Popular Salon Treatments for Brides To Be

As a busy wedding videographer I have recorded  my fair share of weddings through out  Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Carlow and numerous other locations in Ireland.
When filming a wedding its very important to be aware and tuned into every detail of the day, the bridal preps are always a mixture of excitement, fun and emotional moments, I often overhear the girls discussing makeup, the latest fashions and Popular Salon Treatments I have been taking notes and doing my research.

Every bride wants to feel and look her best on her wedding day, which is why so many choose to indulge in a salon treatment or two prior to the big day. At Drangan Video, we have talked to brides from all over the country about the best salon treatments available, from hair masks to pedicures and from facials to wraps, meaning we know what treatments work best and which are the most popular among our beautiful brides.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular salon treatments for brides, and their many benefits. We hope that this blog post will assist you in choosing the right treatments to get you feeling your absolute best on the big day!

Salon Treatments For Brides In Tipperary, Kilkenny and Carlow
Salon Treatments For Brides In Tipperary, Kilkenny and Carlow








The Mani-Pedi is a salon treatment that we’ve heard many brides rave about – and it’s no surprise. After all, your nails, if well groomed and polished can make you look even more beautiful, and remember there’s going to be a lot of focus on your left hand on the big day! Treatments include the filing and shaping of the nails, cuticle treatments, the exfoliation of dry skin on the feet, and of course a nail polish of your choice.


Whether you’re dealing with acne or dry skin or are already boasting a wonderful complexion, facials are a great salon treatment to indulge in before your special day. A good facial can eliminate skin issues, and leave your face looking fresh and glowing. Most salons offer dozens of facial choices, such as pore cleansing, hydrating, anti-aging facials and simple massage treatments with essential oils, meaning that no matter what your skin concern, you can get a treatment to suit your needs. Please consult with an advisor in your salon for the optimum timing of your facial as you will want to avoid any breakouts which do sometimes go hand in hand with treatments.

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

Dry hair that lacks moisture can look dull and lifeless, which is definitely not what you want on your wedding day. This is why we would recommend deep conditioning hair treatments as a great option for budding brides. This form of salon treatment usually involves using an intensive conditioner on the hair, and then infusing it into the hair’s cuticles using heat. The treatment leaves the hair much softer, shinier and smoother, and less prone to breakage.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment, which exfoliates the skin, and removes built-up, dry dead skin cells from the epidermis. This treatment uses mildly abrasive microcrystals to remove these dead skin cells.

The treatment leaves skin looking and feeling much softer and smoother, as well as more youthful and fresh, making it a great treatment option for brides that really want their skin to glow on their big day. If you are sensitive to peels, then microdermabrasion may be a good option for you. As with all skin treatments it is advised that you consult with your salon well in advance of the big day, perhaps book in for a trial run a few months beforehand; this will rule out any adverse reactions and will ensure you are well prepared.

Laser Hair Removal

For anyone looking to remove unwanted hair, whether it’s on the face or the body, laser hair removal is a fantastic option. With this treatment, a laser, which is a pulsating beam of light, is used to remove hair from below the surface of the skin. The laser beam travels through the epidermis and into each individual hair follicle, where the heat actually damages the follicle – meaning that future hair growth is inhibited.

Consequentially, unlike waxing or shaving, the results of laser hair removal treatments are not only much more efficient, but they actually last longer. This treatment is not painless, but is certainly more tolerable than waxing or electrolysis, and there are little to no side effects.

We hope this article helps you in deciding which salon treatments to opt for on the lead up to your wedding day.
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