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Gillian and David celebrate their Wedding Day in style: Drangan Church, Tipperary

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I have been looking forward to sharing this blog post, it features the wedding of Gillian & David who were married in Drangan Church on August 8th 2014¬† its a lovely highlight clip from their wedding DVD. Drangan is my home parish where¬† I was born and reared and went to primary school there¬† so its not surprising that I called my Wedding video Production Company¬† ” Drangan Video ”¬† enough about that and back to this beautiful Tipperary Bride and handsome¬† Groom, the following clip begins with Gillian ad the girls getting ready at Hilview Drangan on a beautiful August morning.

As a Tipperary based Wedding Videographer I have the pleasure of filming weddings in many parts of Ireland but the majority of my weddings are local¬† in my home county, if I could hand out a prize for stunning brides Gillian would be right up there in the top ten, she was just stunning and the DVD clip highlights every aspect of her beauty.¬† The wedding ceremony was set for 1pm the recording began at 11am with the bridal preps the church was only¬† a 2min walk from Gillian’s house which was great for mixing shots between the house and guests arriving and not forgetting David and groomsmen enjoying a¬† pint to calm the nerves.

The ceremony was celebrated by Fr. Tony Lambe  and as always it was a light hearted and yet spiritual, after the ceremony we headed for Hotel Kilkenny on the way we stopped off at  the Edmund Rice Heritage in Callan for photos with the bridal party.  Andrew McDermott was the photographer it was nice working with him again he is based in Waterford but covers weddings in Tipperary and all over Munster, his style of capturing wedding photos is very quick and efficient, Gillian & David were finished with photos at 4:30pm giving them lots of time to mingle with their guests before the meal.

Wedding Videographer Ireland

Wedding Videographer Ireland

A big thank you to Gillian & David for choosing me as their wedding videographer, it was a fab wedding so well planned with amazing attention to detail  all the wedding suppliers were top class and professionals, most of them were based in Tipperary.  The above video has already been shared on Facebook check out the comments below from my Drangan Video Business Page.  There is a growing change in the way that couples source wedding suppliers in Ireland and Tipperary  I have noticed this new trend over the last 12 months or so  more and more of my enquiries are coming from facebook in the form of a PM on my business page, a busy facebook profile is a must for all wedding suppliers.  Many of the up and coming youg generarion of Irish Brides 2 be tend to find traditional websites to be old school and in some cases boring. Facebook is now first stop shop for Brides in Ireland it is a quick and easy way to check out sample videos and look at feed back from other couples.  Drangan Video is now displaying a full list of wedding video packages and prices on Facebook, needless to say my website www.dranganvideo.com  which is updated on a weekly basis goes hand and hand with the FB business page as a means of viewing my work and getting all the information required before making a booking.

The wedding reception was in Hotel Kilkenny  it is a top class wedding venue and its always a pleasure working there, the staff are helpful and very efficient. The hotel is situated on College Road just beside the Kilkenny Bypass which makes it very easy to find and accessible.  Gillian & David selected the Orchard Suite which can cater for up 220 guests, it is on ground level and has its own adjoining  private gardens which are ideal for photos and relaxing for a chat and a drink from the bar.

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog post.

Regards Eamon.

Face Book comments : Gillian & David’s Wedding Video :


  • Gillian O’DwyerEamon Anglim I cannot thankyou enough for all the effort you put in on our special day, you done a fantastic job & captured moments I didn’t even realize you were filming, you almost blended into walls you were so discreet:-) You were a pleasure to have around & not just because your from drangan:-D I cannot recommend you highly enough to other brides to be.
    I love the fact we’ll have this forever to look back & remember the fantastic day we had & be able to show our future kids Mammy & Daddy getting Married:-)
    Priceless to have, thanks again Eamon
    Unlike · Reply · 2 · 21 October at 20:45




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Hazel & Moling Relaxed Kilkenny Bride & Groom; Wedding Video Highlights

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This is the highlights from another wedding video in Kilkenny, Hazel & Moling were married in Listerlin, Tullogher, Kilkenny on what started out as very wet day on August 8th 2014, the good news is that second part of the day was graced by brilliant sunshine. The wedding DVD begins with Hazel and the girls busy with Bridal Preps at hazel’s parents house in Stonyford which is about 15 mins form Kilkenny City, when I arrived¬† at the house it was pouring down rain and the ESB was on the blink due to thunder storms but Hazel was not bothered by any of this she was cracking jokes and getting on with preps, she was¬† a very easygoing Kilkenny Bride.

After finishing filming in Stonyford I headed for Listerlin and got my main camera set up in the church about one hour before the wedding ceremony, still no sign of Moling and the groomsmen, so I headed for Paddy Ryan’s Pub which is the only pub in Listerlin and of coarse Moling and¬† the boys were settled in for a couple of nerve calming drinks before wedding ceremony not that the groom need any calming down he just like his bride to be was pretty easy going and everything was under control.¬† After a lovely wedding ceremony conducted by Fr. Dan Cavanagh it was back to Paddy Ryan’s again for another drink or two before heading to Wexford for their Wedding Reception.

