Celebrating Ireland’s Wedding Equality “YES” Vote

As a wedding videographer in Tipperary and Kilkenny I would like to join in celebrating Ireland’s Wedding Equality “YES” Vote. Its not just about the prospect of recording many extra same sex wedding films, as a Father and a Grandad im delighted to know that equality rules in Ireland, thanks to all the broadminded voters that made this possible.

The Constitution of Ireland now includes the Thirty-fourth amendment, which mandates a provision for same sex marriage; Marriage Equality can now be enjoyed by every member of our great nation. No more unequal civil partnerships, in Ireland you can now go the whole hog and celebrate your love and lifestyle with pride. Yes, the referendum was approved with a resounding YES vote. 62% of the total votes cast cried out for equality on the 22nd of May 2015. Huge relief and tears of joy swept the nation as the results began to come in. One after another, constituencies all over Ireland (from massive turnouts in Dublin to massive turnouts in the west and south) began returning resounding shouts for equality and inclusion. At the end of it all, it was a great day to be Irish and proud of it.

Hundreds of young people living and working abroad arranged travel plans to get home to make sure they would be part of the historic vote. People came from as far away as Mexico and Korea to ensure equal rights for themselves and their friends. There were many campaigns to get voters home including the ‘Get To The Boat to Vote’ campaign which saw the electorate moving from England back across the Irish Sea to mark their ballot papers.

Same Sex Weddings Tipperary
Same Sex Weddings Tipperary

As the official counts came in, they were publicly read aloud in Dublin castle where people had gathered in the rare Irish sunshine to celebrate together. Rainbow flags flew proudly, unicorns were painted on people’s faces and the whole square was awash with colourful exuberance and just an air of flamboyance. The party spilled onto the streets as more votes were tallied and logged. Ireland had done it: the first country in the world to ratify same sex marriage by popular vote. The atmosphere was electric, Gerry Adam’s was taking selfies with drag queens, and subjects previously un-talked about on the RTE (Ireland’s national broadcasting service) were now being discussed with openness and equality. The dream had become real.

Celebratory tweets were the order of the day on Twitter as many celebrities tweeted their pride and happiness as Ireland voted. Pro campaigner and outspoken activist Stephen Fry tweeted that Ireland had done itself proud and that Oscar (Wilde) would be smiling in his grave. Irish comedian Dara O’ Brian professed his happiness but also his sadness that he couldn’t join the party. Graham Norton remarked on how the country had grown in his lifetime and how proud he was of the Irish people.

Many business groups and business leaders advocated a YES vote believing it would do wonders for the economy and international investment in Ireland. People will perform better in the long term if they are allowed to be themselves without restriction or inequality. There will be more creativity which would have been stifled in the past. Businesses and organisations that show appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness attract the best talent for the jobs they offer, not to mention what this vote has done for Ireland’s reputation on a global scale. It sends out a very positive message and comes at a time when Ireland so badly needs some sort of resurrection, some hope, some brotherhood and some faith in each other and faith in our shared future.

The team here at Drangan Video are proud to be part of an all-inclusive Ireland and will continue to offer our services to every member of our society. Love is love after all and there really is nothing more important than that!

Thanks for taking  the time to read my latest news.

Best Regards Eamon

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