5 Things worth spending money on for your Wedding

Think about the weddings you attended as a guest or a bridesmaid. What do you remember the most about them? Do you remember what the favours were, the décor, the ceremony? The drunk best man, the undercooked chicken, the DJ whose records kept skipping so you couldn’t dance properly? Your achy feet? When you are a bride-to-be yourself,happy5 it’s easy to forget how things look from the guests’ perspective. So, here are the five things guaranteed to make your wedding the one that’s remembered for years to come!  Click Here

I would like to add a sixth one one and guess what ? of coarse its A Wedding Videographer.

The Wedding Photographer is mentioned in the above Weddingsonline latest blog artical. More and more couples are deciding to go with a Wedding Video,  it is sometimes a last minute decision but more often than not the Wedding Video  is booked well in advance of the big day.  The advice from Drangan Video is to definitely consider having your Wedding Day Recorded by a professional Videographer.Wedding Videos Tipperary

Here are a few questions and considerations, when trying to decide on a  Wedding Videographer.

Is he/she a full-time Videographer :

will the camera man/woman  be editing & producing  your Wedding Film :

Will they be using two cameras for the ceremony & speeches :

How many hours are allocated to post production :

These are a just a few questions that you will  need to ask, also check out the their website.  Its a  good sign if the website  has  been updated at least once each week, there should be lots of recent work samples for viewing.  Its nice when checking out Wedding  Suppliers on line to be able to see their full price lists  and a comprehensive description of their range of  packages.

Drangan Video is now  offering a choice of 5 Wedding Video Packages, beginning @ €400. There are no travel costs for Wedding Videos In Munster.



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