The Role of the Grooms Party on the Big Day

In this blog post I am offering some advice regarding the duties  of the Grooms Party on the big day, as a busy wedding videographer I travel the length and breath of Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow  and many other counties to film weddings for happy couples.
I am usually the first to arrive at the ceremony venue, followed by Grooms Party otherwise described as the suits, they will  all look very smart and up for task of Bestman and Groomsmen, but are they fully prepared! do they know what their duties are on the big day ?

The duties of the Grooms Party for the most part are mainly to ensure that the Groom has all he needs on the lead-up to and of course on the big day. As a rule of thumb, most of the responsibilities will lie with the Best Man; however if you have been asked to be a Groomsman for your good friend then it may be useful to know the following tips thus ensuring the day goes without a hitch.

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1. Ask the Groom about any guests attending who may require special assistance on the day. Whether it is an elderly relative or someone who is travelling alone, this kind of special attention can go a long way to making that day extra special for those who may be unused to or unnerved by large social events.

2. Assist arriving guests from their cars and guide them towards their seats at the wedding ceremony venue. This small gesture will ensure guests feel welcome and they will know then to come to you if they need any assistance throughout the day.

3. Arrange for bags and luggage of guests to be delivered to their rooms in the hotel or accommodation and provide directions and advice on local attractions and amenities if necessary.

4. Introduce yourself to friends and relatives and try to ensure no one is left sitting in a corner by themselves. Weddings are without doubt a most special day for all involved but can be unnerving if a guest doesn’t know others at the party.

5. It will be your duty to escort the bridesmaids from the church after the ceremony so make sure you plan this with the other groomsmen and bridesmaids prior to the big day.

6. As is traditional, the Best Man will make a speech after or before the meal. You may then be required to read out letters or cards that were sent by guests who could not attend or from relatives and friends that live abroad. Have a read through these in advance if possible and remember you are among friends so there’s no need to be nervous!
7. After the ceremony has been completed and the party begins, it is tradition for the Groomsmen to take to the dancefloor with the Bridesmaids after the first dance has taken place. In most cases it will be the bridal party who decides which Bridesmaid and Groomsman will pair up.

8. Decorating the wedding car. In some families it may be tradition for the Bride and Groom to leave the venue at the end of the evening and go on their honeymoon. If this is the case, then you and your other groomsmen would be well advised to decorate the car in advance. A simple ‘Just Married’ sign could suffice or you could go all out and add the traditional cans and tins to the rear of the vehicle.

Remember that it is a real honour to be asked to be a Groomsman and your friend will most likely only expect that you be there for him on the big day. Any little extra touches you can add will certainly surprise and delight both the Bride and Groom and their guests.

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MoreWedding News Soon.
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