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Country House Wedding Venue Inch House Tipperary.

As a busy wedding videographer based in Tipperary I get to visit all the popular wedding venues in the Premier County, and also neighboring counties, Limerick, Waterford,

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary

Kilkenny and Cork all of which are famous for “Country House Wedding venues:  also known as Hidden Ireland House Weddings.  Over the last couple of years I had  the pleasure of  recording many  “wedding videos:  at Inch House Thurles Co. Tipperary and it is fair to say that it is one of the finest wedding venues in Munster  Nestled in the heart of Co Tipperary’s rich country side, Inch House offers excellent and the heartiest of welcomes for every wedding.  Each one of the rooms in this Country House is individually decorated to the highest standard.  I really enjoy recording  weddings  at  Inch House  the quality and attention to detail is amazing.

The Egan family are proud owners of Inch House since 1985. The family bough the house and farm that surrounds the House with no idea of the treasure that lay inside this Georgian Mansion. John the Farmer, and Nora, The nurse along with their eight children have worked tirelessly to bring the dreams of Inch House to fruition and opened their home to guests in 1989.  They have come along way along that journey, however John & Nora will openly admit that they have left lots for the next generation to be carrying on with.

Recording a Wedding Video at Inch Country House is a very intimate affair, guests are welcomed in style into John & Nora’s glorious home, where they too can step back in time and enjoy the surroundings  of past generations.  Each wedding is tailored to suit each couple,  making  the day relaxed and enjoyable for Bride and Groom and their guests. The impressive beautiful grounds and secret chapel of Inch House do certainly make for the ideal wedding reception and of coarse for wonderful entertaining wedding films.

There are Weddings and then there are Hidden Ireland House weddings :

Finding the ideal wedding venue can be a challenge but Hidden Ireland’s portfolio of historic private country houses provides a wide variety of very special and unusual   wedding venues, all of which are an exciting  high-quality option to conventional hotels. Country Houses in Ireland are internationally known for their excellent food and high class accommodation,  many are ideal wedding venues with their splendid private gardens which are a wonderful backdrop for a perfect wedding day.

More news soon, keep up with all the very latest wedding news in Tipperary on my Drangan Video Facebook Page.  or Google +

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