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Wedding cost saving advice for Tipperary Brides, and booking a Wedding Videographer.


At this time of the year many Brides 2 be in Ireland  tend to put off booking wedding suppliers until the new year and that is understandable considering that Christmas is just around the corner, it might be no harm to at least  contact a particular supplier/vendor and ask  them to save the date with a view to getting back to them in the new year to discuss wedding packages and options. This week  I have  received a number of emails and facebook messages with a view to selecting a videographer for 2015/2016 ,  I suggested that I would save the date until mid January 2015 and then discuss maybe going ahead with the booking and payment of a deposit to secure the day.

I have been producing Wedding Videos  for almost twenty years now, when I first set up my video production business in 1995 a mobile phone was considered a cool device to have, a tablet was something you took  for a headache.  Computers only played a small roll  in my video business I think it was an Amiga 1200 state of the art for titles and graphics at that time, my little studio/office was over crowed with bulky video recorders and mixers, my main camera was a huge shoulder mounted monster which recorded on to a full size VHS Tape “not very discreet” for fly on the wall recording. As far as wedding bookings were concerned it was normally a call on the land-line, cant believe that I didn’t have an email account.  “The Good Old Days” ??

Wedding Video Supplier Tipperary
Wedding Video Supplier Tipperary

Quickly fast forward to the present and what a contrast, Wedding Videographery is now a Hi- Tech and ever growing business in Ireland the latest cameras are small hand held devices ideal for unobtrusive recording of weddings and events.  Just getting back to bookings again, over the last couple of years I have noted a huge change in the way that potential customers get in contact with Drangan Video. In recent years I have concentrated very much on my on-line  profile via a high ranking  word-press website, Social Media pages, Facebook,    Twitter   and    Google + :  I made a decision to put as much information as possible on the website and all my social media pages, my full list of prices are featured on all pages, my latest wedding videos are  shared on a weekly basis, 70% of my wedding video enquirys now come through my drangan video facebook page and emails account for the remainder.



Here are a few tips on saving money and hiring the best wedding supplier :   I came across this interesting advice  by  which would be of great interest for anyone who is planning on getting married in the near future and worrying about  hiring the best wedding suppliers in Ireland, Munster and Co. Tipperary  at an affordable price.

By now, you should know that choosing the right wedding suppliers and vendors could help you control overall costs for the occasion. The wedding could be stressful and arduous overall. You could opt to hire a professional wedding coordinator for the job to spare yourself from those troubles. But be reminded that doing so would lead to higher expenses because you have to shoulder professional fees, which could be very expensive.  If you decide to be on your own when managing and executing wedding plans and preparations, it is very crucial that you find and hire only the best and most reliable suppliers and vendors.

For sure, you know that the best need not be those that charge more expensively than others. Do not be surprised to learn that some suppliers and vendors may not charge costly, but they could possibly be the best and most helpful to you.

You need more patience and determination when finding and hiring suppliers and vendors. Always prioritize costs whatever happens. By doing so, you could surely find, hire, and work with cost-effective but reliable suppliers. Here are some tips that could serve as your guide.  Read More

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Regards Eamon.

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