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Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Future

Last weekend I  had the pleasure of filming two delightful weddings in Kilkenny,  bumping into so many married couples that had hired Drangan Video  to record their special day  has provided food for thought regarding the content for this wedding news blog. One couple were celebrating their 10th wedding Anniversary other couples were looking forward to celebrating 5 years of married bliss,  in this article we are taking a closer look at wedding anniversary gifts.

Happy Kilkenny Couple celebrating their  first wedding anniversary

Now that you have tied the knot and are looking forward to a wonderful future together, it’s important that you take time to remember your big day year after year. In this article we are going to talk about the traditional gifts that are associated with each anniversary up to the 30-year mark. We’ll explore the gifts associated with later anniversaries in a later article.

1st Anniversary – Paper
Celebrate your first anniversary with a gift made of paper. Whether you choose a favourite first edition book, a diary, a photo album or tickets to a special event, paper should be the centerpiece of your gift.

Happily married Kilkenny couple

2nd Anniversary – Cotton
The gift most associated with a second wedding anniversary is cotton. Choose from candles that smell of cotton or bathrobes to snuggle up in.

3rd Anniversary – Leather
Leather is traditionally associated with gifts for your third wedding anniversary, the beauty of a leather gift is that it will last for years if good quality. Opt for a smart wallet/purse, a handbag or satchel or a leather bound book or diary.

4th Anniversary – Fruit and Flowers
This one is pretty self explanatory, treat your loved one to a hamper of fruit and flowers, perhaps organise a picnic or prepare something fruity for dessert that evening.

5th Anniversary – Wood
Your wooden anniversary can be celebrated by gifting a jewellery box, a handcrafted sign or trinket box or a framed picture of your big day or another special occasion you have celebrated over the past 5 years.

6th Anniversary – Sugar
Something sweet for someone sweet, gifts don’t get easier that this! Treat your loved one to candy canes and chocolate on this special day.

7th Anniversary – Copper & Wool
Copper jewellery, comfy woolen scarves or a combination of both can make this anniversary a day to remember. Ireland has a wealth of handcrafted items on offer in both copper and wool so you can be sure you’ll find something wonderful to gift to your loved one.

8th Anniversary – Bronze
Bronze represents strength and unity due to being a product of copper and tin. This special anniversary allows you to explore the many bronze Irish crafts available in most cities, towns and villages across Ireland.

9th Anniversary – Pottery or Willow
Pottery and Willow are said to be representative of a 9th wedding anniversary because they can both be used to create strong, lasting products. Both are flexible but with creativity and determination can transform into strong treasured items.

10th Anniversary – Tin
Tin can be used to store perishables and delicacies, keeping them safe and preserved for future nourishment. Tin represents strength and protection so it’s absolutely perfect for celebrating your tenth wedding anniversary.

Wedding videography in Kilkenny Drangan Video

15th Anniversary – Crystal
If you’re determined to stick to traditional anniversary gifts, this is where the price may become a bit higher than you have been used to over the past 14 years. Luckily the price of crystal has come down in recent years and good quality crystal can be purchased for a reasonable price.

20th Anniversary – China
China has always been the gift of choice for those celebrating their 20th anniversary, however more modern gifts have been associated with platinum, we’ll let you choose!!

25th Anniversary – Silver
Silver never goes out of fashion, it’s pretty much timeless and can be used for everything from jewellery to electronics. We can’t think of a better gift for your 25th anniversary.

30th Anniversary – Pearls
Pearls are said to be a symbol of beauty hidden within, however they also represent strength and unity and are the perfect representation of your 30-year marriage.

Drop back shortly to read our follow up article on the gifts associated with wedding anniversaries from 30 to 50 years.

Drangan Video offer a range of packages to suit every budget and we are always happy to speak with guests and offer recommendations. If you are planning a wedding in Kilkenny or Tipperary  and searching for a professional wedding videography service, please do feel free to get in touch with Eamon here at any time.

Celebrating New Year Engagements

Celebrating your Engagement

As is customary at this time of year, we see couples up and down the country getting engaged and setting their wedding dates for the years and months ahead. For those of you who have gotten engaged this Christmas or New Year, let us be the first to extend our heartiest congratulations to you both. The festive season is now the most popular time for engagements in Ireland and that doesn’t look set to change any time soon.

New Year Weddings In Tipperary

In this article we’re going to give you lovebirds some tips on arranging your engagement party and hope you have the most wonderful time whilst making the plans for your big day. Remember the lead up to the wedding goes so very fast, so enjoy every minute of the planning!

