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Mid Summer Wedding Video Hospital Limerick

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This is a clip from a recent Wedding Video in Hospital Co. Limerick, I have been looking forward to sharing this one, because as well as been a fantastic wedding there is an

Wedding Video Limerick

Wedding Video Limerick

amazing story about a ring that went missing on the morning and turned up late that evening.¬† A big congrats to Eimear¬† Quinn & Tom√°s Tiernan,¬† Eimear is a native of Hospital and Tom√°s is proud Tipperary man and a keen Tipperary Hurling supporter, he was¬† very impressed by the fact that Drangan Video has Filmed the weddings of no less than six famous Tipperary Hurlers over the past 3 years,¬† Lar Corbett & Eoin Kelly & Paul Curran are on the present panel and will face Kilkenny in the All Ireland Hurling Final on September 7th next. ” Up Tipp ”

The wedding video begins with Eimear and the girls getting ready at Eimear’s parent’s house just a short distance from¬† the John the Baptist Church Hospital, this highlights clip has already been shared on my dranganvideo facebook page which has no less than 2500 likes. Facebook is a wonderful means by which a wedding supplier can share their work with potential brides to be, sometimes the facebook wedding video highlights clip is the first look for the bride & groom, the wedding dvds then will arrive by post over the following couple of days. Not all couples are happy to share their big day on line that is¬† understandable¬† also.

I¬† enjoy filming¬† wedding videos in Limerick¬†¬† a one hour drive will get me there and it is such a friendly county, just like Tipperary.¬† There was a great sense¬† of fun during the bridal preps, I really like this highlights clip it captures the fun and excitement of the preparations, it is always good to get loads of footage from the Brides house on the morning¬† and then with the help of creative editing skills a wonderful entertaining¬† and emotional production will come together.¬† On our way to the Woodlands Hotel in Adare we stopped off in a wooded area for some great wedding photos and video footage,¬† Selina O’ Meara was the photographer for the day, she is a joy to work with her easygoing and creative style makes her stand out as a truly professional Tipperary¬† Wedding Photographer, her photos are different and that what makes her work exciting and new, she is based in Nenagh Tipperary.

Wedding Films Limerick

Wedding Films Limerick

The Woodlands Hotel in Adare is one of the top wedding venues in limerick,¬†¬† Located in the Splendour of Adare Ireland’s “Prettiest Village” Fitzgerald’s Woodlands Wedding Hotel Limerick is the perfect location for a wedding day.¬†¬† After your red carpet arrival and a glass of bubbly, you and your guests can enjoy your welcome reception drinks and canapes in our mature Gardens or in the spacious hotel lobby to the resounding harmonies of a String Quartet. Magnificent arrival receptions featuring a variety of ice sculptures and a 5ft chocolate fountain also available.

Choose from the grand Fitzgerald suite, or the more intimate Laccabawn suite. Upgraded table decoration, linen and candle packages also available. We are delighted to announce that we have an in-house Flower Arranging Service for ceremonies & wedding receptions  You will be spoiled for choice with our wide array of sumptuous, personalised menus prepared by our Executive Head Chef. All our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and our beef is all Irish reared Angus. Our wine expert will be able to advise you from our carefully chosen wines and champagnes from our Cellar 77 wine list

Civil ceremonies are a speciality and the Woodlands Hotel is one of the finest locations for civil weddings Limerick. We have hosted many wedding rehearsal dinners, post wedding celebrations and after wedding barbecues

THE MISSING RING :¬† This is a short true story about an engagement ring that went missing on the morning of¬† Eimear’s¬† wedding and turned up 6 hours later on the ground outside the door of wedding reception
The wedding ceremony was in Hospital, Co. Limerick and reception in the Fitzgerarld Woodlands Hotel Adare, Limerick. As usual my video recording began at the brides house which was a 20 min. drive from the church in Hospital on arrival at the brides house the girls were in the usual excited mode, the sun was shining and everyone looking forward to the big event. During the morning the photographer and myself were busy capturing bits and bobs including jewelry and rings which were treasured by the Bride, her engagement ring was a particular beautiful and expensive one and of coarse very close to her heart. Bridal preps went very well everyone happy, Bride slightly nervous but looking forward to the day.

The wedding Ceremony was set for 1pm, we were a little bit surprised by the late arrival of the Bride and bridesmaids because they were all ready to go when the photographer and myself finished up at the house. When the Bridesmaids arrived they announced that the Bride’s engagement ring had gone missing and after lots of frustrating searching it failed to turn up. The Bride was upset on arrival at the church but she decided to put it out her mind and get on with the day hopefully the ring would be found in due time. After the ceremony some of the family returned to the house to search for the missing ring but alas no sign of it, in the meantime Bride & Groom photographer and myself stopped off at a wood on the way to Adare for photos and video footage, we also stopped off at another location where the couple were standing on a grassy bank, at this stage the Bride had put the missing ring more or less to back of her mind and anyway we were very busy with the photo and video shoot.

