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Make This a Truly Memorable Day: 5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Having had the pleasure of shooting wedding videos for more than twenty years at Drangan Video, I have seen a lot of lovely and memorable weddings. My name is Eamon and I’m your videographer. I take great pleasure in capturing those special ‘moments of a lifetime’ for you to look back on for years to come.

When hiring my services, the happy couple will often remark that they are looking for something out of the norm, something to take their wedding a bit off the beaten path, something truly memorable. If you are looking for ways to make your own wedding stand out, here are some thoughts to get you started planning a day that will live on in the memories of all who attend.

Wedding Films Kilkenny
Wedding Films Kilkenny








Choose an Unusual Venue

What do you think of when you picture the classic wedding? Typically, it is set in a church with the celebration taking place in a local venue, complete with all the trimmings. What would happen if you were to choose someplace truly unique to both say your vows and celebrate afterwards?

Couples have chosen to get married in hot air balloons, on historic bridges, in caves, in museums and of course, in castles – where they can also honeymoon after the guests have gone home. It may take some planning to make sure you can book the venue at the time you need but with a bit of foresight and a little patience, you can book a truly memorable venue.

Do Away with Traditions

Another way to be assured your wedding will stand out from those your guests have attended in the past is to do away with some of the expected traditions. Since it is no longer a ‘requirement’ for the bride to wear white, why not choose a colourful and trendy wedding gown? Some brides have opted to do the wedding party in the colours of the rainbow with matching décor at the church and celebration venue.

Others have gone all out with period attire (such as Victorian or Renaissance) whilst others have gone into the future with wedding attire fashioned after futuristic sci-fi flicks such as the character Katniss would wear in the Hunger Games.

Order a Designer Wedding Cake

Everyone expects a multi-tiered wedding cake done up in white with the traditional bride and groom figurines gracing the top. If you do a bit of searching you can find a baker who is also an artist/sculptor and is able to create an amazing wedding cake shaped and decorated as anything from the Eiffel Tower to a Venetian Gondola.

Designer wedding cakes can also be a way to put the finishing touches on the theme you have chosen for your wedding, so get as creative as you like. The only hitch may be finding a baker who can handle this type of artistry, but they can be found so allow yourself ample time to find the perfect cake ‘artist.’

Dance a Choreographed First Dance

When it comes to the first dance at the wedding celebration, many couples take dancing lessons months before the special event. It is traditional to learn to manage a waltz or fox trot, but what about something a little more exciting? Couples often choose a first dance based on a song that is special to their romance and it’s pretty much impossible to waltz to rap. Have you considered hiring a hip hop choreographer to teach you a short choreographed routine to stun your wedding guests? A quick browse through YouTube should give you some great ideas for first dances that really stand out.

5) Make a Grand Exit

Finally, at the end of the day when it is traditional to toss rice on the newlyweds as they drive off into the sunset in a hired limousine, why not change up your transport a bit? Some couples have hired motorbikes for their grand exit whilst others have taken off in balloons or on horseback. Hire a Chinese rickshaw or take off in a helicopter, your choices are only limited by your imagination.

Here’s hoping your wedding will be a day that will stand out and become a great memory that will last a lifetime. With your creativity and my videos, we can make this a day to remember – a day that will live on for years to come.

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Happy Tipperary Couple T.J. And Marie Finally Tie The Knot

It has been another  busy summer for Drangan video  which is great, the only downside is the  huge amount of time spent in  studio on editing and post production, my day began  at 7am it is now 6pm its nearly clocking off time.  The evening sunshine is beaming  into my small studio which is transporting me  back in my memories of some lovely Tipperary wedding videos  which I had the pleasure of recording during summer 2015, in this week’s blog post I’m happy to share the  video highlights of Marie Burke & T.J. Sheppard.

For me as a Tipperary based wedding videographer there is nothing more rewarding than been asked to film weddings in my home county, Marie is from Ballingarry and T.J. is from Holycross so this another  local wedding for Drangan Video.

Ballingarry is a small parish, located in South-East Tipperary, in the area known as the Slieveardagh Hills. Ballingarry is steeped in History, Heritage and Tradition..  and the tradition of getting married is very strong in this close nit community.

The wedding video story begins  with a visit to Marie’s house to grab some of the fun and emotion from the bridal preps,  Marie is the second member of the Burke family to use my services, having filmed Pamela’s wedding 3 years ago I felt very much at home on this video shoot.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary







The ceremony took place in the Church of the Assumption Ballingarry, T.J. and the boys  arrived in good time for a quick pint in Ambys the local pub on main street Ballingarry, getting married is thirsty work on a warm sunny day.

After the ceremony  we stopped off at Butler House Kilkenny for the photo shoot with family and bridal party.  The the gardens and interior are a Videographers dream wedding photo location. Exclusive use of the garden is guaranteed for each wedding party. This ensures that your videographer is free to  choose the best locations on the day  affording you more time to enjoy your special day. It also guarantees that the wonderful video memories will be captured forever in a truly unique  private paradise.

The ever wonderful Hotel kilkenny was the reception venue, Tipperary Brides are well aquented with this fabulas  wedding venue.  The Skyline Suite is a magnificent  room which caters for up to 400 people and offers  spectacular views of Kilkenny  there is lovely view of Kilkenny’s cathedral during the day while the city lights provide the ideal backdrop throughout the evening.

Now having looked at the above wedding video I’m  sure you will agree that Marie is a  stunning Tipperary bride and yes T.J. scrubs up well also,  they were a dream couple to work with so easy going and laid back, they have allowed me to share the highlights on Facebook which is very much appreciated by all at Drangan Video.

More Tipperary Wedding Video News soon.

Best Regards