Johnstown Castle Gardens Wexford were the venue for the wedding photos and as a Wedding Videographer filming weddings in and around Wexford and the south east I often have the pleasure of shooting wedding video footage in this magnificent  wild garden & park.   The grounds looked really beautiful when we arrived at about 4pm all the rain was behind us in Kilkenny and we were enjoying splended south east sunshine. One of the many features of Johnstown Castle park are the two lakes, which on a sunny day give off a shimmering  reflection of the old period house which sits in the background all of which is an exciting backdrop for creating stunning wedding Videos.

Wedding DVD Johnstown Castle

Wedding DVD Johnstown Castle

The River Bank House Hotel Wexford was the reception venue it is situated just across Wexford bridge over the River Slaney, it is a popular venue for weddings in Wexford the southeast of Ireland, staff are friendly and helpful, food is great and the view of the town from the function room is cool. Hazel & Moling booked me for the Diamond package which provides coverage of the day up to 11pm.  I really enjoyed filming this wedding they are a smashing couple, just so easy going and they both have a great sense of fun, Hazel has a cheeky sense of humor which added a great amount of fun to the the day. Wishing Hazel Moling and their two boys all the best for the future and thanks for choosing Drangan Video to film their big day.

Thanks to Hazel for this lovely comment on my Drangan Video Facebook Page :¬†¬†¬† Hazel Foley¬† Thanks a million Eamon. You’re a true gent. Moling was dreading it when I said we’d get a videographer but he can’t stop singing your praises. You were so discreet on the day he didn’t even notice you around. Love the shots of the 2 boys. Delighted with it .

More Facebook Comments :  


Thanks for reading my latest wedding news : More soon.

Regards Eamon.

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Country House Wedding Venue Inch House Tipperary.

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As a busy wedding videographer based in Tipperary I get to visit all the popular wedding venues in the Premier County, and also neighboring counties, Limerick, Waterford,

Wedding Videographer Tipperary

Wedding Videographer Tipperary

Kilkenny and Cork all of which are famous for “Country House Wedding venues:¬† also known as Hidden Ireland House Weddings.¬† Over the last couple of years I had¬† the pleasure of¬† recording many¬† “wedding videos:¬† at Inch House Thurles Co. Tipperary and it is fair to say that it is one of the finest wedding venues in Munster¬† Nestled in the heart of Co Tipperary’s rich country side, Inch House offers excellent and the heartiest of welcomes for every wedding.¬† Each one of the rooms in this Country House is individually decorated to the highest standard.¬† I really enjoy recording¬† weddings¬† at¬† Inch House¬† the quality and attention to detail is amazing.

The Egan family are proud owners of Inch House since 1985. The family bough the house and farm that surrounds the House with no idea of the treasure that lay inside this Georgian Mansion. John the Farmer, and Nora, The nurse along with their eight children have worked tirelessly to bring the dreams of Inch House to fruition and opened their home to guests in 1989.  They have come along way along that journey, however John & Nora will openly admit that they have left lots for the next generation to be carrying on with.

Recording a Wedding Video at Inch Country House is a very intimate affair, guests are welcomed in style into John & Nora’s glorious home, where they too can step back in time and enjoy the surroundings¬† of past generations.¬† Each wedding is tailored to suit each couple,¬† making¬† the day relaxed and enjoyable for Bride and Groom and their guests. The impressive beautiful grounds and secret chapel of Inch House do certainly make for the ideal wedding reception and of coarse for wonderful entertaining wedding films.

There are Weddings and then there are Hidden Ireland House weddings :

Finding the ideal wedding venue can be a challenge but Hidden Ireland’s portfolio of historic private country houses provides a wide variety of very special and unusual ¬† wedding venues, all of which are an exciting¬† high-quality option to conventional hotels. Country Houses in Ireland are internationally known for their excellent food and high class accommodation,¬† many are ideal wedding venues with their splendid private gardens which are a wonderful backdrop for a perfect wedding day.

More news soon, keep up with all the very latest wedding news in Tipperary on my Drangan Video Facebook Page.  or Google +

Regards Eamon.






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Wedding Videos in Tipperary Keeping them local with “Big Local App:

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Big Local App is here and I am delighted to say that I am the first wedding videographer in Tipperary to have been invited on board, a number of other specially selected

Wedding Video Supplier Tipperary

Wedding Video Supplier Tipperary

“wedding suppliers in Tipperary:¬† have also signed up for the wedding services link on “Big Local App: I have been producing wedding videos in Tipperary for more than 20 years now, and have always been a great believer in shopping local¬† for any product or service, I am looking forward to getting stuck into this latest new and exciting marketing tool.

