Choosing The Right Wedding Video Package

Here at Drangan Video in Tipperary we offer many options and extras for your wedding video, in this blog post we take a closer look at  those options,  here is some advice on what to include with your wedding video package.

  A Photomontage Or Not ?

Don’t get me wrong   it’s  always nice  to look at baby pictures and honeymoon snapshots.  Do you really  need them at the beginning  of  your wedding film.
My advice is to get straight into the  wedding video story . If you’re hiring   a videographer to cover your full day,  you’ll have plenty of footage to  produce  a skillfully edited video that your friends and family will enjoy watching over again and again.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer
Hiring a professional wedding videographer

Full Wedding  In HD: On  USB Stick

The majority of  wedding videos are still delivered on DVDs.  most videographers including  myself are now offering wedding videos in HD on thumb drives as an optional extra. In this new  age of  On Demand films many  couples do not have a DVD player.  A  usb drive allows you to view your wedding video in full HD quality on your TV mostTVs now come with built-in USB ports.

Always Include: The Ceremony

I like to include footage of the full wedding ceremony   especially the important words  the tears or laughs that were all part of the ceremony.
If you’re getting married in a church just make sure they allow filming inside,  my advice is don’t cut the ceremony coverage.  Also allow plenty  time for your videographer to capture the guests arriving before the ceremony.

  Include The Drinks Reception

All of your family and friends are thrilled to be with you and are enjoying  the  party atmosphere   but alas  you are too busy and  not available to join them for the moment.
As your wedding videographer I will capture many of those little moments that you are missing out on.  For instance,  if you’re busy taking photos during the drinks reception, you might miss your guests trying out  the photo booth props. Just bear in mind  the day will go by in a flash  and you’ll miss out on all those little moments that helped to make your big day so special.

Drangan Video Fethard Co Tipperary
Drangan Video Fethard Co Tipperary

 Include: Short Edit Highlights

This is what you will want to show to your family and friends  who won’t want to sit through the entire wedding ceremony, speeches and dancing.
That’s why short edit highlight clips  a 4min – 5min  movie that includes just the highlights of the day are becoming so popular in wedding video productions they are more entertaining for viewers.  It’s also a great way to share the day’s top moments with friends in other parts of the world who couldn’t  be there on the day
Most couple still want the longer version , here at Drangan Video we also supply a 1-2 hour wedding  film which will include every detail from your day.

This is the highlights from the wedding of Laura and Denis who were recently married in Ballingarry Co. Tipperary followed by a wonderful reception in Langton House Hotel Kilkenny.

Dump: Unedited  Footage

If you would like to hold on to the unedited camera footage, your videographer may  include with your package. If it’s not included in your package, it’s not worth paying the extra money, more than likely you will never look it
Here at Drangan Viodeo we provide a short highlight video  and a long 1-2 video of the full day

A Second Camera ?

Two cameras are better than one. The ability to cut back and forth between both camera’s makes  for a more entertaining wedding video.
Hiring two camera shooters is costly, here at Drangan Video you get one camera shooter Eamon who uses two cameras during the ceremony and speeches.
If your budget will not cover hiring a second cameraman, consider making room for two cameras — one manned and moving around and the other stationary. This will enable your videographer to get a wide shot of the ceremony and close-ups of the action, and incorporate both into the video.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary

If you are considering  hiring a professional wedding videographer why not get in contact with myself Eamon here at drangan video who will be happy to offer advice on our range of affordable HD wedding video packages.
We cover weddings in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford and many other wedding locations throughout Ireland.

More wedding video news soon
Regards Eamon


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