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State Of The Art New School In Callan Kilkenny

It was a great honer to have been the official videographer for the opening ceremony of Bunscoil Mcauley Rice Callan, Co. Kilkenny. The following video clip is just a snippet from what was a fantastic occasion for the town of Callan.

Drangan Video has been associated with Bunscoil McAuley Rice over the last number of years for the recording of the annual school show and confirmation and communion days.

Callan is a busy town located about 15 Klometers on the main road to Clonmel Tipperary.  The towns most prominent landmarks are its Abbey, Churches, Town Hall and Workhouse.  Callan is also  known for  some famous people, namely Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, founder of the Irish Christian Brothers; Humphrey O’Sullivan, schoolmaster and diarist and John Locke, poet and novelist.

Drangan Video Kilkenny
Drangan Video Kilkenny
Wishing  the staff pupils and all who are associated with Bunscoil McAuley all the best for the future and in my roll as a Kilkenny videographer Im looking forward capturing many more school events on film.
Best Regards
Eamon Drangan Video Kilkenny

Summer Weddings in Ireland

Here at Drangan Video in Kilkenny we are all set for another busy year, fingers crossed in anticipation of lots of sunshine during summer 2015 which will assure a broad smile on all our Kilkenny Brides to be.

Today we’ll step away from the subject of videography and talk a bit about why Ireland has become such a sought after destination for brides and grooms across the globe. Over the past decade we have seen a huge surge in summer weddings across the country, many of which travel great distances to enjoy the Irish hospitality.

So, what’s so special about a summer wedding in Ireland?

1. Without a shadow of a doubt Ireland is one of the most romantic places on our planet. The towns, villages, venues, sites and people all conspire mischievously with music and song to create a unique and irresistible charm. Just this week ‘Friends’ star Courtney Cox has announced that she will be marrying her partner Johnny McDaid in Ashford Castle, just one in a long line of celebrities who choose Ireland for their wedding vows. I wonder if they need a videographer?!

2. For brides who really want to feel like a real princess on their big day, Ireland is a place with many castles and magical venues to offer. Owned by the Guinness family, the aforementioned Ashford castle in County Mayo is a gorgeous edifice and also a luxury five star hotel. For those who are budget conscious but still want to avail of a castle wedding in Ireland, Cloghan Castle in County Offaly offers self-catering accommodation (something different) and a unique venue for a summer wedding.

Weddings In Ireland
Weddings In Ireland

3. Ireland has a rugged beauty that needs to be explored and this can be better achieved in the summer months due to Ireland’s unpredictable weather. No matter where in Ireland you choose for your wedding venue, you can be assured that there will be a wealth of places to discover nearby, should your guests choose to go that extra mile. From the calming waters of Glendalough to the haunting loneliness of the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway, Ireland offers many unique backdrops for wedding videos, photographs and scenic walks.

4. Ireland comes alive in the summer with festivals and events in almost every village and town. From Cahersiveen to the Aran Islands there will be celebrations of life with drink, music and song. What better place and time to have your own celebration? The party has already started; all you have to do is join in!

5. Ireland is steeped in history and tradition, many of which are noticeable at Irish weddings. The Claddagh ring from County Galway is often the engagement ring or wedding ring of choice for many Irish couples. Made up of two hands holding a heart, with a crown above the heart, symbolises love, loyalty and friendship. Before getting married the ring is traditionally worn with the tip of the heart pointing away from the hand and then during the wedding the ring is turned around so the heart points inward to show that the bride’s heart is taken.
An interesting tidbit: The term “tying the knot” comes from an old Irish wedding tradition where the hands of the bride and groom are tied together with a ribbon or cord. This signifies their betrothal and binds them together so they shall never part.

6. A summer wedding in Ireland is not just a grand champagne reception. It can also be the location for the hen party, the wedding and the honeymoon. Dublin city has become one of the most popular destinations for hen parties and stag parties. Belfast, Cork and Galway also have some fine dining establishments, plenty of traditional bard and a host of great venues to choose from where you can expect dancing and craic from dusk till dawn.

