Weddings In Tipperary 2014/2015

We’ve all been to “that wedding”  You know, the one where you literally

Weddings Tipperary
Weddings Tipperary

watched the seconds tick by until it was socially acceptable to leave, secretly texting and playing with your phone  under the table. Hosting “that kind of wedding” is the worst nightmare for  Brides In Tipperary or Munster.  I think that the following  10 secrets might help to make sure this doesn’t happen at your big day.  Read More

My Drangan Video Website has just received a major update, if you are reading this latest blog Post on your Mobile Phone you will see what I mean.  Thanks to Thurles based  Brian Corbett who is a very talented website designer,  my  website has now been optimised for easy navigation on all Smart Phones and hand held devices , there is a choice of switching between Destop View or Mobile. When you log on to the website will detect the  kind of Mobile Device that you are on and will adjust the size of text and graphics for easy reading and quick navigation. I have received  feedback  from Brides In Munster, Tipperary Brides and Kilkenny Brides indicating that vast majority of Brides To Be in Tipperary, Limerick, Waterford and Cork are using smart phones more and more to research Wedding Videographers In Ireland.   My business Facebook Page now has in excess of 2000 likes,  Facebook is a major marketing tool for Wedding Suppliers In Tipperary and for Brides In Munster.  Check out all the Latest Tipperary Wedding News on my Drangan Video Facebook Page.



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