Summer Weddings in Ireland

Here at Drangan Video in Kilkenny we are all set for another busy year, fingers crossed in anticipation of lots of sunshine during summer 2015 which will assure a broad smile on all our Kilkenny Brides to be.

Today we’ll step away from the subject of videography and talk a bit about why Ireland has become such a sought after destination for brides and grooms across the globe. Over the past decade we have seen a huge surge in summer weddings across the country, many of which travel great distances to enjoy the Irish hospitality.

So, what’s so special about a summer wedding in Ireland?

1. Without a shadow of a doubt Ireland is one of the most romantic places on our planet. The towns, villages, venues, sites and people all conspire mischievously with music and song to create a unique and irresistible charm. Just this week ‘Friends’ star Courtney Cox has announced that she will be marrying her partner Johnny McDaid in Ashford Castle, just one in a long line of celebrities who choose Ireland for their wedding vows. I wonder if they need a videographer?!

2. For brides who really want to feel like a real princess on their big day, Ireland is a place with many castles and magical venues to offer. Owned by the Guinness family, the aforementioned Ashford castle in County Mayo is a gorgeous edifice and also a luxury five star hotel. For those who are budget conscious but still want to avail of a castle wedding in Ireland, Cloghan Castle in County Offaly offers self-catering accommodation (something different) and a unique venue for a summer wedding.

Weddings In Ireland
Weddings In Ireland

3. Ireland has a rugged beauty that needs to be explored and this can be better achieved in the summer months due to Ireland’s unpredictable weather. No matter where in Ireland you choose for your wedding venue, you can be assured that there will be a wealth of places to discover nearby, should your guests choose to go that extra mile. From the calming waters of Glendalough to the haunting loneliness of the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway, Ireland offers many unique backdrops for wedding videos, photographs and scenic walks.

4. Ireland comes alive in the summer with festivals and events in almost every village and town. From Cahersiveen to the Aran Islands there will be celebrations of life with drink, music and song. What better place and time to have your own celebration? The party has already started; all you have to do is join in!

5. Ireland is steeped in history and tradition, many of which are noticeable at Irish weddings. The Claddagh ring from County Galway is often the engagement ring or wedding ring of choice for many Irish couples. Made up of two hands holding a heart, with a crown above the heart, symbolises love, loyalty and friendship. Before getting married the ring is traditionally worn with the tip of the heart pointing away from the hand and then during the wedding the ring is turned around so the heart points inward to show that the bride’s heart is taken.
An interesting tidbit: The term “tying the knot” comes from an old Irish wedding tradition where the hands of the bride and groom are tied together with a ribbon or cord. This signifies their betrothal and binds them together so they shall never part.

6. A summer wedding in Ireland is not just a grand champagne reception. It can also be the location for the hen party, the wedding and the honeymoon. Dublin city has become one of the most popular destinations for hen parties and stag parties. Belfast, Cork and Galway also have some fine dining establishments, plenty of traditional bard and a host of great venues to choose from where you can expect dancing and craic from dusk till dawn.

Here at Drangan Video we believe that an Irish summer wedding is a thing of beauty. We sincerely hope that Ireland will leave an indelible impression on everyone who is lucky enough to travel to our shores to celebrate their vows.

Don’t forget to give Drangan Video a call if you are travelling to Ireland for your big day, we will be delighted to assist you with any queries you may have and will always be onhand to help!

Warm Regards



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