Big Local App  has been operating in the UK for more than 5 years and it is a huge success, two local business men in Tipperary one from my own parish of Drangan and the other guy is from Ballingarry, they  have acquired the the franchise for Big Local App in Ireland with Tipperary been the first county to roll  out the service. The mini app is available as a free download for both apple and android devices.  A number of leading wedding suppliers in Tipperary can be found in the wedding services section  we will be offering special deals to brides in Tipperary in the form of maybe 3 suppliers joining  together  to offer group discounts.

Big local App Ireland will be officially launched on Friday November 7th 2014, at the Showgrounds Shopping Centre Clonmel, Tipperary

More News Soon

Regards Eamon.

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Jeanette and Brian Married in Historic Town of Cahir, Co. Tipperary

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This is the highlights video clip¬† from another¬† wedding video in Tipperary, Saint Mary’s Church Cahir was the ceremony venue for Jeanette & Brian who are a local couple living

Wedding Videos Tipperary

Wedding Videos Tipperary

on the out skirts of the town, the date was March 15th 2014 it was a lovely bright sunny day and the weather forecast was promising for St Patricks Day also.

I was delighted to have been selected as the videographer for Jeanette & Brian’s special day, Jeanette had been following my posts on Facebook and my Drangan Video blog page for quite a while and was very impressed with my style of camera work and production skills, her package choice¬† was the diamond which¬† provided¬† coverage of both houses in the morning with recording continuing up to 11pm that evening,¬† please visit the wedding page on my website for the full list of¬† 2015/2016¬† video packages which are available to brides in Tipperary and Munster.

Jeanette & Brian are really impressed with their wedding DVD the above highlights clip has been shared on my Drangan Video facebook Page and has received glowing reviews from many of their online friends . The recording began with Jeanette and her hardworking bridesmaids attending to her every need, the footage is beautiful it features Jeanette’s broad glowing smile which has to be the highlight of the above clip, little snippets of her proud parents sneaking a first look at the beautiful bride in her wedding dress, it was nice to spend time in the house just taking in the excitement of the moment.

After the bridal preps I headed  off to get video footage of the boys getting ready, the lads were fairly laid back no panic just another day, they even managed a spot of hurling in the back yard before heading down to the church.  Brian Enright has represented Cahir GAA Club on many Tipperary football teams he is a footballer of  fame and has done Cahir and Tipperary GAA proud in recent years, but of coarse March 15th 2014 was by far his most important match when he married the love of his life Jeanette.

After the ceremony the bridal party stopped off at Cahir Castle which is one of the largest castles in Ireland, it is built on an island in the river suir. It was built in 1142 by Conor O’ Brien prince of Thomand, it is one of the finest tourist attractions in Tipperary and not forgetting the Rock of Cashel which is only a few miles¬† away.¬† I¬† got some lovely¬† video coverage¬† of the bridal party just walking on the busy street in Cahir and then down by the river Suir which flows through the town of Cahir on its winding way to the sea. I also got some interesting shots around the Castle with the large wooden doors and stone walls as a neutral backdrop.

The wedding reception was in Aherlow House Hotel one of the finest wedding venues in Tipperary,  adjacent to the hotel is the Aherlow nature park 50 acres of natural woodland which is ideal for a quiet stroll the day after a wedding, maybe walk off the excess food and drink. The hotel and lodges over look the Glen of Aherlow with uninterrupted views of the Galtee Mountain which is the highest inland mountain range in Ireland.  Aherlow House is under different management for the last couple of years and it building a good name for itself as top class wedding venue in Tipperary.

Congratulations to Jeanette & Brian on organizing a fab wedding, I enjoyed working with them on the day everything went as planned and thanks to Jeanette for the lovely comments of praise on Facebook, when I was packing up and heading home on the night, Brian followed me out to say thanks for everything on the day.  I am looking forward to more weddings in Cahir during spring 2015.

More news soon :

Regards Eamon



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Charlene and Jason Tie The knot In Pallaskenry Limerick

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It was a pleasure to have been the videographer for the wedding of Charlene and Jason who were married in St. Mary’s Church Pallaskenry, Limerick in July 2014, it was a typical

Wedding Bunratty Folk Park Limerick

Wedding Bunratty Folk Park Limerick

limerick wedding great fun and all guests very friendly and up for a good time. Charlene and Jason were a smashing couple to work with, as far as filming was concerned I just did my own thing with absolutely  no direction from this very laid back limerick Bride and Groom.

The wedding film kicks off at the Radisson Blu Limerick on the Ennis Road, I arrived at the hotel two hours before the wedding ceremony in plenty of time to grab all the excitement of the girls getting on with the bridal preparations.  I have recorded a few weddings in the Radisson Blu and I always  enjoy my visits, the staff are so helpful and accommodating towards videographer and photographer which is a big plus,  there is always a decent lunch menu option available in the bar which is also a treat when the hunger pangs set in.

Pallaskenry is situated about 24km west of limerick City close to the river Shannon Estuary its a lovely tidy¬† village, St. Mary’s Church is a great setting for a wedding ceremony a well maintained church with plenty of space and lots of natural sunlight.¬† After the ceremony the happy bride and groom released a pair of white doves into a clear blue sky and a big cheer from their guests, a nice video shot.

