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The use of Facebook and social media devices at weddings

One great advantage of been a  wedding videographer  in Tipperary and Kilkenny  is that I get to attend a large amount of weddings in many different venues.  I am always interested in the  changing trends that have come about over the last few years, now a days  nearly all wedding guests  are armed with some sort of video recording  device, smart phones, phablets, ipads, pocket cameras with wifi, you name it the list goes on  so Bride & Groom to be, look out  be fore you know it your wedding day could be unfolding to the world on facebook and other social media pages.

Weddings Tipperary
Weddings Tipperary


The use of Facebook and social media devices  at weddings: is a debatable  subject.  On one hand  you have couples who will love the idea of  huge exposure on Facebook, Twitter and social media pages.   I have heard of a Hotel in America that  is offering to supply a company whose job it is to manage all social media posting on your big day , they would more than likely stream line posts from the wedding guests to achieve the best saturation on line.  On the other hand there are couples who  where guests and were asked to refrain from using their smart phones during the ceremony, this would be common practice at some celebrity weddings in ireland, some times the celebrant will ask the guests to power off the mobiles, just in case of a ring tone during the ceremony.

Here at Drangan Video the use of facebook and social media, plays an important role for me as a wedding videographer. I offer sharing on facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo and google +  at no extra cost with any  of my 5 wedding video packages.  A short  4 minute video highlights clip will be shared on line  but only with the permission of the couple.

We are all aware of the role that Facebook  plays at weddings in Ireland now,  it is a matter of consideration for the Bride & Groom during the wedding planning process.  Many couples would prefer to wait for the Professional Wedding Video and photos before sharing on Facebook,  the advice for guests is to try to honor the feelings of the couple by asking them if its ok to share wedding clips on social media.

 1. Play it safe.

When you’re the guest, it’s best to avoid whipping out your phone until you know what the couple has planned.

2. Once you know the plan, respect it.

If the couple has asked you to refrain from taking photos on your phone, follow their rules. “First and foremost, you’re a guest at this wedding, so be respectful of the fact that they’re paying a big chunk of money for professional wedding video and photos to be captured on the day  But if they’ve created a hashtag just for the big day, go ahead and tweet away.

3. Don’t go overboard.

If you’re at a wedding where social media use has been approved, you should still keep yourself in check. “Less is more when it comes to being a guest,”  “Don’t upload 90 unedited photos.” or video clips. As with any big celebration, wedding guests tend to let loose as the night goes on, putting the phone away after dinner is served so as to avoid embarrassing anyone is a good idea.

4. Enjoy the moment firsthand.

But most of all,  make sure you enjoy the event as it’s happening in front of you, instead of through a screen. “Share those memories,”  “But be sure to put the phone away and enjoy the day that the couple have put so much time and money into planning.”

More Wedding Video news soon.

Regards Eamon.

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