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The Hidden Extra Wedding Costs you might be Overlooking

Drangan Video provides wedding video services across Tipperary, Kilkenny, Calow, Waterford, Limerick and many other counties in Ireland, we have a strong insight into the costs that can be associated with planning a wedding. We sometime see brides and grooms start to panic as the costs mount up and want to put your mind at ease by listing some of the hidden extras you may not be considering. Once you have these included in your budget from an early date you can be assured there will be no extra little surprises when it comes to paying for products or services on the big day.

In this article we are going to concentrate only on the costs, which may not be initially obvious when setting out your wedding budget:

Wedding Video News Kilkenny Tipperary
Wedding Video News Kilkenny Tipperary







  • Chair Covers

Some venues will provide chair covers and other room décor as part of their package price; however, we have found more recently that these costs are increasingly being charged as extras to the bride and groom. Ask your venue organiser what décor is included in the room rental.

  • Corkage

When it comes to ordering wine for your guests at the wedding, you will find that different venues will offer different options. Some hotels will be happy to include wine in your package price or indeed offer you a reduced rate on their own house wines. Others will charge quite a hefty fee. When this happens you may consider sourcing your own wine. There is however in most cases a hidden extra fee with this..’Corkage’. Ask your venue what their corkage fee is and if they are willing to waive it. (If you don’t ask you don’t get!). We have seen venues charge as much as €10 per bottle on corkage so make sure you check this out as early as possible to allow for extra in your budget.

  • Bar Extension

With any wedding, you want your guests to enjoy their night right into the early hours and of course be able to partake of a few refreshments along the way. Be aware that if you are getting married on a weekday, legally the bar needs to close by 11:30. If you want your guests to enjoy another few hours of dancing but would also like to have access to a full bar, you may have to pay extra for later serving hours. In most cases a bar extension of two hours will cost €150 plus any additional staff costs.

Drangan Video Tipperary
Drangan Video Tipperary Wedding Videographer









  • Others Hidden Costs

Other hidden costs can include but are not limited to:

  • Cake Stand
  • Speech Lectern
  • Cake Cutter
  • Guest Book
  • Table Settings
  • Doormen if you want to ensure guests only at the bar extension
  • Welcome teas and coffees


We hope you have found the above information useful and can assure you that here at Drangan Video there are no hidden extras. We will provide you with a price upfront and in full, which will include everything in the package of your choice. Our price will also include any travel costs so whether you’re based in Tipperary, Kilkenny or elsewhere we will be more than happy to travel to your part of the country without you incurring any extra costs.

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The Latest Wedding Trends

As a wedding videographer in Tipperary Ireland, I’ve seen it all! From quiet, low key weddings to massive parties, and from black & white themes to bold, bright colours, I’m lucky enough to be in a unique position that allows me to watch as wedding trends in Ireland come and go. It’s really quite fascinating, and I’ve seen some amazing trends pop up within the last few years that look like they’ll be sticking around:

High Tech Media Delivery
Until recently, DVDs were pretty much the standard delivery method for wedding videos, and in fact many videographers still only offer this method to their clients. At Drangan Video, however, we also offer high definition video via USB sticks. Why? Because it’s what today’s brides and grooms want. USB stick delivery not only means we’re able to supply footage easily and conveniently in HD rather than in standard definition, but it also makes it easier for our clients to share with their friends and family, or upload to a video sharing website like YouTube. DVDs are a dying breed. Today, just 70 percent of homes in Ireland have a DVD player, compared to 75 percent just 12 months ago, and we want to make sure that it’s quick, simple, and most of all convenient for our clients to view their videos. DVDs are out, and high tech media delivery is in!

HD Wedding Videographer Tipperary
HD Wedding Videographer Tipperary







‘Cinderella’ Weddings
It’s fair to say that casual weddings in Ireland have dominated in the last few years. It was only in 2014 that I acted as videographer for Emer and Niall for their wedding in Tipperary that included a photo booth, fake moustaches, and the bride and groom munching on ice cream cones! But recently I’ve noticed things moving more towards the classic ‘Cinderella’ style wedding, complete with horse-drawn carriages, traditional chandeliers, and some of the most breathtaking wedding venues in Ireland you’ve ever seen. I’ve filmed weddings at both the spectacular Thurles Cathedral in County Tipperary, and in the beautiful gardens of the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny lately. One thing’s for certain, and that’s that glitz and glamour is certainly making a comeback, especially for brides and grooms getting married in Ireland!

Make Way for the Groom!
The makeup, the hair, the dress… there’s little wonder why the bride is the centre of attention on her wedding day. But one thing I’ve noticed lately as a wedding videographer in Ireland is that the grooms are starting to get more and more attention. Yes, I’m still regularly filming weddings where I meet the groom and his friends down at the local pub where they’re enjoying a refreshing pint, but it’s fair to say that the groom’s role is getting bigger and bigger. I strongly believe this has come from the fact that more and more couples are booking both wedding photography and videography in Ireland. While one focuses on the girls, the other can focus on what the boys are getting up to, just like at Stephanie & Gary’s wedding in Kilkenny when I filmed the groom getting ready for the big day.

Despite all the different trends, and all the different themes, colours, styles and so on, one thing always remains the same – a wedding in Ireland is always a spectacular occasion! I don’t know just what it is about Irish brides and grooms, but they sure know how to throw a party, and I’m so fortunate to be a part of the celebrations. After many years in the wedding videography business, I still love what I do!

Thinking of getting married in Ireland? Check out Drangan Video’s sample videos online, and see how brides and grooms in Ireland are incorporating the latest trends into their weddings.

