Why Hiring a Professional Wedding Videographer is so Important.

Here at Drangan Video we have filmed hundreds of weddings up and down the country and have often been asked by guests why the Bride and Groom went to the bother of hiring a professional when one of the family would gladly oblige with a standard video camera.

In my mind there is a place for both at a wedding, it’s always great to watch videos that were captured by friends and family throughout the day, but it is equally important that you have a video that truly captures the magic without intruding upon your enjoyment.

Advance Communication

As a professional wedding videographer I make it my business to communicate in advance with the couple, the venue and where necessary the other wedding service providers. This means I have advance knowledge of where the best lighting is, when dinner, speeches and first dance are likely to occur and whether or not your celebrant or priest is happy to make allowances for a discreet filming during the wedding ceremony.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer
Hiring a professional wedding videographer







Speed & Discretion

It is because of my years of experience and service that I have become adept at moving quickly through any situation without disturbing the events that are occurring around you. I carry only the gear I need at all times and can film a shot without even the Bride or Groom knowing I’m in the room. I have a pack full of charged batteries and memory cards, so you’ll never be asked to pause what you’re doing or ‘restart’ your big dance (which I have heard stories of on a number of occasions).

Drangan Video hears Everything

Many amateur or hobbyist videographers may not be well prepared for the low voices in a ceremony or overpowering music during the first dance so sometimes the sound quality of the video can suffer because of this. Here at Drangan we use multiple audio recording sources to ensure we catch your vows as clearly as your spouse does!

Keeping the Video Steady

Keeping a hand help video steady is not an easy job for the weak-hearted, and you really don’t want to be relying on a little old hand cam for your day. We use tripods, shoulder rigs and gliders if required, to ensure your wedding video has the professional touch you deserve.


As they say, preparation is key. I like to get as much information as possible in advance from the venues in which you will be celebrating your big day. If that  means taking a trip there prior to the wedding, then I always make sure this is top of my list. Having advance knowledge of the lighting situation and layout allows me to ensure I have all the kit needed right with me on your big day.

Get in touch

Should you have any questions about the benefits of hiring a professional wedding videographer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at any time. Perhaps you would like to enquire about the viability of a location for a wedding shoot? Make that call and I can assure you I will assist in any way I can throughout your wedding planning process.

More Wedding Videography Tips Soon.
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