One of the highlights of the day as the wedding videographer was stopping off at Bunratty Castle & Folk Park for a video shoot with the bridal party, the highlights clip features shots of Charlene and the girls sampling a tasty pint of Guinness and the creamy head which remained  on their lips, all the video footage was totally natural relaxed and not in any way set up. Bunratty Park is a popular tourist venue in Limerick and of coarse its also an ideal location for wedding photographers and videographers, I love shooting video there.

Thanks to Charlene & Jason for choosing Drangan video to shoot and produce their wedding film, it was another fab Limerick wedding and Im looking forward to many more in and around  the south west of Ireland during 2015/2016.  The above highlights have already been shared on my Drangan video facebook page ,      Google+     and     Vimeo

Thanks for reading my latest wedding news blog :

More soon:  Regards Eamon

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Anna & David’s Wedding Video The Heritage Killenard

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This is the highlights from a stylish Wedding in Killenard, Co.Laois which I had the pleasure of filming this summer. David Daly and Anna Nagle celebrated their Wedding

Wedding Video Ireland

Wedding Video Ireland

Ceremony in St. John’s Church Killenard, all preparations took place in the Heritage Hotel which is just a short walk from the church.

The wedding DVD  begins with David & Anna both getting ready for the big event about two hours before the wedding ceremony, for anyone who is planning a wedding in Laois there is no need to look any further than the Heritage Killenard  5 star Golf and Spa Resort it is among one of the top wedding venues in Ireland.

The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort¬† opened its doors in June 2005 and offers a sophisticated elegance with impeccable hospitality set in wonderful un-spoilt Laois Countryside. This Resort presents a World Class 5 * Hotel, European Award Winning Spa, a Championship Golf course co designed by Seve Ballesteros and Jeff Howes Design, a¬†fully equipped Golf School and par 3 academy course¬†along with a variety of restaurant and bars to choose from. The Heritage Resort also offers guests a number of on site activities such as our Health Club with Leisure Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam rooms, Tennis Court, 5 km Walking Track,¬†Cinema,¬†Children’s Games Room, Fishing & Trim Trail.¬†¬† The Resort also offers accommodation styles for every occasion and family.

As a wedding videographer in Ireland I have the pleasure of filming weddings in many counties from Cork to Dublin, the Heritage Hotel is one of my favorite wedding venues, St. Johns Church is just a short stroll from the hotel complex which makes the whole day so easy going without the need for a long drive between reception and ceremony venues which sometimes may be hassle for the wedding guests, especially the older ones.

After the wedding ceremony the bridal party made their way to Emo Court Portlaoise for the wedding photos :

Emo Court was designed by the architect James Gandon in 1790 for the Earls of Portarlington and is a magnificent example of this neo-classical style. During the middle of the 20th century it was owned by the Jesuits, it was then acquired and extensively restored by Mr. Cholmeley-Harrison in the 1960s. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland which were first laid out in the 18th century and contain formal lawns, a lake and woodland walks with many very fine trees and shrubs. The house and gardens were taken into State ownership in 1994.

It was a pleasure to have been part of David & Anna’s big day, it was a lovely stylish wedding, I have already shared this highlights clip on my Drangan Video facebook Page at the request of the couple.¬† I am looking forward to many more weddings in the wonderfull Heritage golf and spa resort in Co. laois.

More news soon.

Regards Eamon.

More wedding advice for weddings in Ireland :

5 Biggest Wedding Fears How To Get Over Them ?

You know the drill. ¬†Your wedding day has finally arrived and everything looks perfect. It’s time to go down the aisle, the doors open and…. no one has shown up because you put the wrong date on the invitation! ¬†How could this happen? The day is completely ruined. ¬† You are in tears. Your fiance is furious. ¬†Your parents are hysterical. ¬†Then you wake up in a cold sweat and realize… it was just a dream; your wedding is still months away.

f this sounds like you, don’t worry. You are not alone. ¬†Not only are wedding day worries commonplace, some of your biggest fears are the shared fears of lots of brides and grooms out there. ¬† Here are 5 commonly held wedding day fears and tips on how to conquer them before the big day.

1. ¬†Tripping While Walking Down the Aisle. ¬† It’s your big moment. The wedding party has gone down the aisle, the music changes, the door opens and you and your dad head down the aisle. Everyone is staring at you…and you trip. ¬† For as long as I can remember, this has been a fear- after all you are in a gown that you’ve never worn before and heels and you are already nervous. ¬†Jennifer Lawrence tripping up the stairs at the Oscars¬†didn’t do much to calm any brides’ nerves either.

What you can do? ¬†Not to fear. ¬†This is actually much less common than you think, but there are still precautions you can take to avoid this situation. First, if you have an aisle runner, be sure it’s a non-slip¬†runner (the Original Runner Company has some great ones). Have your planner or a friend tape the top end and bottom end of the runner to keep it taught so you won’t catch a wrinkle or a gather. ¬†Next, while the temptation to go sky high in your heels may be strong, avoid a heel height¬†you don’t walk in on a regular basis. Practice walking in your bridal shoes and be sure to scrape your soles to get a bit of traction. ¬† Finally, if you do for some reason stumble¬†even slightly, remember the original guy you loved- Dad- has his arm around your arm and will keep you stable.

