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Another year almost over and a new one on the horizon, this is my favorite time of the year its great to be looking forward to another busy new year “Roll on 2015”  Over the past 3 years the majority of my wedding video bookings are in Kilkenny a trend which looks set to continue for 2015/2016, just as a matter of interest not all are Kilkenny Brides,  more and more brides from other counties including Tipperary are choosing the marble city as their preferred  wedding reception venue.  The following video clip is featured on the kilkenny Heritage Website  which highlights the beauty and heritage of Kilkenny City,  its obvious  why  its one of the most popular wedding destinations in Ireland.

Drangan Video has  undergone many changes and investments during 2014 :  I took delivery of 2 new cameras on September 1st which are the very latest from  the Sony family of XD Cams, I always use two cameras for the wedding ceremony making sure to cover different angles and points of view during the Wedding Mass or a Civil Ceremony, all computers have been upgraded and a new hard -drive 12 TB  storage system has been installed.   My mode of transport has also been updated the old high mileage work horse has moved on to another home, it had served me well over the past 5 years on my travels to record Weddings in Kilkenny, Tipperary,

Wedding Video Kilkenny Drangan Video
Wedding Video Kilkenny Drangan Video

Carlow and Waterford.

Website Upgrade :  Over the  years my website has been the backbone of my  wedding  videographer  business here in Tipperary and Kilkenny. I have launched a new look site which is mobile friendly and very easy to navigate, a big thanks to Brian Corbett for all his hard work an patience in getting the new  site up and running  in time for the new year.

What makes a good Website :   We all depend on the web for getting information about a products and  company details,  when it comes to choosing wedding suppliers you could just rely on word of mouth and referrals from fiends which is fine but  you will need to  have a closer look at the list of suppliers before taking the plunge.  Check out  Drangan Video.

In my opinion a good website should contain lots of information about the supplier and what they are offering.  A wedding videographer should be sharing loads of recent video samples and a full price list for the video packages that they are  offering, sample videos should be changed on a regular basis.  Blog posts should contain wedding information  and samples from recent wedding DVDS.

More Sample Wedding Videos from weddings in Kilkenny soon

Regards Eamon.




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