• Decide who is going to host the engagement party.
The first thing you will want to decide is who is going to host your engagement party (who will send the invitations). Are you going to send the invites from yourself or your fiancé or would you prefer they came from a parent or guardian?

• Pick a venue and set a date.
Decide where you would like your engagement party and what date would suit best for everyone attending. Try to stay away from weeknights or Sundays as you may find guests have work commitments the following morning.

• Write your guest list.
It may seem like an obvious step, but many couples forget to do this for their engagement party. This list will be a great help to you at a later date when you are making out the guest list for your big day.

• Set a budget
If you’re hiring a venue for the engagement party, you’ll need to set aside a budget for finger food and perhaps even a round of drinks for your guests. Make a list of all the items you’ll need and try to stick to your budget as closely as you can. Here are a few examples:

1. Venue hire
2. Entertainment
3. Finger food
4. Drinks
5. A cake
6. Videographer
7. Photographer
8. Décor

• Send out the invites
Try to give your guests as much notice as possible so they can arrange time off if required and organise child-care. The more notice you give your guests, the more likely they are to attend your celebrations.

Top Tip: Save on postage expenses by setting up an event for your engagement party on Facebook and inviting everyone with the click of a mouse. For those who are not on Facebook, you can send an email or make a simple telephone call.

New year wedding engagement couple Kilkenny

For those of you who are planning your wedding in 2018 or 2019, the team here at Drangan Video would love to hear from you. We provide professional wedding videography services up and down the country, so whether you are based in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Dublin or Cork we will be happy to travel to your venue. Give us a call today to find out more about the services we offer and receive a no-obligation quotation from Eamon.

Congratulations once again on your engagement enjoy the celebrations and the planning in the years and months ahead.

The Hidden Extra Wedding Costs you might be Overlooking

Drangan Video provides wedding video services across Tipperary, Kilkenny, Calow, Waterford, Limerick and many other counties in Ireland, we have a strong insight into the costs that can be associated with planning a wedding. We sometime see brides and grooms start to panic as the costs mount up and want to put your mind at ease by listing some of the hidden extras you may not be considering. Once you have these included in your budget from an early date you can be assured there will be no extra little surprises when it comes to paying for products or services on the big day.

In this article we are going to concentrate only on the costs, which may not be initially obvious when setting out your wedding budget:

Wedding Video News Kilkenny Tipperary
Wedding Video News Kilkenny Tipperary







  • Chair Covers

Some venues will provide chair covers and other room décor as part of their package price; however, we have found more recently that these costs are increasingly being charged as extras to the bride and groom. Ask your venue organiser what décor is included in the room rental.

  • Corkage

When it comes to ordering wine for your guests at the wedding, you will find that different venues will offer different options. Some hotels will be happy to include wine in your package price or indeed offer you a reduced rate on their own house wines. Others will charge quite a hefty fee. When this happens you may consider sourcing your own wine. There is however in most cases a hidden extra fee with this..’Corkage’. Ask your venue what their corkage fee is and if they are willing to waive it. (If you don’t ask you don’t get!). We have seen venues charge as much as €10 per bottle on corkage so make sure you check this out as early as possible to allow for extra in your budget.

  • Bar Extension

With any wedding, you want your guests to enjoy their night right into the early hours and of course be able to partake of a few refreshments along the way. Be aware that if you are getting married on a weekday, legally the bar needs to close by 11:30. If you want your guests to enjoy another few hours of dancing but would also like to have access to a full bar, you may have to pay extra for later serving hours. In most cases a bar extension of two hours will cost €150 plus any additional staff costs.

Drangan Video Tipperary
Drangan Video Tipperary Wedding Videographer









  • Others Hidden Costs

Other hidden costs can include but are not limited to:

  • Cake Stand
  • Speech Lectern
  • Cake Cutter
  • Guest Book
  • Table Settings
  • Doormen if you want to ensure guests only at the bar extension
  • Welcome teas and coffees


We hope you have found the above information useful and can assure you that here at Drangan Video there are no hidden extras. We will provide you with a price upfront and in full, which will include everything in the package of your choice. Our price will also include any travel costs so whether you’re based in Tipperary, Kilkenny or elsewhere we will be more than happy to travel to your part of the country without you incurring any extra costs.

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest wedding blog news
More wedding news soon.