2. No One Shows Up. ¬† There is nothing quite like the anxiety of waiting out those RSVP’s. ¬† It always feels like the rsvp date comes and goes with still a huge number of outstanding responses. ¬†Give it a week and then start emailing/calling the non-responsive guests. ¬†If you feel weird doing that, ask your groom or your mom to help out with the awkward requests. ¬†Don’t take emails for an answer though- sending back a written commitment often feels much more real than just sending a text or an email saying “I’ll be there”. ¬† If you get answers to your inquiries saying “Oh yes, I’m coming”, just say “Great, if you don’t mind sending back the RSVP card, that would be great.” ¬†After all you stamped it! ¬†Once you get critical mass, the fears of people not showing up should be greatly reduced.

3. You are Too Anxious to “Enjoy the Day”. ¬†¬†You’ve been worrying about everything being perfect for months… if not more than a year. ¬†It’s not uncommon to have fears that you won’t be able to put all that worry away on the day itself. ¬†If this is a source of anxiety for you, invest in¬†hiring a “Day-of” Coordinator. ¬†Generally, a Day-of planner actually gets involved a month before the big day to double check all of your plans, coordinate the day’s schedule with all of your vendors and manage the flow of events on the day itself. ¬†Most importantly, they are there to resolve any problems that might arise so that you don’t have to deal with them. ¬†Lots of wedding planners offer this service and some companies, like Just About Married, specialize specifically in “Day-of” Coordination.

4. The Weather. ¬†Yes, they say that rain is good luck on ¬†your wedding day, but luck aside, no bride wants it drizzling on her dress- especially if you have an outdoor ceremony or tented reception in mind. ¬†What’s the solution? ¬†Have a rain plan- and ideally one that you feel nearly as good about as your outdoor plan. ¬† Invest in a really gorgeous umbrella. ¬†Spend some money on flooring your tent so the ground doesn’t get too wet if it does rain. ¬†In general, turn Murphy’s law on it’s ear by over preparing for bad weather. ¬†Rather than dread the possibility, accept what might happen if it does rain and fall in love with it. ¬†Since weather is the one thing you can’t control, you should attempt to not allow it to make you to crazy.

5. That Something “Will Go Wrong”. ¬†After all that planning- and spending-¬†it’s easy to focus on all the things that could go wrong. ¬† Rather than stay up at night worrying that something might go wrong, I have a simple solution: ¬†accept that something will go wrong. ¬†At least one thing will not go exactly, perfectly according to plan. ¬†The reason? ¬†It’s real life and events aren’t like pictures or movies where they can be photo shopped and edited into perfection. ¬†They are “happenings”, and sometimes the happenings are what make them memorable. ¬†Does this mean it will be something major? ¬†NO. ¬†Chances are slim that the cake will fall or that something will catch on fire. ¬†More likely someone might miss a cue or your dad burbs during his toast or something else benign that will create a magical moment, a good laugh and an everlasting memory. ¬†Embrace the imperfections of the day!


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Local Wedding Video Clonmel, Tipperary

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I am delighted to share another local Clonmel wedding video, Michelle Kennedy and Tommy Keane were married in St. Patricks Church Marlfield Clonmel,  followed by their

Wedding Video Marfield Clonmel

Wedding Video Marfield Clonmel

wedding reception in Kilcoran Lodge Hotel Cahir.¬† This is a nice facebook comment from Michelle¬† ¬† ” Michelle Keane¬†¬† It was great having you as our wedding videographer, we couldn’t be more happy with the dvd you did a fantastic job, and we cant recommend you highly enough to anyone getting married. Thanks soooooo much”

Michelle first contacted me in late 2013 regarding a quotation for her wedding video she indicated in her email that she really liked my style of wedding video production, she had already got quotations from other local videographers and had received sample dvds, she did mention that one other quotation was much lower than Drangan Video and that she was considering going with them, she asked me to send on a wedding DVD  for viewing and I agreed to hold the day until she had made up her mind.  I received an email from Michelle saying that she would be more than happy to go with Drangan Video, she said that she really liked my style of camera work and that my attention to detail and editing skills were great.  Michelle & Tommy put allot of work into planning their big day they were very careful about  their choice of local  professional  wedding suppliers  in Tipperary. Dave Messinger is a Clonmel based wedding photographer and it was great working with him once again, his was quick and efficient on the day and his shots as always were lovely. Gillian Fennessy is another Clonmel based wedding singer, her magical voice filled Marlfield Church and all guests were moved by her performance, she is also a true professional.

