Wedding Videographer Clonmel, Tipperary

Wedding Planning Hiring A Videographer

Here at Drangan Video in Clonmel,Tipperary we are noticing changes in couples views towards making a decision  on hiring  a wedding videographer.  Nearly all couples are sure that they are going to have a professional photographer at their wedding after all  it is the most important day of their life, the photo album will sit on the coffee table for viewing by family and friends, photos will also be shared on social media including facebook and twitter.

Wedding Videographer Clonmel
Wedding Videographer Clonmel

Many couples only decide on hiring a videographer when all other wedding suppliers have been booked,  they may be at a friends wedding  and realize that the wedding is been filmed prompting the though “should we have a video” then they might look at some wedding videos on line or on  a website which will enhance the idea of having their big day on film.  Here at Drangan Video we find that the majority of couples are now booking our services at least 12 months in advance.

Photos are a smashing memory of a wedding day and are a must for every couple – but having the memories  on film is totally different. Moving pictures speak a thousand words, hearing your vows, the speeches and messages from guests, walking up the aisle with your dad, interacting with family and friends, the first dance are just some of the magical moments that will look beautiful on video.

If you are undecided about having a videographer my advice is make up your mind and go for it. Photos will always be there and will never go out of fashion. Just imagine having video footage of your parents or grandparents getting married  it would be a treasure  and personally I would love to have it.

Gone are the 3 hour wedding videos that were challenging to sit through without falling asleep, there are fantastic edit and presentation options available. Most full time professional videographers will offer a short edit version of your wedding film, full of magical moments from your day, they will also offer to share highlight video clips on line for sharing with family and friends who are  in distant parts of the world.

A general comment from couples is “the day just flew”  after all the months of planning and budgeting the long awaited big day was over in a flash. Couples never regret having the opportunity to relive their special day in the comfort of their own home.  The video night is a lovely occasion for the couple to relive their wedding day over a bottle of wine and experience all the happy and romantic emotions that are part of every wedding day.

Here at Drangan Video we always include messages   from wedding guests on every wedding film production, as the day flies by the Bride and groom may not get a chance to chat to all uncles, aunties and relatives, just imagine watching your your wedding video and hearing them talking about how beautiful the bride looked and what a fantastic day it was, they also might share a funny little childhood story.  Messages from the flower-girls and pageboys is just so special, imagine looking back on that 10 years later.

Hiring the right videographer is a pretty easy task, its just a matter of checking out their website and facebook page to view the sample videos, you can check out numerous wedding videographers from the comfort of your home, when you see samples that you really like and are moved by and if the the price is right then you are ready to hire that particular videographer. Easy as Pie !!

If you choose the right videographer you will never regret it, the happiest day of your life captured on a wedding film forever.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post.

Regards Eamon Drangan Video Clonmel Tipperary.





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