Get Married in a Magical & Memorable Castle in Waterford

Here at Drangan Video in Waterford  our wedding bookings for 2015/2016 are on a par with last year which is great news,  we will be covering a number of castle weddings in Waterford over the next two years which has prompted me to research and publish the following blog post. ” Getting Married in a Magical & Memorable Castle in Waterford “

The moment when you become man and wife is magical enough, but imagine getting married in a castle steeped in  history and where landed gentry have said their vows for hundreds upon hundreds of years. The most magical and  memorable wedding venues in Waterford are celebrated in two of Ireland’s most cherished castles. At least for this  one day you can be Lord and Lady of the manor before heading out on the next leg of your magical wedding tour –
the honeymoon!

Now let’s take a look at those castles…

Waterford Castle

Everything about Waterford Castle is magical. Located on its very own island, Waterford Castle is now a luxury hotel and resort. Yet don’t worry that you won’t be transported back in time, because every effort has been made to keep this amazingly enchanting castle true to its roots. The original structure was built in the 6th Century so can you imagine just how many brides have walked the aisle in 1500 years! Actually, walking the bride down the aisle on her father’s arm didn’t become tradition until centuries later, but who’s counting?

Magical Wedding Venues Waterford
Magical Wedding Venues Waterford

Since we’re letting our imaginations roam here, fancy the bridal party sitting around the large open fire surrounded by period pieces from the 16th Century. It would be lovely to have me (your videographer) capture those moments as part of the wedding film. Who knows, one day you may have your grandchildren convinced you’ve been around that long! But really, what could be more enchanting than having your wedding in a castle on a private island? The bridal party and out-of-town guests could be accommodated at the hotel, the wedding celebration could be held there and catered by the Waterford Castle staff – but just remember to reserve the Presidential suite for yourselves. It is, after all, your wedding.

Lismore Castle

Perhaps you want an even more intimate setting for your magical wedding in a castle? Lismore Castle can accommodate up to 24 people in 12 rooms with private baths. This castle has not been transformed into a hotel, but rather is offered as bespoke accommodation for gatherings and special events. One of the lovely features of this wedding venue package is that the rates include breakfast, afternoon tea and of course, dinner. The cuisine is world class and the same as enjoyed by the Duke or members of his family when they come to stay. Truly a feast fit for a king – well, a duke anyway!

A wedding video of the bride and groom can provide an ethereal dimension when set against the backdrop of the castle’s historic Upper Walled Garden. Actually, visitors come from all over the world to see Lismore Castle’s Upper and Lower Gardens and this is why Drangan Video find them the perfect setting for weddings. What a spectacular place to say one’s vows, surrounded by lush greenery and the most beautiful colours nature has to offer.

A Moment in Time – Outside of Time

Many brides choose to think outside the box when planning a wedding in such a unique setting as a castle. Instead of dressing in a contemporary design, she may choose a Victorian or Edwardian fashion for her gown. Everything around her is steeped in history, so it makes sense to dress in keeping with the venue. I love shooting wedding film that captures an entirely unique and spectacular day in the life of the bride and groom. Words can’t describe their wedding in years to come, so why not let drangan video tell the story  of your fairytale  wedding in Waterford.

This is your magical and memorable day and I would be thrilled to share it with you.
Warmest Wishes,

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