Wedding Fashion for Guests in 2016

Here at Drangan Video, we have had the pleasure of witnessing a plethora of weddings in Tipperary and across the country. It goes without saying that the fashion focus is most firmly on the bride and her groom, however, we love to see the guests decked out in all their finery, which no doubt adds to the sense of occasion for all.

We are sure that if you’re attending a wedding or two in 2016, you’ll want to be looking your best. With this in mind we have put together a blog post detailing 2016’s most discernable fashion trends and we hope you find something that catches your eye.

The Midi Dress

Midi (mid length) dresses have been popular for the past 2-3 years and it looks like the trend is set to continue for 2016. A midi dress is a dress that falls just on or below the knee. This style is an elegant length, and offers a certain versatility that full-length gowns do not. You can be guaranteed that a chic midi dress won’t sit at the back of your wardrobe awaiting the next wedding invite, as it is just perfect for all occasions!

White Shirts

White shirts with black pants featured prominently in many 2016 fashion shows from world renowned designers such as Fendi, Vera Wang and Phillip Lim, meaning this look is set to be a popular sight this year. Pair a crisp white shirt, with a pair of sleek black trousers, for a chic, classic outfit that will suit all weddings. This outfit is particularly great for women who may not feel comfortable wearing a dress and is just perfect for cold weather weddings.

Billowy Tops

Billowy tops also featured extensively on runways for 2016. Billowy tops are loose fitting enough to keep you comfortable during whole wedding, but trendy enough to still look chic and stylish. These undulating tops when worn with a pair of fitted trousers or leggings create an outfit that is perfect for all weddings.

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Pleated Pieces

Pleated skirts and dresses have featured in shows from world-famous designers, such as Gucci, Hermes, and Carolina Herrara. This would strongly indicate that pleated garments are going to be fashionable in 2016 and 2017. A pleated dress is perfect for traditional weddings, and is a great option if you are looking for something that is classically feminine. Worn with a blouse, shirt or simple vest top, the pleated skirt is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.


Ruffle detailing is appearing on garments in numerous 2016 spring / summer fashion shows, featuring some of the world’s most respected designers; Michael Kors, Miu Miu, and Roberto Cavalli. Ruffle detailing adds an elegant, stylish touch to any outfit. Whether you opt for a dress or a skirt, clothing that features ruffle detailing is ideal for casual or informal weddings.

The Slip Dress

Slinky, stylish slip dresses are very trendy this year, and many designers, such as Burberry and Celine, have featured them in their 2016 collections. Slip dresses are incredibly feminine, and can be layered with other well thought pieces such as blazers and knitted boleros to create a number of wedding appropriate outfits.

We hope that these fashion tips and trends will inspire you when shopping for a wedding outfit in the next few months, and we would particularly love to hear from you if you can recommend any up and coming Irish designers.

If you or someone you know and love is searching for a professional wedding videographer in Tipperary or any place in ireland please don’t hesitate to contact Eamon here at Drangan  any time, we will be happy to provide you with assistance in any way we can.

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