Mother of the Bride : Wedding Tips for Moms

As the Mother of the Bride, you are an integral part of the wedding day, and you will likely have a few questions. What exactly is your role is in the wedding? How do you choose your outfit? Is there any etiquette you need to be aware of? With this is mind; we have put together a few tips just for the Mother of the Bride.

We realise that being the Mother of the Bride is not as clearly defined a role as others in the wedding party such as bridesmaid or usher. So, here are a few answers to commonly asked questions that may help you to prepare for your daughter’s big day.

What Colour should the Dress Be?

There are no strict rules on what colour your dress should be. But, traditionally speaking, you should never wear a dress that is white, ivory, cream or beige. Those colours are reserved for the bride.

Always consider the wedding party theme and décor before purchasing your dress, as you may be able to choose a dress in a shade that complements them. Also, think about the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, and choose something that won’t clash.

Do you need to wear a Dress?

hard and fast rules here and you need to be comfortable and feeling at your very best. An elegant blouse and a skirt or a smart jacket and trousers are just fine, just remember If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress, then you don’t have to, there are no they will need to look formal enough to wear to a wedding and fit the tone of the big day.

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Should the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom Match?

Your outfit does not have to match the Mother of the Groom’s outfit. However, it is good to consult each other about your outfit choices, as you don’t want to clash or arrive wearing the same outfit.

What are your Responsibilities during the Ceremony?

As the Mother of the Bride, it is your duty to assist your daughter on the morning of the wedding by helping her to get into her dress and also her veil if she choses to wear one. It’s also a good idea to put together an emergency kit that contains items such as buttons and a sewing kit (you wouldn’t believe how often this comes in handy) and keep it with you at all times throughout the day. Also, calming the bride’s nerves is an important part of your role, which you no doubt have been doing since the engagement was announced!

When should you start Shopping for your Outfit?

You should start shopping for your outfit after your daughter and her intended have chosen the colour scheme for their wedding. It’s best to go shopping early in the wedding planning process, as this will give you time to find something that you truly love. You should also be aware of the seasonal changes in fashion available in most high streets and plan accordingly. This will give you plenty of time to arrange alterations to your outfit if any are required.

Does the Mother of the Bride need to wear a corsage?

While it used to be traditional for both the Mother of the Groom and the Mother of the Bride to wear a corsage or button flower, this is now something which we see less and less of as the years go by. If you do opt for a corsage you can wear it on your wrist, or you could pin it to your bag or jacket. When selecting a corsage, keep the colour scheme of the wedding, as well as your outfit in mind.

Should the Bride and her Mother shop for Dresses Together?

Of course you should, this is a time for you both to enjoy and share and can add great enjoyment to the build up for both mother and daughter. Enjoy this time together and perhaps make a day or weekend of it by making reservations at a nice restaurant or checking into a spa or hotel for a treat after your day at the shops.

If you are currently planning a wedding for your son or daughter and need help with information on the wedding video, please feel free to get in touch with Eamon here at Drangan Video at any time who will always be happy to help in any way he can.

More wedding planning tips next week

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