Why Hire A Wedding Videographer ?

It is true to say that not all couples hire a Wedding Videographer and its not always due to be being on a tight budget, so we ask the question why are a certain percentage of couples

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Latest Wedding News

not going ahead with a wedding video. Last week I had two enquiries at very short notice only a week for one and 3 weeks for the other they both made the same comment they had decided not to have a videographer but all our friends said that we would regret it afterwards.  I think for some reason certain  couples consider a wedding video to be an expensive luxury which they could possibly do without.  There are many wedding suppliers who could be struck off the list when it comes to saving euros, the videographer, car hire, chocolate fountain,  fireworks, photo booth, doves, personalized key rings, Irish dancers, to name but a few. One supplier that is never crossed  is the Wedding Photographer and that is only right because weeding photos are something that you will cherish for many years to come.

Why Hire A Wedding Videographer When We Are Having Photographer :  The wedding photos will not capture the sounds on the day, for instance the speeches, exchanging vows, your guests wishing you luck on the receiving line outside the ceremony venue, the sound of the  musicians and singers are another highlight of a professional wedding video again a photographer alone will not capture this.  I am often asked to edit cam footage which has been shot by a family member and it is something that I am more than happy to do, after all its a memory of the couples special day, when looking at non professional camera footage  certain faults stand out, things like unsteady  shots too much zooming in and out and non interesting angles but always the biggest disappointment is the sound quality.  The vows and church music are usually a disaster because the microphones on consumer cams are just not up to task of recording perfect sound.

A Professional Wedding Video Telling The Story Of Your Wedding Day :     A professional wedding videographer will gather all the necessary footage that is required to produce a beautiful wedding film which tells the story of the most important day of  a couples life.  There is so much going on during the day of your wedding that you will not see, for instance when the bride is busy with makeup and hair, family members are struggling with getting the ribbons on the cars, Dad is in a quite corner putting the final touches on his all important wedding speech, the bridal car arrives and all the locals out for a look.  The video story is unfolding preparations are in full swing, bride’s mum is in a panic. because dad is in no hurry to get ready.  One part of the wedding video story that is sure to be of interest to the bride is the female guests  arriving at the ceremony venue and checking out what each one was wearing, a view of the empty church showing the flowers and candles sets the tone for the event that lays ahead.  I suppose it fair to say that looking at your wedding video is a bit like people watching, apart from admiring yourself  the dress, hair and the shoes its also  nice to see what your guests were getting up to on the day.  As a Wedding Videographer I like to capture loads of footage of the guests as they mingle and chat together.  Children are just magic on a wedding film, they become totally unaware of the camera as the day unfolds so you get to see the tears the odd tantrum and of coarse the giggles, many couples already have their own  children on their wedding day, just imagine your 4 year old page boy or flower girl say in 20 years time and rooting out Mam & Dad’s wedding dvd and looking back over the day.

As A Wedding Videographer In Tipperary What Do I Think ?:  Well I suppose I would say yes, get in contact with Drangan Video and book them for your wedding video in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Clonmel or Thurles, but on a serious note I would encourage couples who for any reason were not contemplating having a wedding Videographer to give it some further consideration.   Drangan Video is offering a choice of 5  individual Wedding Packages prices from €450 for the Ceremony Package and up to € 925 for the Diamond Package  all packages include coverage of the bridal preps in the morning. Drangan Video will also share a 4 minute highlights clip on line which is a cool idea for people who could not make it to the wedding and might be living in other parts of the world.

Check out Drangan Video on Facebook, Google+, Youtube,  and Vimeo.

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