The Bride & Groom and bridal party arrived at the Woodlands Hotel Adare, Co.Limerick at 4:15pm, they had done a car change outside the gates of the Woodlands, the Volkswagen Beatle that was used to transport the bride and her dad to church was already waiting when the arrived at the hotel gates. After pulling up at the door of the hotel the couple enjoyed a glass of bubbly and then made their way through the main doors to the reception lobby. As we were doing the family and friends photos out in front of the hotel a family member walked over to the bride with an engagement ring in her hand and asked the bride ‚ÄĚ is this your missing ring I found it on the ground just outside the front door of the hotel ‚ÄĚ the happy bride was was united with her engagement ring and she was over the moon with excitement.

Weddings Limerick

Weddings Limerick

The most likely explanation is that the ring had got attached to the brides dress in the morning as she was getting dressed, and it just happened to fall off the dress right outside the hotel door. What an amazing narrow escape of ever finding the ring again, just thinks of all getting in and out of cars, the photo shoot in the woods, walking along that grassy bank and it was also a pretty breezy day. The ring did not budge until arrival at the hotel door some 6 hours later.   A Very Happy Ending :-)

True Story :-)

Thanks to Eimear & Tom√°s for allowing me to share their wedding day highlights and the ring story, it was a fun wedding, they were a delighfull couple to meet and work with, thanks also for the lovely comments on my facebook page

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post, lots more wedding videos and news on my Dranganvideo Facebook Page, visit Drangan video On Facebook.

Regards Eamon.

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Understanding Wedding Videographer Lingo ???

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I recently had a chat with another very well know professional wedding videographer in Tipperary, we were discussing wedding videography in general and the latest new

Wedding Videographer Fethard

Wedding Videographer Fethard

technology and equipment that is constantly been upgraded and replaced. We both agreed that the average couple that are are researching wedding videographers are not really interested in the technology  that is involved in producing their wedding film/DVD,  if they like  a particular style of wedding video production and have checked out the videographer on his/her website and checked out comments on facebook, not forgetting word of mouth which is probably the real decider on making the final decision.

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of two new cameras, which I put on order in June 2014, both cameras  are part of the very successful XDCAM range and are a new edition of the older PMW 200 which is still the benchmark for picture quality and reliability in professional film making over the last 4 years.  I am really looking forward to getting my hands on my new cams, which have some exciting new features which are aimed very much at wedding video production.

Here are a few chapters regarding styles of wedding video production,  it might help you to understand some of the common buzz words that are sometimes part of a wedding videographers lingo.


To create a cinematic wedding video, your videographer will cut and edit your wedding footage to make scenes flow together like a real movie (except, unlike in Hollywood, this love story is real). The events won’t necessarily be in sequential order (scenes of the vows might be interspersed with dance floor shots), making for a more artful depiction of the day’s events than you would get with a documentary-style film.

This common style of wedding videography, which is sometimes known as video journalism, simply shows all of the day’s events in the order that they occurred and is edited in a straightforward, no-nonsense way.

Guerrilla filmmaking
This is a more organic style, where the videographer often shoots solo and with only a small handheld camera in order to blend in with the other wedding guests and obtain a more natural and realistic portrayal of the day. The results are intentionally less polished, with a greater focus on the emotions and general ambience of the day. Imagine reality TV footage with lots of surprising candid moments.

Popular for wedding videos, this style has an old-school grainy vibe with vintage-looking color grading (an effect that makes hues look softer), a sepia tone or a black-and-white effect (that would look like a movie from the ’40s). There are two ways to achieve this: with filters, which are digital treatments added later during the editing phase (so you actually end up with two versions: an original clean copy and a stylized one), or using Super 8 mm film, an old-fashioned film from the ’60s that requires a specialized camera.


Feature-length video
A feature-length video is edited to include all of the day‚Äôs important moments in their entirety. The exact length of a ‚Äúfeature‚ÄĚ wedding video varies from videographer to videographer, but it usually ends up being about two hours long.

Highlight reel
A highlight reel is a 5- to 15-minute flick that includes — yep, you guessed it — just the highlights from your wedding day (think: the vows, the cake cutting, the toasts and the dances).

Video booth
Similar to photo booths, video confessional booths entertain your guests and make fun keepsakes. A camera is set up in a quiet area in or outside the reception, and guests stop by throughout the night to record well wishes (or, even better, funny stories) on camera. Many videographers will also create highlight reels from all the clips guests make so you can share them later.

Wedding trailer
Also known as a short wedding film, a wedding trailer is a three- to five-minute-long motion picture that wraps up the day in one pretty, shareable package. Similar to a cinematic feature-length video, different scenes from the day mixed with music (and sometimes interviews with your family and wedding party) come together to create a short, emotional clip. Most videographers will provide a link so you can share your trailer online.


Shots of the scenery, guests milling around or anything that isn’t a specific wedding moment qualifies as B-roll. Videographers can use this background scenery in wedding videos to help set the scene.

DSLR camera
Many videographers use high-definition DSLR cameras (it stands for digital single-lens reflex) to achieve a sharp, high-quality look. It’s likely the same type of digital camera your photographer will use for your still photos.

