DIY ideas to save money on your wedding day

The average wedding in 2015 can cost around €15000 plus, however, if you don’t want to spend such a large amount of money or simply cannot afford to, these DIY ideas might be worth considering

DIY Weddings
DIY Weddings

The average wedding in 2015 can cost around €15000 plus, however, if you don’t want to spend such a large amount of money or simply cannot afford to, these DIY ideas might be worth considering.
1. The Venue: be careful when choosing a venue. Most hotels will require you to use their catering and possibly their entertainment and DJ. These costs can mount up considerably so think about another venue maybe in a local park or scenic attraction. Getting married on a Saturday is vastly more expensive than getting married during the week so check with your wedding venue if there are any deals or discounts should you choose to get hitched midweek.
2. The Transport: Limos and horse drawn carriages can be an unnecessary cost for those on a tight budget, perhaps ask a friend to drive you to and from the ceremony and onto the reception. There are many affordable, unique and slightly controversial modes of transport such as tractors and trailers, bicycles or even a donkey and sidecar, which will make your guests wild with excitement.
3. You needn’t opt for a sit down 4 or 5 course meal: although it’s somewhat traditional and your guests may expect a slap up meal before they hit the free bar you can probably provide an even tastier meal and more of it if you choose to go for a buffet style arrangement. This is especially true if you use local suppliers from farmer’s markets and local restaurants. Have family and friends help out. You could even organise a potluck party where guests bring their own food to share out together. Buffets are fantastic because the guests can keep going back to the buffet as often as they like. Fruit platters, cold meat dishes, fresh sushi and salads will go a long way to feeding your hungry guests and won’t cost the earth.
4. Music: You can go a little bit DIY with regards to music for the day. No need to hire a DJ. Simply download all the music you want and organise it into playlists, save it to your iPod or phone and just let it continuously play throughout the day. A friend could even be assigned responsibility for shuffling tracks and delivering special requests for your guest.
5. The Band: Should you need to save some money on the entertainment side of things, maybe consider hiring a college or school band. Many up and coming bands would be very grateful for the publicity and exposure, and you can be assured it would be enjoyable and unique for your guests. Alternatively you could include a karaoke session and let the guests provide their very own entertainment!
6. Flowers: Using a florist to arrange all the flowers can also be an added expense, try to save on costs by having fresh flowers delivered before the wedding and spend an evening with friends making your own table centrepiece floral arrangements. You can also use dried flowers (which you can order online) to make your bridal bouquets.
7. The Cake: Extravagant tiered cakes can be wildly expensive and often go uneaten on the big day. Why not start practicing before your wedding and make your own cake or ask a talented friend to make it for you? You could also go down the route of a “fake cake”, which is becoming evermore popular in wedding circles. For the fake cake, just one or two layers are made of actual cake mix, the other tiers are simply polystyrene which have been iced beautifully. Have the guests served cake straight from the kitchen already plated up. They will never know the switch has taken place!

8. Invitations: Invitations are where it all begins and can be the start of monetary worries for cash strapped couples. Instead of posting hundreds of invites by snail mail why not use the Internet and the many e-invite services available.

9 The Video:  Not all couples will decide to go ahead and book a wedding videographer, appart from the cost of having your wedding day on film  a wedding video is not for everyone. Here at Drangan Video we offer a range of 5 indivdual packages beginning at just €450, we have a video package to suit every budget.

Looking forward to sharing more wedding news next week.

Regards Eamon.


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  1. Hello this is Leo Harry. My fiance and I are getting married in December of 11 so your really not too early. heres some ideas that we are doing and things we have seen done for wedding.

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