Happy Wedding Video: In Beautiful Historic Holycross Abbey Tipperary

As a wedding videographer based in Tipperary I always feel a great sense of pride  when  sharing weddings  that I had the privilege of filming in my home County.

Anne-Marie Barrett and Micheál Crowley  were married in Holycross Abbey which is one of the most beautiful historic wedding ceremony venues in Tipperary.

Anne-Marie is from Holycross and Micheál hails from the rebel county they are living in Cork but Ann-Marie is still a very proud Tipperary supporter, the Barrett family are well known in Tipperary GAA circles not least her brother Cathal  who was nominated for an All-Star award in 2014 and 2015 as well as being named as the 2014 Young Hurler of the Year.

The wedding video begins in Anne-Marie’s house which is only a couple of mins from Holycross,  the house was buzzing with activity the Bride to be was pretty relaxed  Anne-Marie by nature is very well organized person her wedding planning skills are to be admired.

Laura Kay was busy attending to make-up:  Laura  is a professional Make-up artist based in Clonmel Tipperary  who travels Nationwide in Ireland and is available Internationally. Since becoming a freelance artist in 2009, Laura has worked with the best makeup artists, photographers, hairdressers, models and celebrities in the business. Her work has frequently been seen on television and in numerous magazines.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary







The Abbey has always been a most appealing and highly desired choice of  location for Tipperary  couples to ask God’s blessing on their wedding day. Regularly, two, and even three weddings per day are facilitated, for couples planning on celebrating their wedding in Holycross Abbey the advice is to book in time to avoid dissapointment.

The Abbey is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in County Tipperary, its located only a short distance from the the Rock of Cashel  which captures the attention of the majority of visitors to Tipperary but those who take the time to visit Holycross will not be disappointed.

Micheál and the boys arrived in good time and were available for photos before the the arrival of Anne-Marie and the girls, the weather was perfect the guests were in no hurry about getting inside the Abbey they were happy to soak up the mid-summer sunshine and enjoy  chat and banter with family and friends.

Anne-Marie arrived almost on time in the family car, a very nice Ford Mondeo I am a great believer in using ordinary family cars for two reasons no 1 is cost saving!!  no2  when the couple look back on their wedding video and photos the particular model and year of the wedding  car will be a reminder of times gone by, it would l be interesting in years to come to see how car design has evolved over the years.

After the ceremony we quickly made our way to one of the top wedding venues in Tipperary :   Ballykisteen Hotel  is Idyllically located in the shadow of the Galtee Mountains in the heart of County Tipperary, Ballykisteen Hotel & Golf Resort is a wonderful venue  in a beautiful setting.

This perfect wedding venue,  combines style with character and charm. Surrounded by acres of stunning grounds there is no more romantic setting than Ballykisteen Hotel to celebrate a perfect wedding day.

What Makes A Great Wedding Video :

Anne-Marie and Micheál’s is  certainaly a great wedding video, so what are the ingredients for a great wedding video ? the couple are the main ingredient, after all they are the stars of their own wedding film.

Here are a few of my own thoughts on how to produce a great wedding video :

1. Use a minimum of Shots: – Never use 3 shots of the same thing if you can get the story with  with 1 or 2, just remember footage  gets boring very quickly even if it looks fab.  when looking at a wedding video you  don’t need to see a bride getting her makeup put on in a close up shot for 4mins  or 5 different shots at similar angles.

2. Keep it Short: –  People can get board very quickly, a wedding highlight video should be no more than 5 minutes max.  Viewers will get more enjoyment out of a short video that leaves them wanting more or feels just the right length.

3. Don’t just document the event, find the story.

4  Edit your own wedding video footage :  Here at Drangan Video all weddings are shot and edited by myself Eamon, I firmly believe that this is the secret to producing a great wedding video, been a full time wedding videographer allows me the time needed to sit down and dedicate the time needed to producing an entertaining wedding Film.

Thanks to Anne-Marie for choosing Drangan Video to record and produce their wedding video, they were both a pleasure to work with, Micheál did admit that his beautiful bride Anne-Marie  bore the brunt of the wedding planning, I really enjoyed the day it didnt feel like work at all.

Join me next week for more Tipperary wedding news and advice.

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