Here at Drangan Video we believe that an Irish summer wedding is a thing of beauty. We sincerely hope that Ireland will leave an indelible impression on everyone who is lucky enough to travel to our shores to celebrate their vows.

Don’t forget to give Drangan Video a call if you are travelling to Ireland for your big day, we will be delighted to assist you with any queries you may have and will always be onhand to help!

Warm Regards



Lovely Colourful Autum Wedding In Mullinavat, Kilkenny

Louise & Pat were married in Mullinavat, Kilkenny in beautiful Autum sunshine on October 24th 2014, they have long since received their wedding DVD and relieved the memories of what was an Amazing Wedding Day.

Mullinvat is located in the sunny south east of Ireland in Co. Kilkenny the name comes from the Mill of the Stick. The village was by-passed in 2010 when the Kilkenny Waterford section of the M9 opened, thankfully the village is still booming.  Louise and Pat were married in St Beacons Church which sits on an elevated site overlooking the village, it is a very well preserved church and a lovely location for a wedding ceremony.

Wedding Videographer Drangan Video
Wedding Videographer Drangan Video

As I headed for Mullinavat the sun was shining, it was hard to believe that November was just around the corner. Louise was getting ready from her Mum & Dad’s house only a mile or so outside the village, I arrived in good time to get ample coverage of the bridal preps, Louise was looking stunning  and showing no signs of pre- wedding  nerves.

After the wedding ceremony we returned to louise’s home for the photo call, just across from the house there is an old farm house and yards which have been restored with lovely stone work and cobble stone paths. The building is surrounded  by mature trees which were shedding their multi colored leaves, it was an ideal opportunity for capturing interesting and somewhat different footage.  I really like Autum weddings the colours are just out of this world especially when the sun is setting down and reflecting sparkling beams of light through  partly bare leafed trees, its magic.

After the photos  we were kindly  invited in for a cup-pa and some very welcome tasty sandwiches  which needless to say went down a treat. Then it was time to head to The four star Hotel Kilkenny for what was to be a  happy and lively wedding reception.  As a videographer covering weddings in Kilkenny I am a frequent visitor to Hotel Kilkenny which has been voted one of the top wedding venues in Ireland and one of the top five in Leinster. The staff are a pleasure to deal with and are very helpful regarding the the wedding filming.

A big congratulations to Louise & Pat, they were both a pleasure to work with. It was another Tipperary Kilkenny Match Pat hails from Hollyford in North Tipperary  a rural area with a strong hurling tradition.  It was nice to have been asked to be their wedding videographer, I really enjoyed the day they were so laid back and relaxed and very happy in each others company.

Thanks for dropping by.

Best regards Eamon.




Colourful Christmas Wedding video In Kilkenny City

Kilkenny is sometimes known as the home of hurling but for me as a Wedding Videographer I would describe the Marble City  as been the home of weddings.  This is a clip from the wedding of Katie Phelan and Kevin Philips who enjoyed a colorful Christmas wedding  in Kilkenny.

December 30th was a lovely day with an abundance of magical winter sunshine casting shadows and interesting color effects on the the rich Kilkenny country side.

Fun Wedding Video Kilkenny
Fun Wedding Video Kilkenny

Our wedding Day Story :

The story of Katie & Kevin’s wedding day begins with bridal preparations at Katie’s house which was in walking distance from St. Patrick’s Church, I received a warm welcome from the Phelan family, I quickly settled down to discreetly grabbing video footage as events unfolded. Katie was a stunning Kilkenny Bride she stood tall and straight, I like the shot in the video of her walking down the stairs to join her family members, she looked so elegant.

St. Kieran’s College for wedding Photos :

After the ceremony we visited a number of very interesting locations for the wedding photos, our first stop was at St. Kieran’s College which is a secondary school for boys it is steeped in sporting history and some of Kilkenny’s greatest hurlers  attended the college. It was a pleasure  working with Nick O’ Keeffe who is a well know local photographer, the video features some nice shots of the bridal party in front of the college building.