Also known as editing, this is everything that your videographer (or a specific editor) does between when the cameras stop rolling and when you receive your completed video package. It’s the process of cutting together scenes and adding music, titles and special effects to create the type of video(s) you want.

Raw footage
If you ask your videographer for the raw footage of your wedding, you’ll get every single second of video shot from the day, completely unedited. It can end up being several hours long!

Same-day edit
A same-day edit means you can watch your wedding video at your wedding! An editor will step out mid-party with a laptop computer to turn around a brief highlight video of the prewedding prep, ceremony and even your reception entrance to share later on in the evening.

Single-event edit
With single-event edits, a videographer will create separate highlight reels for each individual event (the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, and the toasts and the spotlight dances, for example), giving each part of the day (or weekend) its own chapter on your wedding DVD. You’ll get footage of the entire day, and you won’t have to fast-forward through an hour of unedited ceremony footage just to replay the best man’s toast.

Simply put, the soundtrack is the music that your edited wedding video will be set to. This can include one song or a mix of tunes of your choosing edited together, or you can skip the soundtrack altogether.

This equipment stabilizes a handheld camera onto a videographer’s shoulder and arm, allowing them to get smooth, sweeping shots.

To capture a sense of setting, videographers will set up stationary cameras to shoot one angle for about an hour; then the footage is sped up during the editing process to make a few-second clip. Time-lapse is often incorporated into different parts of the video to show the passage of time and create a smoother transition between events of the day. Sunrises, sunsets, decor prep and dance floors are commonly turned into time-lapse footage.

Thanks for reading my latest post, please feel free to visit my Drangan Video Facebook Page, check out all  the latest wedding video new in and around Tipperary, Fethard, Clonmel,  Cashel & Thurles.

Regards Eamon.




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Local Wedding Video Ballyneale and Clonmel.

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I like sharing local weddings  and needless to say I also like shooting local weddings in around South Tipperary, it is a real bonus to be working within 30mins from home. The

Wedding Video Clonmel

Wedding Video Clonmel

following highlight clip is from the wedding video of Maeve from Ballyneale and Mark from Clonmel.

The wedding video story begins with Bridal Preps in one of the most popular wedding venues in Tipperary Hotel Minella, Clonmel.¬† The wedding ceremony was set for 1:30 pm in St. Mary’s Church Ballyneale which about 15mins from Clonmel. On arrival at the hotel I joined Bernard of New age Photography for a coffee in the bar, I was looking forward to working him once again, he is a very creative guy and a pleasure to work with, so after a relaxing chat and a coffee it was straight into work, the bridal preps were in full swing when we called up to the girls, Maeve was a stunning bride and I think this highlight clip shows how beautiful she looked on the day. It was also nice to meet Yvonne Maher once again Yvonne is an award winning bridal makeup artist, she is very busy with weddings in Tipperary and all over Munster. I normally dedicate about 40 Mins to bridal preps in order to get lots of footage of the excitement and of coarse the beauty of the bride to be.¬† I always use two cameras to record the ceremony, so the general rule of thumb would be to set up my main camera in the church and then head off with my second cam for coverage of the girls getting ready.¬† Mark and the boys arrived nice and early at St Mary’s Church Ballyneale, I was back at the church at 12:45PM in loads of time for the gusts arriving etc.

It was a lovely ceremony and one of the many highlights included beautiful music which was provided by the Carolan String Quartet, they are well known for Wedding Music in Tipperary, they have a lovely way of putting their own classical  twist on well know contemporary  songs/music. After the ceremoy we headed for Hotel Minella  Clonmel  for the wedding reception and the photo shoot.  The original Georgian house was built by the Malcomsoms in 1863, and the Minella was opened as a hotel by Mr & Mrs Jack Nallen in 1963 it is one of my favorite wedding venues in Tipperary and it always lives up and delivers on its 4 star rating.

It was a pleasure to have been part of Maeve & Mark’s big day, they wee both lovely to work with, both easy going and relaxed and they were happy to let me get on with my own particular style of wedding film production.¬† This highlights clip has already been shared on my Drangan Video Facebook Page, sharing on line is included with all wedding packages from Drangan Video, please visit Drangan Video On Facebook for all the latest local Wedding News in Tipperary. Wishing Maeve & Mark all the very best for the future.

I received this beautifully scripted review from a recent Wedding Video In Fethard, thanks to Marie for taking the time to write this on my Facebook Page :

Eamon Thank you so so much for a beautiful keepsake of our wedding day. It brought back so many happy memories of the day and it is so nice to be able to relive the day. The dvd was so well put together and tastefully done. If anyone is in doubt about getting a wedding video done then please consider having it as it such a precious reminder of the day and of the people who came and shared the day with you and it so nice to be able to hear what people said on the day. We’ll never regret having the video done and am so glad we made that decision and that we had Eamon who has got to be the most patient person in the world and so so pleasant to work with. Thank you Eamon for contributing to a wonderful day for us and for capturing it so tastefully.

