Choosing the Live Music for your Wedding

When it comes to planning the entertainment for your big day, you really can’t go wrong with live music, whether that be in the form of a band, your favourite solo performer or an ensemble of classical musicians. Live music adds a little bit of something special to the occasion and really breaks the ice between those who may be a little shy at first to get out on the dance floor.

Here at Drangan Video, we recently filmed a weddings in Tipperary and Kilkenny that featured the most amazing  wedding band and can honestly say that they always give it their all by working  hard to get everybody out on the dance floor.

Tipperary Wedding Band
Tipperary Fun Wedding Band







Johnny B and The Boogie Men   are a 4-piece wedding band from Tipperary, they are  the no 1 Tipperary Wedding Band.
They are a band with experience and energy that guarantee to have your dance floor full the whole night through. Their song selection is very wide and varied with hits from 50’s all the way up to the present day.

The band encourages audiences interaction so bring your dancing shoes!!
You know that song you love?…. we know it too.

With this in mind we thought we would share some tips with you on how best to choose the entertainment for your very big day.


  1. Do your research

The first port of call should of course be the Internet, where a simple search for wedding singer, wedding entertainer or wedding band in your area will throw up a wealth of available talent.


  1. Look for reviews

The next step, and one that can sometimes be overlooked, should be to look for reviews on your top 5 choices. You will find these online and of course through friends and family who may have attended a wedding in the past where this particular band or singer performed.


  1. Check out social media

Most wedding entertainers worth their salt will now have a Facebook page, YouTube channel or a Twitter account, if not all of the above. Let’s take Facebook as an example: On the bands Facebook page you should be able to find a website address, reviews from previous brides and grooms, videos of their latest performances and get an overall idea of their ‘vibe’.

Kilkenny Wedding Music
Kilkenny Wedding Music







4 Try to check them out live

Once you’ve tracked down your shortlist online, you can then visit their websites or social media pages and find a list of upcoming gigs. Whether that is in a local bar or at a nearby event. Take yourself and your intended for a night out and see how well these guys perform in front of a lively crowd.


  1. Talk with the Band

Once you’ve seen a selection of the entertainers live and are satisfied with your preferred choice, it’s now time to talk to the band. Keep in mind that not all groups or entertainers may have availability for your chosen date so you need to have a backup choice just in case.


  1. Make your Booking

Now that you have everything in place and the entertainer is free on the date of your wedding, you can now go ahead and pay the deposit. Most entertainers will expect the remaining balance to be paid on the day of the wedding, so this can be a little task for your best man. A few days before the wedding, give your best man an envelope with the final payment and ask him to give this to the band on the day of the wedding.

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny and Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Kilkenny and Tipperary









Regardless of where you’re situated in Ireland, we are lucky enough to be blessed with a wealth of musical talent, so don’t despair if you don’t get your first choice.


Here at Drangan Video we would be delighted to bring even more joy to your big day by offering to video your wedding from the morning right up to and even past the first dance. Our wedding video services are available in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Carlow, Limerick and just about every other county in Ireland, so make sure you get in touch for a no obligation quotation.

More wedding  planning  news next week
Happy wedding planning
Cheers Eamon !!





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