Its All About Weddings In Kilkenny Laura and Tom Say Yes

Weddings in Kilkenny are at an all time high which is good news for me, I can now safely say that 80% of my wedding videos are shot throughout Kilkenny City and county. In this wedding news blog I’m delighted to be sharing highlights from the wedding Video  of Tom & Laura who were married in Foulkstown Church earlier this year.

As a Tipperary based wedding videographer I am always happy to travel over the boarder to Kilkenny and enjoy some of the fabulous wedding locations that Kilkenny has to offer, one such location is St. Josephs Church Foulkstown.

St Joseph’s Church Foulkstown, is situated on the Waterford Road, a 5min drive from Kilkenny city. The church has an old feel to it the inside of the church is plainly yet tastefully  decorated  but kept in excellent  condition. There is enough seating for  180  wedding guests, it is a very popular choice of wedding ceremony venue for weddings in Kilkenny.

Drangan Video Kilkenny Videographer
Drangan Video Kilkenny Videographer






Laura and Tom’s Wedding Video

My day began with a visit to Cederwood Close, in Kilkenny city to capture the fun and excitement of the bridal preps, Ross Costigan was on duty for the wedding photography, he is a very nice guy to work with and his work is amazing.
The weather was looking good just the odd passing shower, Laura’s parents had placed a  Child  Of Prague Statue in the garden to ward off any black rain clouds.
The Infant/Child of Prague is a small wax medieval statue of the  Christ child,  Copies/reproductions of this statue were at one time  found in the majority of Catholic homes around Ireland.  This little statue was called upon for help to ensure good weather for family occasions such as wedding, communions  and confirmations.

Bridal Preps Captured On Video

The bridal preps are the perfect start to a professional wedding video, Laura’s preps were in full swing when I arrived, this video clip captures the fun and emotion of the build up to  her special day. I tend to blend into the background when filming in the brides house which assures a perfectly natural looking wedding DVD.
The couple enjoyed a relaxing wedding ceremony in Foulkstown Church, presided   over by Fr. Dan Carroll who is a well know wedding celebrant in Kilkenny City.

Latest Wedding News Blog From Kilkenny
Latest Wedding Video News Blog From Kilkenny






Wedding Photos At Kilkenny City Library Johns Quay

Kilkenny City library is a one-storey Carnegie Library, built in 1910. The building is in a classical style with symmetrical façade.
Johns Quay is a particular favorite of mine for  shooting high quality wedding video footage,  the long-awaited new pedestrian and cycle bridge crossing the River Nore in Kilkenny  named   the ‘Lady Desart Bridge’,  crosses from Bateman Quay to John’s Quay, it is a popular location for wedding video and photo shoots standing on the bridge provides a lovely view of Kilkenny Castle.

Weddings Reception In Newpark Hotel Kilkenny

The first wedding reception was held at the Newpark Hotel in 1966 and therefore our staff are very experienced in looking after and assisting you on your most important day. The  Dunmore Suite can cater for up to 160 guests and the Glendine Suite can cater for up to 130 guests for the main wedding meal. For weddings over 180 guests both suites combine to offer you the perfect setting for a larger wedding party.
On arrival at the Newpark Laura and Tom were welcomed by Niall Dunne who is a very professional and friendly guy, in fact all the staff are fantastic to deal with, I like  covering weddings in the Newpark it is one of Kilkenny’s top  wedding reception venues.

Wedding Video Newpark Hotel Kilkenny
Wedding Video Newpark Hotel Kilkenny






Thanks to Laura and Tom for choosing Drangan Video they were a pleasure to work with, their wedding video highlights have already been shared on my Drangan Video Facebook page.
A number of Laura’s friends have contacted me about my services its great to be getting all these future  Kilkenny Wedding bookings.

If you are in the process of planning your wedding in Kilkenny or Tipperary  and are looking for a wedding videographer please feel free to contact Eamon here at Drangan Video who will be happy to answer any questions regarding video coverage of your big day.

More Wedding News Soon.
Regards Eamon.





Exciting Top Quality wedding venues In Kilkenny

As a busy wedding videographer I have the pleasure of recording weddings in some of Kilkenny’s finest wedding reception venues,
in this blog post we take a closer look at a selection of my top choice quality wedding venues in Kilkenny city.