More News Soon

Regards Eamon.


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Latest News Wedding Videographer Tipperary

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This is the very latest addition to Drangan Video, new van, new logo, alas same driver must seriously think about getting a “Face Lift” for myself. My Old van has been on the go sinceIMG_0670

2007 and was beginning to feel its age, so after consulting with our account a decision was made to trade up to a new van and benefit from some tax relief on the video business. The new logo takes a little bit of getting used to, but its modern and fresh looking. It has been another busy weekend with wedding videos in Connahy, Kilkenny, Tinryland in Carlow and a local wedding video in Clonmel.  Friday was a lovely sunny day for the wedding of  Aisling Fitzpatrick & J. P. Blanchfield who were married in Connahy, Kilkenny,  the reception was in the Ormonde Hotel Kilkenny, we stopped off at Butler House in Kilkenny for some photos and video footage it was nice working with Michelle Dixon  once again a lovely easygoing lady and a joy to work with. J.P. & Aisling are heading back to Austraila in the near future, but are hoping to return to Ireland at some stage.

My wedding in Tinryland on Saturday was that of Caroline Byrne & James Dunne who were also home from Australia to celebrate their special day, by coincidence the wedding reception was also in the Ormonde Hotel In Kilkenny.  The weather on Saturday was appalling it just rained all day, but Caroline & James  could not care less they just settled to the fact that the rain was down for the day and that there was nothing that could be done about it. What a wonderful attitude  they never stopped smiling  all day it was a very enjoyable day and great fun.  Thomas Sunderland was the photographer our pats have not crossed for a couple of years but I had two Weddings In Kilkenny with him already this year, he is a true professional and we always have a good laugh which makes the day very enjoyable, the message from this wedding is forget about the weather and just enjoy your wedding day come rain or shine.

On Sunday it was a local wedding video in Clonmel, Michelle Kennedy & Tommy Keane, the ceremony was in St. Patrick’s Church Marlfield Clonmel and was celebrated by Barbara

Wedding Video Cahir

Wedding Video Cahir

Fryday it was a lovely meaningful ceremony and some words of wisdom from the celebrant.¬† I have recorded many weddings in Marlfield Church it is a truely beautiful setting for a wedding.¬† Built with a grant from the Board of First Fruits this church occupies the site of an earlier eighteenth-century church and the now-destroyed twelfth-century Cistercian Abbey of Inishlounaght. The church was designed by Thomas Tinsley, father of the famous architect William Tinsley. The simple form of the building is enlivened by the attention to detailing, in such features as the decorative window tracery, red brick eaves course and the buttresses with their gabled tops. The Romanesque doorway incorporated into the west wall of the interior is a particularly striking feature, and is the best surviving evidence for the ancient abbey. This, along with the medieval grave-slab to the church interior and that in the graveyard wall, the latter thought locally to be from a crusader’s grave, adds archaeological and historical interest to the site. The church forms part of a group of related structures associated with Marlfield House demesne. Michelle & Tommy enjoyed a fab wedding reception in Kilcoran Lodge, Cahir Co. Tipperary, I always find the staff in Kilcoran to be most helpful and friendly it has always been a popular wedding reception in Tipperary.

Wishing all three couples all the very best, I am looking forward to producing their wedding DVDS in the near future.

More news soon.

Regards Eamon


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Busy Wedding Videographer Tipperary

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There is great old Irish saying that says¬† “Time Flys When You Are Busy”¬†¬† ??¬† It is almost 20 years now from when I recorded and produced my very first Wedding Video, it was a Cashel

Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videographer

Wedding and the couple were friends of ours  the reception was in Dundrum House Hotel Tipperary, as it happened we were invited guests to the wedding, they had already booked a Wedding Videographer but for some reason he canceled the booking two days before the big day. At that time I was getting into Videographery as a hobby my equipment consisted of a decent enough camcorder and some basic editing gear, well to make a long story short they asked me to bring my camcorder  and to grab some of the highlights of the day, I was delighted to have been asked, it was also a challenge for me to tackle my very first wedding video.   I remember recording about 3 hours of non professional footage on the day but I had more than covered the highlights of the day.  Over the following days I got stuck into to editing and producing my very first Wedding Video  I really enjoyed the job of sitting down and going through the footage and cutting unwanted  ( shaky camera shots ) etc.  The video also included some basic special effects which looked a little over the top to say the least.  They were delighted with their 3 hour video tape, it was a record of their big day and they loved it, I also had caught the bug of video production the experience of recording footage and siting down to edit it and produce a video that told a story was an exciting and rewarding job.

Fast forward to today August 1st 2014,  Drangan Video is going from strength to strength with bookings accepted as far ahead as 2017.  Since starting out on the journey as a professionl Wedding Videographer I have carried 3 major equipment upgrades, one of  the most notable changes  in professional video production in recent years is the physical size of the  new generation of Video Cameras that are out there, gone are the days of the big heavy shoulder mount cams, broadcasters and Wedding Videographers alike  are now using the latest hand held file based cams for discreet and comfortable acquisition of footage.

