State Of The Art New School In Callan Kilkenny

It was a great honer to have been the official videographer for the opening ceremony of Bunscoil Mcauley Rice Callan, Co. Kilkenny. The following video clip is just a snippet from what was a fantastic occasion for the town of Callan.

Drangan Video has been associated with Bunscoil McAuley Rice over the last number of years for the recording of the annual school show and confirmation and communion days.

Callan is a busy town located about 15 Klometers on the main road to Clonmel Tipperary.  The towns most prominent landmarks are its Abbey, Churches, Town Hall and Workhouse.  Callan is also  known for  some famous people, namely Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, founder of the Irish Christian Brothers; Humphrey O’Sullivan, schoolmaster and diarist and John Locke, poet and novelist.

Drangan Video Kilkenny
Drangan Video Kilkenny
Wishing  the staff pupils and all who are associated with Bunscoil McAuley all the best for the future and in my roll as a Kilkenny videographer Im looking forward capturing many more school events on film.
Best Regards
Eamon Drangan Video Kilkenny
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