Humanist Wedding Ceremonies

There is quite allot of talk about Humanist Weddings  on TV and Radio and on Facebook. I have not recorded a Humanist Wedding Video as of yet, but I certainly would look forward to doing so in the near future.

Humanist Wedding Ceremonies


Traditionally most weddings were held in churches. The alternative was a registry office. Today, many couples do not want a religious service but want more than a registry office. For these couples a Humanist wedding offers the ideal solution.


Humanist weddings can be held anywhere – indoors or out in the open. Many couples choose to hold their ceremony in a hotel, country house or castle; others simply use their own garden. Some are held overseas – every year the list of venues gets longer.


Humanist weddings can be held any day of the week. This is in contrast to registry office ceremonies which can only be held Monday to Friday. Humanist weddings can be conducted at any time of the day. They are often a little later than other weddings as there is usually no travel necessary from ceremony to reception.


Humanist weddings are easy to arrange – simply make contact by email or phone Website   Please give plenty of notice as demand for Humanist ceremonies is growing all the time.

What are they like?

Humanist wedding ceremonies are composed individually to suit the couple’s specific requirements.  However they generally follow a generic pattern.The bride usually arrives in the traditional manner (but she doesn’t have to!) after which the celebrant says some words of welcome. After this there will be a mix of readings and music interspersed with appropriate words from the celebrant. Vows are made and rings are exchanged and then the celebrant will usually say some closing words before the happy couple leave amidst music and applause from their guests. Some couples like to light candles or have some other symbolism; others prefer a simpler, more straightforward ceremony. There are no rights and wrongs – the only real guidelines are that the ceremony should be secular and dignified.
Note: At present Humanist weddings do not carry legal status in Ireland and couples should make their own arrangements in this regard.


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