At the moment I am in the process of researching the very latest Sony XD cams, the use of very large half inch  sensors in hand held

Latest Video Camera

Latest Video Camera

cams is a major break through in video camera design it is now possible to get a real feature film look on wedding video productions from a non shoulder mount camera,  Using large sensor  professional  cams is a little bit more daunting than grabbing a semi pro standard chip camera leaving it in auto mode and pressing the record button.  I am certainly up for the challenge and at the moment i am arranging to have a new Sony XD Cam on trial for two weeks, all the research on  line is very encouraging but its essential that I get my hands on the camera and use it before making a rather large  investment in two new high end sony cams.

Thanks for reading my latest blog, more news soon.

Regards Eamon.



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Summer Wedding Video Kilkenny

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This is a highlights clip from the wedding of Angela Byrne & Thomas Comerford who were married in the Holy Trinity Church, Dunmore, Co. Kilkenny,  the clip begins with bridal

It was great to be back in Kilkenny once again on a beautiful warm sunny day for the wedding of Angela & Thomas, they were a lovely couple to work with they were so relaxed and easygoing,  everything just fell into place perfectly.  Dunmore is located on the Castlecomer Road just outside Kilkenny City the Holy Trinity Church is located just off the road and  sits in the shade of lots of trees and greenery, it is a lovely setting for a wedding the church itself is untouched by modern developments and when you enter the church it is a step back in time.  I enjoyed shooting this wedding it was a very easygoing wedding  all the guest were happy to relax in the beautiful sunshine  and have a chat outside the church when waiting for the bride to arrive.  

Dunmore is  well known for its famous attraction the Dunmore Cave.     History and geology blend at Dunmore Cave to give an interesting and unique situation. Consisting of a series of chambers formed over millions of years, the cave contains some of the finest calcite formations found in any Irish cave. The cave has been known to man for many centuries and is first mentioned in the 9th century Irish Triads. The most interesting reference however, comes from the Annals which tells of a Viking massacre at the cave in the year 928 A.D.  Archaeological finds within the cave confirm Viking activity, the cave is well worth  a visit for anyone who has an interest in Irish history.

Wedding Photos Jenkinstown

Wedding Photos Jenkinstown


The clip also features some cracking footage which I shot at Jenkinstown Park, we stopped off at the park after the wedding Ceremony for the photo and video shoot with the bridal party.   Jenkinstown Park is Just a 10min drive from Kilkenny City in the South East of Ireland, Jenkinstown Park was once part of a large estate. Today, the old house is long gone but remnants of 1870s parkland have survived, including rare Chinese Necklace Poplars. The facilities also include a picnic site, forest walks, deer park and a craft centre. A small garden to commemorate the Irish poet Thomas Moore.  I like shooting wedding footage in Jenkinstown park in spring time because the beautiful  flora includes  bluebells which form a purple carpet among a wood of beech during mid to late April its just a magical setting.

Thomas and Angela enjoyed a great wedding reception in the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny, it one of my favorite Wedding Venues In Kilkenny,    The hotel is Set in forty acres of parkland and with award-winning landscaped gardens, the Newpark Hotel provides a perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding day.  The first wedding reception was held at the Newpark Hotel in 1966.  The Dunmore Suite holds 160 guests and the Glendine Suite holds 130 guests seated. For weddings over 180 guests both suites are used. Attached to each banquetting suite is a bar area where the guests can relax in comfort and privacy.   I love shooting wedding videos in the Newpark its simply the best.

A big thanks to Angela & Thomas for choosing Drangan Video to record their special day, they were so nice to work with  I just turned up on the day, did my own thing quitly and discreetly, Angela were very happy with the end result and we have shared the above highlight clip on facebook, visit Drangan Video On Facebook for all the very latest wedding news in Kilkenny & Tipperary.

After¬† local weddings in Tipperary this weekend¬† two in Clonmel and one Mullinahone, its time to realax I am heading off to Semple Stadium in Thurles to day to enjoy the all Ireland hurling quarter finals featuring Limerick Vs Waexford and Tipperary Vs Dublin¬† ” Up Tipp”

Thanks for reading my latest Blog News, more soon.



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Back To Work After Holidays

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Its back to Wedding Videos with a bang this weekend, we arrived home from a lovely family holiday late on Thursday evening I was feeling very refreshed and recharged for the next

Wedding Video Tipperary

Wedding Video Tipperary

busy period of wedding videos in Tipperary, Munster and further a field, speaking of recharging my first duty after arriving home on Thursday evening was to get cam batteries charged for the busy weekend ahead.

