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Want to give your video recordings a professional look? Have your video footage professionally captured and transferred onto DVD, Blu-Ray and even a USB stick. Drangan Video Productions offer a wide variety of in-studio video editing services including;

  • Video Conversion to DVD
  • Video Conversion to Digital Format
  • Video Editing Service
  • Video Duplication
  • Wedding & Home Movie Capture

“If you have video footage that needs editing, why not contact us!”

Video Editing Services

Video Conversion to DVD

We can convert your VHS tapes and camcorder footage to DVD for you. We can capture your footage and transfer it to DVD for you. We’ll also design a unique DVD cover for you and can provide multiple copies if required.

Video Conversion to Digital Format

We can also convert your VHS tapes or DVDs to a digital format such as Mpeg4 (.mp4) and QuickTime (.mov). These popular formats are widely used and can be played on almost every device these days, including TV’s, Tablets, Laptops, PC’s and gaming consoles. The captured video will be provided on a USB stick.

Video Editing Service

We can condense hours of footage down to a desirable length. We then include titles, transitions and special effects. Background music of your choice, will be added, transforming your recording into a highly entertaining and professional looking production. The finished video can presented on DVD, Blu-Ray or USB stick. Customers are more than welcome to sit in on the editing session to give direction on cuts etc. Hourly, daily or weekly rates apply.

Video Duplication

We provide a VHS Tape, DVD or Blu-Ray disc duplication service. We also can provide a customised inside sleeve and unique DVD label design for you.

Wedding & Home Movie Capture

We can convert your Wedding and Home Movie video to DVD for you. Most families have possessed a camcorder which has been used to capture some magical occasions over the years. This usually results in a build up of recorded tapes, scattered here and there. Very few people have the time or the patience, not to mention the equipment, to edit their footage or convert it to DVD.

Let us capture and archive your recordings for you. Have your memories presented on a modern format for others to enjoy for years to come. We can archive up to 3 hours on a standard DVD and up to 6 hours on Blu-Ray.

The Finished Product

All video production can be produced onto Standard Definition DVD’s, High Definition Blu-Ray discs or onto USB stick.

If you are interested in any of these services why not Contact Us. Enquiries and callers are always welcome at our studio.

No job too small or too big!

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