A  Romantic  Stroll at Kilkenny Castle:

Our next stop was a quick visit to  Kilkenny Castle which is a popular choice by Kilkenny Brides for their photo shoot. I concentrated on walking shots around the grounds  for my collection of video footage, the winter sun was sitting low  which was great for some creative romantic scenes especially  when shooting into the sun. Katie & Kevin were  happy to  walk and chat with each other and of coarse a few unrehearsed kisses to enhance  the mood of the day.

Surprise Visit to Nowlan Park for Fun Video Footage :

The highlight of the day for Kevin was a surprise visit to Nowlan Park which was organized by Katie and was a well guarded secret. Nowlan Park is the main GAA stadium in Kilkenny, it hosts many major hurling matches  it is also home of the Kilkenny Hurling Team. Kevin is a keen football player and has a passionate interest in all sport, he really enjoyed stopping off at Nowlan park,  the video features some fun shots with the bridal party and great footage of Katie & Kevin on the amber colored  steps of the empty stadium.

Mount Wolselsey Hotel Carlow :

Our final stop was Mount Wolseley Hotel Carlow which is one of the top wedding venues in the   Kilkenny Carlow region, it is one of my favourite wedding venues. The hotel has its own  wedding coordinater who is most helpfull in arranging every aspect of your big day. I have recently filmed a number of Civial Ceremonies in Mount Wolseley  which I enjoyed very much, the staff and management were so helpful and obliging on each visit.

A big congratulations to Katie & Kevin  on what was an amazing wedding, it was a pleasure to have their wedding videographer. The video clip has already been shared by Drangan Video on Facebook and twitter,  thanks to them for allowing that.

Thanks for reading my latest blog post, more wedding news soon.

Best regards Eamon.


Fun Wedding Video in Kilkenny: Nicola and Keith

Today December 21st is the shortest day the year sky is grey and rain drops are falling the long hot summer is a distance memory,  as I look back on this  Fun Wedding Video In Kilkenny,  I get to relive a beautiful day in August through the lens of my Cameras.

Nicola and Keith were married in the village of Dungarvan which is very near Gowran, Kilkenny, for me it was an easy wedding shoot it was just a matter of parking in the church grounds and walking across the the road to the brides house.  Nicola’s parents are very proud of the beautiful gardens that they have developed and nurtured over the years and needless to say everything was in tip top condition for Nicola’s big day, the clip features some great wedding video footage with the Bridal Party around the gardens.

Wedding Video Kilkenny
Wedding Video Kilkenny

I arrived early for the bridal preps which were in full swing the girls were on a high as they attended to  Nicola’s every need, it was clear to be seen that this was going to be  A Fun Wedding Video the laughter from the house echoed all over the quit village of Dungarvan.  Nicola and Keith are living in Australia so it was understandable that emotions were running high, Nicola is very close to her parents and family, the video captures special moments between Nicola and her dad when  she made her entrance  into the kitchen  fully dressed looking stunning  and ready for the short walk to St. Michael and David’s Church just across the street.

After the ceremony we returned to  Nicola’s house for the the photo call, Seamus Costelloe is a well known Kilkenny Wedding Photographer and for me it was a pleasure working with him once again, his has an easy going approach to capturing those special moments.  All family and bridal party photos were done in the garden which was an ideal  location, and of coarse a cup of tea and finger food was a nice surprise thanks to Nicola’s mum.

Langton House Hotel Kilkenny:  was the reception venue it is one the best Hotels in Kilkenny,  Sean and Collette were on duty to greet the happy bride and groom and treat them to glass of bubbly before making their grand entrance.  I just love  recording Wedding Videos in Langtons its a high class wedding venue and the attention to detail is first class for every wedding, our own daughter had her reception in langtons last year, it was an amazing day thanks to  Eamon Langton and his professional staff.

Thanks to Nicola and Keith who were the main stars in this “Fun Wedding Video in Kilkenny”  I got a message from Nicola on facebook to let me know that the four dvds had arrived safely and that it was the ideal Christmas present.

“Eamon the DVDs finally arrived, Australia post is so slow with Christmas. I must say we absolutely loved it. It’s amazing what you miss on the day as it goes by so quickly, such an amazing memory to have and it was a pleasure working with you. Thanks so much, Nicola and Keith”