My first wedding of the weekend was in Killenard at the Heritage Golf and Spa Resort. David & Anna were staying at the hotel the night before the wedding so it was a nice opportunity to grab footage of Briadal Preps and the Groom’s preparations in the morning.¬† As a Wedding Videographer I am a frquent visitor to the Heritage In Killanard and its always a pleasure working there. David & Anna were married in St. Johns Church Killenard, which is only just across the road from the Heritage Resort, it was a nice start to the weekend for me and very little driving between Bridal Preps, Grooms Preps and the church.¬† After the wedding ceremony we visited¬† Emo Court for the photo and video shoot with the bridal party.¬†¬†¬† Emo Court was designed by the architect James Gandon in 1790 for the Earls of Portarlington and is a magnificent example of this neo-classical style. During the middle of the 20th century it was owned by the Jesuits, it was then acquired and extensively restored by Mr. Cholmeley-Harrison in the 1960s. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland which makes it an ideal spot for capturing stunning wedding Videos.

My wedding on Saturday was in Pallaskenry, Limerick  Charlene Hogan & Jason Daly enjoyed a lovely wedding,  Saturday was a beautiful sunny warm day which helped to put everyone in a good mood. Charlene and the girls were staying in the Radisson Blu Limerick, I always enjoy working in this famous Limerick Wedding Venue the staff are so helpful and friendly its one of the many top class wedding venues in Limerick.  For me as the official wedding videographer one of the highligts of the day was a visit to Bunratty Village & Folk Park for the photo shoot with the bridal party, we were one of three wedding Parties who were visiting Bunratty Village for their  wedding video and photo shoot.

So after a relaxing family holiday  it was back to work with a bang this weekend  I really enjoyed working with both couples and I am looking forward to editing and producing their wedding videos in the near future, Charlene & Jason have already indicated that they wish to share the wedding highlights clip from their wedding dvd on my Drangan Video facebook Page

Thanks for reading this  short blog post, more next week.

Regards Eamon.

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is a must on your itinerary to Ireland. This is your chance to experience a window on Ireland’s past and explore the acclaimed 15th century Bunratty Castle and the 19th century Bunratty Folk Park.   РSee more at: http://www.shannonheritage.com/BunrattyCastleAndFolkPark/#sthash.dL4UNpa3.dpuf
Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is a must on your itinerary to Ireland. This is your chance to experience a window on Ireland’s past and explore the acclaimed 15th century Bunratty Castle and the 19th century Bunratty Folk Park.   РSee more at: http://www.shannonheritage.com/BunrattyCastleAndFolkPark/#sthash.dL4UNpa3.dpuf





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Happy Fun Wedding Video In Cork

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The following wedding video clip is from the wedding of a Tipperary couple who celebrated their wedding ceremony in The Sacred Heart Church Mogeely, Co. Cork. The wedding

Brides In Tipperary

Brides In Tipperary

reception was in the very famous Castlemartyr Hotel and Spay Resort  which is one the leading wedding reception venues in Cork, it is obvious that David & Sanet had a fantastic day, just have a look at this highlights clip from their wedding DVD.

The fun filled wedding video began in the Castlemartyr Hotel with Sanet and the girls preparing for the big day, I love shooting video in this hotel it’s¬† a class leading¬† wedding reception venue and I have recorded weddings during 2013¬† for many Tipperary Brides who decided to choose¬† this Magical Cork wedding Venue for their wedding day celebrations.¬† The very famous Pat Shortt’s Bar is only a short walk from the hotel and it is the usually frequented by the hotel wedding guests while waiting for their wedding dinner, what better way to pass a couple of hours.¬†¬† There is no better way to finish off the afternoon than to have some fresh seafood or drinks at Pat Shortt‚Äôs bar. All the produce is sourced locally and the fish delivered daily from the boats at Ballycotton harbour. Even the¬† traditional musicians are local except once a year during the popular Kiltha River Trad Fest , which is held in the village every August weekend.

After finishing gathering footage with the girls, I quickly made my way to Mogeely Church to catch David and the boys arriving, the¬† guests were greeted at the church with a lively selection of popular music provided by a local DJ¬† he had set up on the lawn by the side of the church and the music rang out all over the sleepy easygoing village of Mogeely, this was just one of David and Sanet’s¬† ideas which made their day so exciting and different from the many mainstream weddings that I record. I remember when David & Sanet called to me to discuss their wedding video they did say that they were going to have loads of fun on the day and that their guests would enjoy a wedding to remember, it was one¬† of the most enjoyable weddings that I have covered in recent times so fair play to this amazing tipperary bride & groom.

Wedding Video Cork

Wedding Video Cork

The Castlemartyr  Resort did not disappoint on quality of service it is well deserving of its 5 star rating.   It is not only the elegant 18th century manor house and the 13th century castle ruins that make Castlemartyr stand out from the crowd, but the meticulous attention to detail that their  experienced team of wedding planners provide. Nestled in 220 acres of mature landscape, the manor house is indeed the heart of this unique resort, having been restored and extended to offer perfectly styled accommodation, an award-winning Restaurant, a Spa and Leisure Centre, as well as an 18 hole inland links-style Golf course, it is no surprise that so many Brides In Tipperary are prepared to travel to this wonderfull venue to celebrate their special day.  Castlemartyr Resort is also an HSE registered venue for Civil Ceremonies and is the perfect location to celebrate your Civil Partnership.

