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Weddings are a huge industry, and this applies to the bloggersphere too. There are so many wedding blogs online now (87,200,000 according to Google), so how do you make your wedding blog stand out from the crowd? We’ve put together a list of tips on how to make and sustain a great wedding blog. Whether you are blogging as a diarist in the lead up to your wedding or looking to start your own blog based solely on weddings, we think you’ll find this blog post useful.

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Study Up
Take inspiration. While you’re planning what kind of blog you’re going to launch, make sure you do your research and check out the competition. This is important for a few reasons: you will need to be familiar with the market you’re entering into – and who you will be competing with when trying to win readership. As you are researching these popular blogs you will need to consider: what is it that you like about them? Is it the content that you find there, or maybe it’s the way the blog looks? Making notes of these points will certainly help you identify the qualities you want to reflect in your own blog.

Find your voice
Weddings are a really personal thing and it is vitally important that your blog reflects and embraces this. The Internet is flooded with wedding blogs, many of which are not so great, so it is important that you identify what unique insight you can bring to this field. Talk to other people about the ambitions you have for your writing. These could be friends and relatives, or clients you’ve worked with if you’re an industry professional. They will be able to identify your strengths clearly and should give you the motivation needed to really get your teeth into your new wedding blog.

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Show your Passion
The most engaging thing for readers of a blog is the enthusiasm their writer feels for the subject. Of course there might be some must-cover topics for the blog you’re producing, but try to find something that enthuses you about them. The passion you feel will show in your writing, and this will help engage and grow your audience as well as make the process of running your blog a lot more enjoyable for you personally. Making a note of the kind of topics you would really love to read will help you identify the subjects that are close to your heart and therefore easier to write about.

Stand out from the Crowd
It is always important to make sure your blog has an appealing look in order to catch the eye of potential readers and marketers. By paying particular attention to the visual aspect of your blog, you will be ensuring that more people stick around long enough to soak up all the great posts you’ve been crafting. Make sure you pair your look carefully with the tone and focus you’ve chosen so that the design and content make for a cohesive reader experience.

Stay True to your Vision
Every few months, it’s important to sit back and review your blog. Is it still serving it’s purpose? Does it look good? Have you gained a strong readership? Ask yourself what you could be doing better and then do it.
If, like many modern brides, you are writing your wedding blog as part of the planning and build-up to your big day, make sure you keep your readers updated afterwards too.

Here at Drangan Video we love to blog and find that many Irish brides and grooms are now also taking up the hobby. What a great way to express yourself, give advice, make new friends and in some cases start a brand new career!

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