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The Role of the Grooms Party on the Big Day

In this blog post I am offering some advice regarding the duties  of the Grooms Party on the big day, as a busy wedding videographer I travel the length and breath of Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow  and many other counties to film weddings for happy couples.
I am usually the first to arrive at the ceremony venue, followed by Grooms Party otherwise described as the suits, they will  all look very smart and up for task of Bestman and Groomsmen, but are they fully prepared! do they know what their duties are on the big day ?

The duties of the Grooms Party for the most part are mainly to ensure that the Groom has all he needs on the lead-up to and of course on the big day. As a rule of thumb, most of the responsibilities will lie with the Best Man; however if you have been asked to be a Groomsman for your good friend then it may be useful to know the following tips thus ensuring the day goes without a hitch.

Wedding Videographer  Tipperary, kilkenny & Waterford







1. Ask the Groom about any guests attending who may require special assistance on the day. Whether it is an elderly relative or someone who is travelling alone, this kind of special attention can go a long way to making that day extra special for those who may be unused to or unnerved by large social events.

2. Assist arriving guests from their cars and guide them towards their seats at the wedding ceremony venue. This small gesture will ensure guests feel welcome and they will know then to come to you if they need any assistance throughout the day.

3. Arrange for bags and luggage of guests to be delivered to their rooms in the hotel or accommodation and provide directions and advice on local attractions and amenities if necessary.

4. Introduce yourself to friends and relatives and try to ensure no one is left sitting in a corner by themselves. Weddings are without doubt a most special day for all involved but can be unnerving if a guest doesn’t know others at the party.

5. It will be your duty to escort the bridesmaids from the church after the ceremony so make sure you plan this with the other groomsmen and bridesmaids prior to the big day.

6. As is traditional, the Best Man will make a speech after or before the meal. You may then be required to read out letters or cards that were sent by guests who could not attend or from relatives and friends that live abroad. Have a read through these in advance if possible and remember you are among friends so there’s no need to be nervous!
7. After the ceremony has been completed and the party begins, it is tradition for the Groomsmen to take to the dancefloor with the Bridesmaids after the first dance has taken place. In most cases it will be the bridal party who decides which Bridesmaid and Groomsman will pair up.

8. Decorating the wedding car. In some families it may be tradition for the Bride and Groom to leave the venue at the end of the evening and go on their honeymoon. If this is the case, then you and your other groomsmen would be well advised to decorate the car in advance. A simple ‘Just Married’ sign could suffice or you could go all out and add the traditional cans and tins to the rear of the vehicle.

Remember that it is a real honour to be asked to be a Groomsman and your friend will most likely only expect that you be there for him on the big day. Any little extra touches you can add will certainly surprise and delight both the Bride and Groom and their guests.

Drangan Video provides  a videography   service for brides and grooms throughout  Ireland and would love to chat to you regarding your wedding video. Our packages are both affordable and professional and we have years of very satisfied customers who will be more than happy to share their experiences. Feel free to get in touch with Eamon here by email, Facebook or a phone call at any time that is convenient to you.

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4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake Artist

I am sure that many of you are busy with wedding planning for 2016 and beyond, what about the wedding cake ?  here are a few tips for choosing the perfect wedding cake artist.

You’re going to want to start looking around for a bakery or artist several months in advance. This will give you time to find the perfect cake artist before your wedding day. Don’t limit yourself to your own town, either. The magician of all things filling, frosting and fondant could be in the next town over, or just a couple of towns over. Be sure to come into the process prepared to work at it until you find the right person   Read More        http://www.weddingfanatic.com/

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Why you should always hire a professional to shoot your wedding video

The happiest day of your life, the most important day of your life, the longest day of your life or the day you will NEVER forget, your wedding day will be recorded for you to look back upon as long as we have digital media, so the importance of having a professional well shot video cannot be overstated. So don’t cut corners here, don’t leave it up to your uncle or your brother in law, hire a professional. You won’t regret it.

There are many competitive professional videographers in Tipperary and the surrounding counties. With Google’s new search parameters all you have to do is search “wedding videos Tipperary” and they’ll fire you up with all the local wedding videographers in the locality. This is where you need to be careful. Remember a shoddy website will most likely reflect the standard of work, so make sure you conduct your research carefully. Here at Drangan Video we are very proud of our online presence and do tend to get booked up well in advance thanks to our responsive website.

Professional Wedding Videographer Drangan Video
Professional Wedding Videographer Drangan Video







Whilst there is a lot of planning that goes into your wedding day, by it’s nature the personalities involved will inevitably guarantee spontaneity and exuberance. The day is packed full of emotion and special memories, recorded for you to watch at your leisure for the rest of your life. This is why you need to hire a professional!

Ok, so you have done the search on Google, you have seen a few websites of local videographers and already you are leaning towards one over another. Most videographers worth their salt will show examples of their  work from various weddings they have covered over the years; there should be a list of packages with prices, editing, final cut information and presentation. Drangan Video also offer tailored packages to suit your every wedding wish, feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll be very happy to talk you through the process.

One of the most important reasons for hiring a professional photographer is how they will behave on your big day. Eamon here at Drangan Video is always professional, unobtrusive, courteous, and punctual. Giving the responsibility to a friend or bridal party member can sometimes result in one too many drinks being taken and a lot of shots of the floor!

Drangan video  offer a number of different styles and will have many suggestions that will get your creative juices flowing. We will edit all the footage and overlay it with a soundtrack of your choice; we can also offer slow motion and black and white shots. Another great reason to hire a professional videographer.

Your family, the family of your partner and most of your friends are going be the actors in this most memorable production, isn’t it always best to have a professional at the helm to make everything the very best it can be! Call Eamon here at Drangan Video to enquire about our professional videographer services.

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