It was a pleasure working with David & Sanet they are a really happy couple, their day was fun filled one of the many highlights was a helicopter tour for the Bride & Groom of the Castlemartyr area and brilliant sunshine to go with it, after the speeches we were invited on to the huge lawn at the rear of the hotel for a magical fire works display arranged by David as a surprise it was a perfect romantic finish to what was a 5 star wedding celebration.

David & Sanet  also run a very successful wedding Post Box service for weddings in Tipperary and all over Munster, the Post Box is a unique idea for your special day, guests clutching valuable envelopes and without an obvious place  to drop them, can often feel uneasy while waiting to catch the attention of the Best Man, ushers or even the Bride & Groom.  They can be contacted on Facebook or by the contact numbers below.

Contact David  086 8524424    Contact Sanet  087 2465957

Thanks once again for reading my latest blog post, more soon.

Regards Eamon.

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Sunny Winter Wedding Video Cork

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This is a wedding highlights clip that I have been meaning to share but because of work commetments it was put on the (” long finger “) an old Tipperary saying by the way. On

Wedding Video Cork

Wedding Video Cork

December 28th 2013 I traveled to Doneraile  in the heart of Cork to film the wedding of Tom Lane & Michaela Duffy it was a sunny bright day and a little on the chilly side. The following highlights clip from their wedding DVD features footage of Tom and the boys getting ready in the morning and footage of the bridal preps, the Drangan Video Diamond Package covers both  bride and groom preps depending on the proximity  to each other.

It was Tom in fact who contacted me in relation to recording his big day, he had checked out the Drangan Video Website and my Drangan Video Facebook Page, Tom & Michaela were more than happy to share their wedding video highlights facebook.

The wedding video story begins at Park South Guest House which is owned and run by Tom’s mum and the Lane family, the business consists of a high class B&B which is surrendered¬† by a number of modern¬† high class self catering cottages situated in Mallow Co. Cork.¬† The opening footage shows Tom & the boys enjoying a mouth watering full Irish breakfast so the boys were well fed and ready to go to Doneraile Church and wait for the arrival of the beautiful bride.¬† Michaela and the girls were getting ready in one of the self catering homes which was only a short distance from Park South B&B, I was moving between both houses which is something that I like, it helps to make a wedding video more interesting and entertaining.

The countryside around Doneraile is very scenic and has a wealth of historical associations.Doneraile (Irish: D√ļn ar Aill), historically Dunerayl, is a town in County Cork, Ireland. It is located on the R581 regional road 8 km east of the N20 road which runs from Limerick to Cork. It is about 12 km north of Mallow town. It is situated on the River Awbeg, a branch of the Blackwater.¬† As a wedding Videographer I am no stranger to shooting wedding videos in Cork and I have recorded many weddings in Doneraile Church over the years, its a fine old church with lots of room for discreet wedding video recording.

Weddings Cork

Weddings Cork

After the wedding ceremony we stopped off at Doneraile Park for the photo call and some interesting video footage, by this time the winter sun was setting low in the sky and shining through a winter fog, the wedding party were beginning to feel the cold but it was well worth the effort, the video footage was brilliant, I love exsperimenting with light during the camera shoot and in studio at the post production stage.

For anyone who is getting married in the Mallow area it is well worth considering¬† Doneraile Park¬† for the photos and video footage.¬† The Park comprises approximately 166 hectares and is an outstanding example of an 18th century landscaped park in the ‚ÄėCapability Brown‚Äô style.Mature groves of deciduous trees, several restored water features and a number of deer herds can be viewed along the many pathways within the Park.¬† The pathways are generally accessible for people with special needs. Doneraile Court, the former residence of the St. Leger family, is situated within the Park. It¬†is be opened to the public following completion of necessary restoration and safety works.

The Charleville Park Hotel  is a top class Cork Wedding Reception Venue I always like working there the staff are friendly helpful and efficient.  On arrival at the hotel a very entertaining trad band were in full swing in the reception area and Tom & Michaela were happy to join in with guests for some informal dancing and fun, the children also had a ball.

I would like to thank Tom & Michaela for choosing Drangan Video to record their special day, they were a lovely couple to work with and they really enjoyed every moment of their big day, it was a fun wedding  and a pleasure for me to have been part of it.

Thanks for reading my latest blog post.

Best Regards


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Have A Stress Free Wedding

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Just think of all  the  tireless hours that have gone into planning your big day, organizing wedding suppliers, the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception venue  and all the other

Relaxed Bride

Relaxed Bride

details  which all lead to the one goal and that is  you get to marry the person of your dreams.  When your wedding day finally arrives,  all of your days and months of planning  are going to kick into action and it’s time for you to sit back relax and enjoy your big day.  Its a fact that  not everyone gets to do this for one reason or another,   here are a few tips that will help you to have a stress free wedding day without any he cups .