The Video clip features coverage of both Michelle & Tommy getting ready in the morning, its nice to include the boys getting ready its a nice build up to the production.  I love recording wedding videos in Marlfield Church the huge window behind the altar is a unique feature of this beautiful old church.   St. Patricks Church was designed by Thomas Tinsley, father of the famous architect William Tinsley and forms part of a group of related structures associated with Marlfield House Estate.  Built with a grant from the Board of First Fruits, the church occupies the site of an earlier eighteenth-century church and the now-destroyed twelfth-century Cistercian Abbey of Inishlounaght.  The church building, although simple in form, has an attention to detailing, in such features as the decorative window tracery, red brick eaves course and the buttresses with their gabled tops.  The Romanesque doorway incorporated into the west wall of the interior is a particularly striking feature, and is the best surviving evidence for the ancient abbey. Adding archaeological and historical interest to the site, is a medieval grave-slab to the church interior and that in the graveyard wall, thought locally to be from a crusader’s grave. It has been a popular ceremony venue for weddings in Clonmel  over the years.

After a smashing ceremony which was performed by the Rev. Barbara Friday we made our way to St. Patricks Well Clonmel for the photo shoot and and video footage.  St

Wedding Video Kilcoran Lodge

Wedding Video Kilcoran Lodge

Patrick’s well is  located close to the village of Marlfield, a few miles outside of the town of Clonmel.  It is well is signposted  and can be accessed  from the Cahir to Clonmel road and from the Marlfield village.   St Patrick’s well is located beside a stream at the base of a limestone cliff.  This is a really lovely peaceful spot.  As well as being a place of pilgrimage (excuse the pun) it is also a focal point on hot sunny days for families and children who come here to hang out and paddle in the icy waters of the  man-made pond beside the well.  Wedding Videogrpahers in Tipperary are frequent visitors to the well, it is a popular  stop off point for wedding parties who are on route to wedding venues in Tipperary.

It was great to back in Kilcoran Lodge Hotel once again we enjoyed a wonderful  wedding reception and the attention to detail by the management and staff was great.

Kilcoran Lodge Hotel & Leisure Centre is situated just outside picturesque Cahir, Co Tipperary nestled in the foothills of the Galtee Mountains, a charming Country House Hotel overlooking the Knockmealdown Mountains with majestic views and gardens. This haven of tranquility offers you a chance to escape the pressures of everyday life and relax in the surroundings of a beautiful house with an old world rustic charm & ambiance that combines both comfort and spaciousness.  Built as the Earl of Glengall’s Hunting Lodge in the last century, Kilcoran offers guests 22 exceptional en-suite bedrooms all with their own unique charm combining contemporary & period styles and charming antique furniture.  Ideally located to explore Ballyhoura Country, the Rock of Cashel, Blarney, the Mitchelstown Caves and the historic Cahir Castle as well as great golf, cycling, horse riding and fishing amenities, guests will revel in the area’s serene landscape and dramatic views. Only 50 minutes from either Cork & Shannon Airports.  Kilcoarn Lodge is a much sough after wedding reception venue by Brides in Tipperary and Cork Brides, it is a top class Tipperary wedding venue.

Wedding Tips and Advice :¬† You don’t¬† have the time for planning your own wedding ???

¬† Perhaps hiring a wedding planner¬† might be just the answer to ease your wedding woes. ¬† Of course, since weddings aren’t one size fits all, neither is the business of wedding planning. ¬† There are many variations on services and different companies may offer different things. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider hiring a wedding planner and as you take the time to interview a couple of different professionals.

Are you too busy with work to make time for planning your wedding?    For the overwhelmed couple busy with work or graduate school, a wedding planner can be a huge asset for keeping the planning process moving while you are busy living your day to day life.  A good wedding planner will help you flesh out the structure of the day, help you find the right location, help curate your vendor team, negotiate your contracts and more.  If shortage of time is the main reason you feel you need a planner, be sure to seek someone who gives you confidence in their ability to manage time well, as well as someone well connected with their industry to help put together an amazing team for your big day.

Do you need someone to help bring your vision to life? ¬†If you know that you don’t just want your wedding to be nice, you want it to be beautiful and stunning and well thought out with tons of details. ¬†You might want to look at¬† event managers¬† these are individuals or companies that don’t just organize your wedding, they create a full experience for your wedding including the look and feel of the celebration. They typically collaborate with you to flesh out your ideas and likes and dislikes and put it all together into a “special event”. ¬† You can expect to pay a bit more for a service like this.

Are you mainly worried about the wedding day itself? Some couples delight in the details of planning a wedding. ¬†From interviewing vendors to crafting DIY favors, the journey to the altar is half of the fun for these couples. ¬†Still, they don’t want to be organizing the event on the day itself. ¬†If you are a super organized couple, or you’ve had the help of a mother/sister/friend and have found planning the day to be a delight, you might want to consider engaging a coordinator¬† This is someone who¬†and¬†will take all of your contracts with your various vendors and put together a timeline for the day that includes things like transportation and time for photography as well as when toasts will occur and the timing of your dinner service. ¬†On the day itself this person (or team of people) will do all the miscellaneous things you are probably worrying about: setting out your guest escort cards, making sure your dad is ready to give his toast, packing up all of your things at the end of the night for someone to take home. ¬† A great Day-of Coordinator can be like an insurance policy that all of the time and money spent on your wedding goes off without a hitch and, should a problem arise, you won’t get stuck dealing with it.

