Trends in Home Weddings – Ideas for Planning the Perfect Day

One of my new year resolutions  for 2015 was to deliver well written and interesting blog posts  that would offer help regarding every aspect of wedding planning.  This week we take a look at trends in home weddings and ideas for planning the perfect day. I am looking froward to been  videographer for a number of home weddings in Carlow-Kilkenny  and Tipperary during 2016.

Home Weddings Carlow-Kilkenny
Home Weddings Carlow-Kilkenny







Whether to save money or simply because having a home wedding is closer to the heart, many couples are planning to take their vows and celebrate at home. Although it may seem like a simpler choice to plan a wedding at home, there are always going to be some unexpected issues that need to be dealt with. If you are contemplating a home wedding, here are some ideas for planning the perfect day.

Call in a Landscaper :

Most homes just aren’t large enough to accommodate the number of guests you will want to invite to your wedding, even if it is going to be a small one by traditional standards. As a result, most home weddings are celebrated, at least in part, outdoors in the backyard or garden. However, no matter how well manicured your lawn is, you might want some special touches for a very special day.

Some landscapers add lovely lights for ambiance and perhaps a gurgling fountain as a serene background when your vows are said. Others set up a row of trellises as an ‘aisle’ for the bridal party to process down whilst others plant flowers and shrubs that will be the decorations and a backdrop for wedding pictures. As a videographer, I have seen some awesome landscaping done just for weddings and the videos taken on that day were breathtakingly beautiful.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator:

Even before contacting a landscaper, you may want to hire a wedding coordinator. Not only can a wedding planner help you organise everything from hiring a minister to booking a band, this person can perhaps see your grounds in ways that you don’t envision. A wedding coordinator can help you make the most of what you have to work with when planning home weddings and once the plans are made, the landscaper can design the elements to enhance the setting.

Self-Catered Foods from Family and Friends:

You may have a local restaurant that caters for such events as home weddings, but many couples find that it is much more fun to invite their friends and family to prepare favourite foods for the after-ceremony celebration. Foods can be as simple as hors d’oeuvres and finger sandwiches to full-course meals with each person responsible with a specific course.

The wedding cake may be another matter altogether though if you don’t have a professional baker in the crowd. Even so, most foods can be prepared at the homes of family and friends and brought along as they arrive for the ceremony.

Booking Local Talent:

When having a wedding at home, booking a band or DJ is going to be left totally up to you. Unless you have a wedding coordinator who is familiar with local talent, you will need to find your own entertainment. Even so, there are a number of online sites where you can book local talent to perform on your special day or you can ask around as close friends and family may have some great suggestions. It would be wise to plan your entertainment as far in advance as possible so as to get the group or DJ before they are already hired by someone else.

Home Is Where the Heart Is:
As a wedding videographer and founder of Drangan Video, I have been privileged to shoot some awesome weddings celebrated at the home of the bride and groom or their family. Each had a different appeal but all were well-planned, providing a day to remember.
Although it isn’t always less expensive to plan a wedding at home, there is something nice and inviting about staying clear of busy venues. This is your special day and if you choose to celebrate it at a place that is close to your heart, you can add your own touches to make this day truly your own.
Best Regards for a truly memorable day!




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