Quality Wedding Venues Kilkenny
Quality Wedding Venues Kilkenny







Langton House Hotel Kilkenny     Website:
Across from the 1908 St. John’s Church, this boutique hotel in a classic building is a 6-minute walk from McDonagh Junction shopping mall and a 7-minute walk from Kilkenny Castle
“One Fab Day”, Ireland’s most influential online wedding resource, has revealed “Langton House Hotel” among the 100 best wedding venues in Ireland, first in 2013 and again for 2014 and 2015.
Langtons Ballroom, a spectacular room, boasting 20f ceilings, ornate cornicing and hand painted silk wallpaper, this room is the delight of any bride. Self contained with its own private bar, access to a unique garden bar and private conservatory, The Langton Ballroom is suitable for any wedding size

Hotel Kilkenny     Website
This is a modern hotel with an upscale ambience is 1.2 km from Kilkenny Castle’s 1195 fortress and 1.5 km from St Canice’s Cathedral’s 13th-century edifice.
The Skyline Suite is a stunning room which caters for between 220 to 400 people and offers unrivalled spectacular views of Kilkenny’s cityscape. Enjoy a view of Kilkenny’s cathedral during the day while the city lights provide the ideal backdrop throughout the evening.
For your perfect summer wedding why not book our Orchard Suite with its exclusive private walled garden and entrance, the perfect union of privacy and elegance. Guests can avail of a private bar as well as a BBQ afters reception. This stylish haven within the city is ideal for weddings of up to 230 people.

Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel     Website
A 4-minute walk from the Kilkenny Design Centre’s locally made crafts, this top quality hotel is a 5-minute walk from Ormonde College and Kilkenny Castle.
Our lavish Kings Ballroom welcomes up to 300 guests and is among the city’s finest.  The newly refurbished ballroom  is a unique wedding venue in  where rich contemporary tones, lavish lighting & flickering candlelight create a sense of romance, while our crisp linens and beautiful covered chairs make this ballroom completely comfortable and relaxed.
It is located right next to Kilkenny City landmarks such as the magical Kilkenny Castle, the intriguing St. Canice’s Cathedral, Medieval Rothe House  which are all beautiful  locations for wedding videography and photos.

Kilkenny Lyrath Estate Hotel       Website
Lyrath Estate Hotel is the ultimate 5 star Kilkenny wedding venue. Imagine the magical setting of Lyrath Estate’s lovingly restored 17th century house, Lady Charlotte’s historic gardens and the rolling hills, tranquil lakes and unspoilt views of the estate. Allow your photographer to explore every vantage point to capture those unforgettable moments. Lyrath Estate is the perfect venue for a uniquely memorable wedding day.

Kilkenny River Court Hotel    Website
On the River Nore overlooking the Kilkenny Castle and across the street from a lively pub with live folk music, this upscale hotel in a classic mansion is a 4-minute walk from the Kilkenny Tourist Office and an 8-minute walk from the Rothe House & Gardens. With its unique backdrop overlooking Kilkenny Castle on the banks of the River Nore and regarded as one of the finest wedding hotels in Ireland, the Kilkenny River Court Hotel is very proud to host exquisite Weddings right in the heart of Kilkenny City for the past 15 years.
From small traditional celebrations, civil ceremonies, civil partnerships to lavish wedding celebrations we have it all available to you and we promise to make all your wedding day dreams come true.
The Kilkenny River Court Hotel is renowned throughout the South East for our dedication to customer care and our attention to detail making us the ideal south east wedding venue.

Spring Hill Court Hotel    website
The Spring Hill has undergone a major transformation in the past year, upgrading every aspect of the hotel from ballroom to bedroom, Paddock bar and a spacious reception style new lobby,  These excellent leisure facilities are complimented by our dedicated staff who, we are proud to say, receive constant compliments from guests on their friendliness, hospitality and service. The traditional Irish welcome is delivered consistently with charm at the Springhill Court Conference, Leisure and Spa Hotel.

Newpark Hotel Kilkenny    Website
Set amid thirty acres of parkland and with award-winning landscaped gardens, the Newpark provides an opulent and perfect backdrop for your wedding day. The first wedding reception was held at the Newpark Hotel in 1966 and therefore our staff are very experienced in looking after and assisting you on your most important day. Our Dunmore Suite can cater for up to 160 guests and the Glendine Suite can cater for up to 130 guests for the main wedding meal. For weddings over 180 guests both suites combine to offer you the perfect setting for a larger wedding party. Within each banqueting suite is a bar area where your guests can relax in comfort and privacy.

If you are getting married in Kilkenny you will be spoiled for choice by the huge range of top class wedding locations that are available in Kilkenny’s Marble City.
When you have booked your choice of hotel  the next step is to book a wedding videographer! that will be me. 🙂

More Kilkenny Wedding News Soon.
Best Regards