¬†Are you mainly worried about stretching your budget?¬†If you know that you are on a tight budget and are thinking that a wedding planner might be able to help, you might want to think twice. ¬†It is true that a¬†great planner/designer can help you get more value for your dollar through their vendor relationships and have the expertise to advise you how to best allocate your financial resources, however a wedding planner’s¬†still cost¬†money- anywhere from ‚ā¨3,000 to ‚ā¨30,000 depending on the extensiveness of your plans and the region you are planning in. ¬† If you are on a tight budget, you are best off hiring the best vendor you can afford in each category: photography, catering, floral and investing a great Day-of coordinator.
Thanks for reading my blog : more news soon.
Regards Eamon.
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Summer Wedding Video Rathvilly Carlow.

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Just decided to do an early morning blog before getting stuck into editing for the day, it is dark outside which is a reminder that Autumn has taken its grip. This week I am

Wedding Videographer Carlow

Wedding Videographer Carlow

sharing a clip¬† from a wedding in Carlow which was shot on a beautiful sunny day during the long hot summer of 2014.¬† Christine & Eamonn were married in St. Patrick’s Church Rathvilly Carlow followed by their wedding reception in the Newpark Hotel Kilkenny, I have already shared the clip on Facebook and Christine & Eamonn have share it with all their friends on line.¬†¬† Christine Lennon¬† Aww Eamon thank you so much we cannot wait to see the DVD. You were so professional throughout the day and worked at such ease with our photographer. We would recommend you highly as a videographer to any couple getting married

Christine and Eamonn were really nice to work with both easygoing and relaxed  the highlights clip shows just how much they enjoyed their big day, recording began with Christine and the girls getting ready in the family home which is only 10 mins from the village of Rathvilly, some Brides prefer not to have the bridal preps recorded which I think is a pity the build up to the day is always great on the wedding film and what better build up than early morning bridal preps.

After the ceremony Christine and Eamonn dropped into Lawlors Pub in Rathvilly¬† for a quick drink and fun photos, there is a lovely video shot of Christine pulling a pint of Guinness for a thirsty groom, it looked like a really good pint “well done Christine ”¬† our next stop was Jenkinstown Park for photos and video with the bridal party.¬† Thomas Sunderland was the wedding photographer for the day, it was nice to work with him I often meet him at weddings in Carlow and Kilkenny he is great¬† to work with he set up lots of fun shots which made everyone relaxed and in the mood for the photo session.¬†¬† Jenkinstown Park¬† is just a 10min drive from Kilkenny City in the South East of Ireland, Jenkinstown Park was once part of a large estate. Today, the old house is long gone but remnants of 1870s parkland have survived, including rare Chinese Necklace Poplars. The facilities also include a picnic site, forest walks, deer park and a craft centre. A small garden to commemorate the Irish poet Thomas Moore , the park is popular spot for wedding photos and wedding videos it is regularly¬† frequented by Carlow Brides and brides in Kilkenny.

Christine and Eamonn  went for the Silver package which is one of five individual cost effective packages on offer from Drangan Vodeo, all my packages include coverage of the bridal preps in the morning and sharing on facebook is an included option. Thanks to Christine and Eamonn for choosing Drangan Video to record their special day.

Here are few more interesting wedding tips :    Hosting a home Wedding

If you are in the market for a wedding venue, hosting a wedding at a private home can offer numerous advantages. ¬†First, there is the sentimental aspect of marking this momentous occasion at that holds memories¬† for you:¬† perhaps it’s your own back yard, or you or your partner’s childhood home or a vacation house where you spent your summers as a girl. ¬†Next, there is the cost consideration for while you may still need to rent a tent and other elements, you can save big by eliminating a venue rental fee.

First, unless you are living in a Gatsby-esque mansion, chances are ¬†you will need to use outdoor space for some or a portion of your wedding’s events. ¬†Perhaps the ceremony, the reception¬†or both. This will mean that a tent¬† will be required, it is better that you opt for a tent that is bigger than will be required. “First, your guests will appreciate not feeling cramped. But additionally, in case of poor weather, you will be thankful to have the extra space that is protected from the elements.¬† Remember that with many guests come many guest needs- especially of the biological variety. Rather than overwhelm your indoor restrooms,¬† supplementing the indoor restrooms might be a good idea.

¬†Speaking of guest comfort, “Don’t overlook lighting¬† walk around your property and any other areas your guests will have to access after the sun goes down. Plan on buying or renting various overhead and landscape lighting so that your guests can safely walk around the reception, to the bathrooms, and back to their mode transportation.”

I Have recorded many home weddings over the past couple of years, they were a huge success and very sentimental and intimate events.

More News soon.

Regards Eamon.

