Fantastic Production By The Rosegreen Players Cashel Co.Tipperary

Since setting up Drangan Video I’ve had the pleasure of  shooting wedding videos and other events in many parts of Ireland, I must admit that the challenge of working on new projects in any part of Ireland is very rewarding.
When all is said and done I am a Tipperary based videographer and there is nothing better than filming weddings, shows, musicals, sports and corporate events in my home county.
In this blog post I am happy to share The Rosegreen Players 2016 production of ” Time Was”

The Rosegreen Players are based in Rosegreen, Cashel Co. Tipperary  they have been staging top quality drama productions for more than than a decade, I am very proud to have been their preferred  choice of videographer for all their performances to date.

Shows and Musicals In Cashel, Co. Tipperary
Shows and Musicals In Cashel, Co. Tipperary




This year’s production was staged in the Rosegreen Community Hall  over three nights and a full house for each performance, I am already looking forward to the 2017 drama which no dough will live up the high standards of past productions.

Things To Do And Seee In Cashel/Rosegreen:
Few sights are as impressive as the Rock of Cashel. From all corners of the town you can see how imposing the stronghold is. It’s not for nothing that it’s one of the top postcards of Ireland. Built in the 12th century, it was given to the Church 500 years ago so what you see inside is actually the ruins of a Cathedral.
Hore Abbey:

This old ruin has a spiritual feel about it… the surrounding fields has cows walking about…. you can just go there anytime and its free.

Bru Boru Cultural Centre Cashel :
Well worth a visit it has a nice selection of Irish craft products at decent prices. When you spend 15 Euros you get free admission to the Rock of Cashel. The staff are very friendly and helpful.
Cashel Folk Village :
1916 – War of Independance musuem  is run by Bernard, a gentleman with a wealth of knowledge on every item in his musuem,   there are lots of fascinating artifacts on show.
Cashel Heritage Centre and Museum:
The Museum is really two rooms stuck onto the back of the Tourist information centre. Although it is small and a little bit rundown there are a number of very interesting exhibits in the form of the Town charters that date back to the Stuart era and lots of information about Cashel town and history that made a good counterpoint to the Royal and ecclesiastical history of the Rock itself.
An Bothan Scoir :
Bothan Scor is apparently an example of a labourer`s cabin. It probably housed those fortunate enough to have steady work during the time (around 1640). Those people who only had seasonal work (probably most during this time and onwards) had cabins made from mud and wattles.   Its a restored  dwelling approximately 365 years old, built with stone walls and a thatched roof. The site would have originally held ten cottages, four were stone cottages and the rest were made of mud and wattles. Opposite the ‘Bothain’ is the ‘Ducking Pond’ where unpleasant punishment was dished out to the ‘ladies’ who were accused of being witches and of partaking in unsocial behaviour in those times!
Once again a big congratulations to the cast and production team of the Rosegreen Players for a fantastic production of “Time Was” also thanks for choosing Drangan Video to record this year’s show.
More News soon.
Regards Eamon.







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