the high quality videos we’ve shot.

One of the most stunning wedding destinations in the country is in our (very unbiased) opinion Limerick. Offering a diverse and beautiful selection of locations, Limerick is truly an excellent wedding destination. Here are some of our favourite places in Limerick for wedding ceremonies, receptions and of course, wedding videos.

Adare Manor

Adare Manor is simply one of the most awe-inspiring wedding venues in the county. We love this manor house, which was built in 1862 and now serves as a hotel and wedding venue. The establishment is a five star hotel and is an ideal venue for couples looking for a luxurious place to get married. The beautiful manor house is surrounded by stonewall gardens, winding woodland paths and tranquil ponds, making it the perfect setting for many of our wedding shoots and is always a delight for wedding videographers

Radisson Blu Hotel

Whether it’s a small or a large gathering, the Radisson Blu Hotel is a perfect wedding venue, and offers some spectacular scenery. The hotel itself is a spacious venue, which overlooks beautiful landscaped gardens. The Radisson Blu also provides a great outdoor terrace area, where you can enjoy a glass of champagne after the ceremony. It’s a beautiful setting for wedding photography and videography.

St John’s Cathedral

One of the most amazing wedding venues in Limerick is without doubt, St John’s Cathedral. Being one of Limerick’s most iconic landmarks, it is the perfect place to host a grand wedding. The cathedral is a particularly apt setting for traditional weddings. With its stunning spires, and Victorian, gothic style architecture, St John’s Cathedral is a truly unforgettable wedding location.

Wedding Video Locations In Limerick
Wedding Video Locations In Limerick







Limerick Strand Hotel

Situated on the stunning river Shannon, the Limerick Strand Hotel is a magical and scenic setting for any wedding. The hotel features beautiful gardens, an outdoor terrace area and stunning views of the River Shannon and the city skyline. This four star hotel is renowned for its award winning food and service. A great location for weddings of all sizes.

Fanningstown Castle

Nestled in the stunningly, picturesque countryside of Limerick, Fanningstown Castle is a glorious wedding venue. Perfect for brides and grooms looking for a truly grand wedding backdrop, Fanningstown offers several reception rooms, as well as an outdoor dining space. What’s particularly striking about this venue, aside from the castle itself of course, are the beautiful gardens that surround it. The gardens provide a lovely setting for a wedding video that you’re sure to cherish.

Limerick is definitely a destination that should be considered when planning your wedding. The city and county are steeped in history and offer scenery that is unparalleled.

If you require the services of a professional wedding videographer in Limerick or anywhere in Ireland, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always honoured to capture your magical wedding day on film, and all within a budget that suits your needs.

More exciting wedding news soon
Regards Eamon  Drangan Video