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Mid Summer Wedding Video, Danesfort Kilkenny.

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There is no better weekend for sharing a Kilkenny Wedding Video than now, the Tipperary Kilkenny All Ireland reply is the the topic of conversation in both counties today as

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

we start the countdown to another epic battle on Saturday next. Pamela Ireland & Joe Sinnott were married in Danesfort Church on suuny warm day in June 2014. Pamela is the the third member of the Ireland family to avail of my services as their wedding videographer and I am looking forward to Gillian’s wedding in 2015, its always great to be asked back to film weddings for other members of the same¬† family.

Danesfort is a small rural area in County Kilkenny, Ireland, located approximately 6 km from Kilkenny City on the N10. the Ireland family are well known in the area Pamela’s Dad Billy Ireland is FG Counselor and is popular in political circles, Minister Phil Hogan was one of the many guests who has attended all the family weddings.¬† The video begins with bridal preps at Pam & Joe’s house¬† just off the main Callan Kilkenny road. John Delaney was the photographer for the day and he is also booked for Gillian’s wedding next year, John is an up and coming photographer and is making quite a name as a wedding photographer in Kilkenny and Tipperary, he also provides an open Photo Booth which is great fun on the night.¬† We stopped off at Burnchurch Castle for some photos before heading to the reception.

Burnchurch Castle is situated about 4 miles south west of Kilkenny and 6km from Ballybur, off the Clonmel Road.  Burnchurch is a six storey tower house. The castle was originally attached to a walled courtyard, most of which has now disappeared, apart from a 40 foot high tower at one corner.  The castle has an unusual complexity of passages and chambers inside the walls, including a hidden room in the wall of the fourth floor.. There used to be great hall attached to an outside wall of the tower which has now gone. There is a vault under the castle above which is the main chamber. Access to the upper three floors is via an outside staircase. Other notable features include mullioned windows, a fine carved fireplace and a round chimney which may have been a later addition. The video features lovely shots of Pam & Joe strolling around the grounds with acres of golden corn fields in the background, the weather on the day was just perfect warm dry and sunny.

Wedding DVD Danesfort

Wedding DVD Burnchurch Castle

Pam & Joe enjoyed a fab reception in Lanton House Hotel which is the number one wedding venue in Kilkenny and the south east, its always a pleasure working there, we enjoyed our own daughter’s wedding there last year, for anyone who is shopping for wedding venues just check out Langtons its top class.¬† I have already shared this highlights clip on my Drangan Video Facebook Page and Pam and Joe have shred it with their many friends both home and abroad.

Wishing Pam & Joe all the best and thanks for choosing Drangan Video .

Here are a few wedding day tips which I will be sharing over the coming weeks :   log onto this link for full list  Weddings.about.com

As your wedding day approaches you might be starting to fret about all the little things that could possibly go wrong on the big day. ¬† One thing that can help minor issues become major drags is a Wedding Day Emergency Kit. ¬†While there are plenty of pre-packaged emergency kits that you can purchase, we want to share with you what wedding pro’s keep in their kits so that you can potentially build your own either for your big day or for a friend or relative who might be getting married.

Beauty Items: ¬†Unless you are a Kardashian, or some other kind of celebrity, you’ll most likely be photographed more on your wedding day than at any other point in your life. ¬† Whether you are having professional hair and makeup or going DIY, the following beauty essentials are emergency kit musts: ¬†Blotting tissues to control shine, small hairspray for flyaways, bobby pins that match both you and your bridesmaids hair color, clear nail polish, spray deodorant, lip gloss and as a bonus, a Benetint- you never know if your nerves might make you go pale and you want a boost of color on your lips or cheeks.

Fashion Items:¬†Of course, it’s not every day that you find yourself wearing a gown and sometimes small things can happen like bustles un-bustling or a clumsy relative who accidentally steps on your pristine dress. ¬†No fear- with the following items in your kit, you’ll be prepared for anything: Clorox Stain Removing Pen, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, A White Cotton Napkin (which is perfect for rubbing out general dirt stains),¬†a sewing kit (better than just a white needle and thread since your bridesmaids may have wardrobe emergencies too!), fashion tape, static guard, lint brush and last, but certainly not least, safety pins. ¬†A well placed safety pin can alter any number of emergencies.

General Usage Items:  Your emergency kit can also hold items to help with minor, but common, wedding day snags as well.  Always be sure to have some crazy glue, some toupee tape (perfect for holding together more things than one can imagine), some thin Sharpee pens, a long lighter for candles and practical first aid items like band aids and Advil.

¬†Not sure what to pack your kit in? ¬†Shop your local pharmacy and see if you can re-purpose a travel cosmetics case or some other soft, mid-sized pouch with a carryable handle. ¬†Be careful not to make your emergency kit too large, or you won’t want to bother dragging it around all day. If possible, desginate someone-¬†perhaps it’s your Day-of Coordinator, a bridesmaid or a relative- to be the official Kit Carrier.
Thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog post, more news soon.
Regards Eamon.


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