PLANNING YOUR WEDDING FROM¬† ANOTHER COUNTRY :¬†¬† Over the last few years and partly¬† due to emigration¬† many¬† couples are organizing their wedding from other parts of the world, it is much more difficult to plan your wedding from another country and I think it is well worth considering hiring a wedding planner of coarse that is if your budget will stretch far enough to avail of one.¬† You could ask a friend or indeed your mum or Dad to help out with organizing suppliers, as a wedding videographer I get many calls and emails¬† from Mums & Dads¬† who have been elected as chief wedding organizer and event manger for their daughter’s wedding day.¬† This way, you can let¬†your planner be it be a professional or a family member or friend¬† finalize and secure all wedding suppliers¬† for you in the weeks leading up to your big day so you can relax and enjoy the fun stuff, ¬† like the hen weekend¬† and the final dress fitting.¬† Your planner could step in and take over communicating with your suppliers, making your job as the bride easy.¬† All you have to do is communicate with your planner, who¬† will take care of everything! Finalizing numbers, arrival times,¬† your planner will take care of it all.¬†This will also eliminate the ‚Äúso-and-so said this‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúbut she told me ‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ confusion that can happen in the days leading up to your wedding. It‚Äôs so important that you, your planner, and your suppliers, are all singing off the same hymn¬† page¬† and a planner will take care of this.

DON’T TAKE ON TOO MUCH ; ¬†¬† Want to get a morning session of yoga in? Get in your workout? Great. But don‚Äôt plan an activity that doesn‚Äôt fall within your normal routine. You don‚Äôt want to end up sore from a 7 mile hike that you wouldn‚Äôt normally do on any other day. Or you don‚Äôt want be late for the rest of your day because you decided to go get pedicures on your wedding day. Getting ready on your wedding day will take time, so enjoy it. There is also no need to add any stress of completing tasks before the wedding, so make sure you have all your projects done! Be smart and be reasonable with yourself and make sure you‚Äôre not over doing anything.

TRY TO AVOID DEHYDRATION :  I suppose it dose Seem like a no brainer,  But believe it, not eating and drinking water can ruin your wedding day. I remember one of my

Weddings Tipperary

Weddings Tipperary

weddings in 2013 which took place during the July heatwave, the bride had not consumed enough water during the day and she ended up with a splitting headache and she was unable to stand for the photo session.¬† Although drinking a lot of water can result in more frequent trips to the bathroom,¬†¬† but it is important¬† to stay hydrated.¬† Dehydration can result in headaches, weakness and dizziness and may make you feel cranky. Be sure to consume water throughout the day.The time between breakfast and the drinks reception of a wedding is normally in excess of 6 hours.¬† In your wedding ‚Äúsurvival‚ÄĚ kit, be sure to pack some¬† snacks to eat.¬† As a wedding Videographer working long hours without a substantial meal is the norm ¬† and I find that¬† a banana can take the edge off of hunger pangs.¬† Avoid anything messy that can drip onto clothing or get stuck in your teeth. Arrange to have snacks stowed in the wedding cars so that you can refuel on the way to the ceremony or on route¬† to the reception.¬† It may be tempting to have a large¬† cup of coffee to give you the boost you need. But caffeine is not the ideal fix¬† after the effects of the caffeine wear off, you could find yourself more tired than before and crash at an inopportune time during the day. Instead, a brisk walk outdoors may recharge your batteries,¬† continue to drink plenty of water throughout the night.¬† The alcohol will be flowing, but too many spirits may depress your energy levels. Be sure to balance the booze with hydrating fluids, such as water or juice. Weddings take up the full day, and it can be easy to succumb to a lack of energy as the day progresses, so remain hydrated throughout the full day.

TURN OFF YOUR PHONE :  Let someone else take calls for you, your wedding day will pass by so fast and you don’t want to regret spending it on your phone. Plus, if you’ve hired someone to help manage your day, there is no reason you need to be directing people or making calls on what needs to get done. Direct everyone to your planner- vendors of course, but also friends and family  so keep a clear head and enjoy your wedding day.

 TRUST YOUR WEDDING SUPPLIERS : Just think of all the time that you have spent  researching  and choosing your suppliers. So by now you should definitely feel confident with them. You have been working with them side-by-side to plan this big day, so why stop trusting that they will do the best job for you on your wedding day? Give them space (this means not peeking in on how your reception setup is coming along!) and have confidence they’ll handle everything for you. Especially if you have wedding planner . She is hired  as your liaison with all suppliers  she is there to represent you and will do just that, but you have to trust she’s got it covered! Intervening and not allowing her to do her job creates confusion, chaos, and wastes precious time! You hired your planner and all your other vendors  so that you can have a perfect stress free day without any glitches

RELAX ENJOY YOUR BIG DAY :  So the day has finally arrived,  RELAX Your wedding day will go smoothly with your team of highly experienced professionals. No need to worry about the linen color or whether it will rain. Remember that some things are out of your control and there is nothing you can do to change that. For the things that are changeable and manageable,  you’ve hired a professional  team of wedding suppliers to take care of it, your wedding will be the best day of your life and will run like clockwork.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post, as a busy wedding videographer it is difficult to find the time for updating my posts, it was an early start to day I began writing at 6am, looking forward to breakfast now. :-)

Best Regards



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