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Gifts for the Groomsmen

When planning your wedding it’s important that you set aside some time to pay tribute to those who matter to you the most. Whether that’s your parents, godparents, grandparents or close friends, it’s important that we thank them for their participation and assistance during your big day. Set some of your budget aside to purchase small gifts for your bridal and grooms party and let them know just how much you appreciate them.

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In this blog post we are going to concentrate on gifts for the grooms party. These guys are an integral part of your big day and deserve a little something special to say thank you. Below you’ll see some unique suggestions that will make a great memento for your best man and grooms party. Remember that each member of your groom’s party will have their own interests and hobbies, so feel free to break with tradition and get each of them a different gift.

Personalised Shaving Kits:

A personalised shaving kit with an engraved case can make a wonderful gift and you can be sure that it won’t be thrown into the back of a drawer never to be seen again. Think retro with a badger-hair brush and stainless steel razor!

Tickets to an Event:

Is your best man a Metallica fan or perhaps one of your groomsmen is a fan of the theatre? Purchasing tickets to an event they will thoroughly enjoy is a wonderful gift to show them how much they mean to you.

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Personalised Keepsakes:

Personalised keepsakes to remember the day make a great gift for all members of the wedding party. Monogrammed wallets, engraved key rings or cufflinks are gifts that will be used long into the future.

Engraved Hipflask:

Engraved hipflasks are a popular choice with very good reason. Perfect for a winter wedding when the grooms party may need a little warm up before the speeches.

Time Pieces with a Difference:

Consider gifting your groomsmen with a wristwatch or a pocket watch, you can be sure they’ll be delighted with such a considerate gift. Add a little something special by getting the watches engraved with the date and a short thank you message.

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A Bottle of Something Special:

If your groomsmen enjoy a tipple, go out of your way to source a special bottle of aged whisky or brandy. Ireland is home to some wonderful distilleries with a huge range of special edition spirits that are sure to warm the cockles.

Keep in mind that these gifts don’t need to break the bank and it really is the thought that counts on this occasion. When you are planning your budget, set aside an amount for gifts and stick to this amount.

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Planning your 2016 wedding, our Top 10 Money Saving Tips

It’s hard to believe we are already writing about 2016 weddings but the New Year is fast approaching, and if you’re getting married next year, you will understand just how fast the time flies by!
Understandably you will want your wedding day to be as special and as enjoyable as possible, however, as we are all aware, costs can soon mount up and spiral out of control if we don’t keep on top of them. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of ten money saving tips you may be able to utilise to bring down some essential costs for your 2016 wedding.

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Wedding Videographer Tipperary







1. Don’t get Married on a Saturday

Getting married on a Saturday can add considerable expense to your big day and will cost you a lot more than getting married on another day of the week. Perhaps consider holding your nuptials on a Friday or Wednesday, and you could save yourself hundreds or even thousands of Euros that can be put towards an exciting honeymoon for you both to enjoy.

2. Don’t be too Traditional

Generally speaking, the more “traditional” a wedding, the more expensive it can be. When you start dealing with traditional venues such as country clubs and hotels, your wedding costs can spiral quite quickly. Consider less traditional options such as getting married at a local community park or a family members home or garden for a truly unique and cost-effective ceremony and reception.

3. Hold the Reception at a Restaurant

Consider hosting your wedding reception at your favourite restaurant, not only will it make the day more special for you and your guests; it will also lower costs considerably. When you host your reception at a traditional venue, quite often you will pay to rent the space and then also need to provide your own touches such as décor and linens. In most cases you will also have to pay the venue per head of staff required to host your big day. However, with a restaurant, all of these costs are eliminated. You simply pay for the food and the beverages with no hidden extras.

4. Consider Cutting the Guest List

Do you really need to invite your fifth cousin to your celebrations? It’s unlikely. While a large wedding might seem exciting, dealing with a huge guest list can be costly, and can be stressful on the lead up to your big day. Consider cutting the guest list down to close family members and friends only.

5. Use a venue that doesn’t make you use their Vendors

Find a venue that doesn’t require you to use their vendors. In some circumstances venues will have their own caterers, bartenders and DJs, which often charge a high surcharge on top of your agreed rate. Talk to your venue to determine whether they will allow you to use outside service providers.

6. Make sure the Venue doesn’t require too much Décor

Choose a venue that’s beautiful enough to speak for itself. This option will allow you to enjoy the venue without having to spend extra cash on décor essentials

7. Get Married in December

During the festive season, many venues such as churches, hotels and restaurants are pre-decorated for the Christmas period. This means you can take advantage of the beautiful flowers, candles, decorations and lights already on display at no extra cost!

8. Don’t Rush

Take the time to do your research thoroughly when planning your wedding and avoid the temptation to rush through your checklist. By taking the time to research a diverse selection of venues, you can often find less expensive options right on your doorstep. Ask for recommendations from friends and family and take the time to listen to their experiences before making any decisions.

9. Do the Flowers Yourself

Rather than employing the services of a florist, consider arranging the wedding flowers yourself. This option can be extremely cost-effective and will give your day that personal touch. Enlist the help of crafty members of the family or friends to make your arrangements even more special. Choose your flowers from a family members garden or plan in advance and grow them yourself. You also have the option to purchase the flowers from a wholesaler to create your own bouquets and centrepieces.

10. Purchase Decorations Online or at Local Markets

For those of you who are opting to decorate the venue yourself, try to get the best value for money by shopping online or by visiting markets in your area. High street wedding retailers can prove an expensive option and you will find just as high quality in your local market or favourite online store.
We hope that the above tips help you budding brides and grooms to plan ahead for your big day. Weddings can be expensive and can put a huge burden of debt on a couple before they have even said the words ‘I do’. In short, it needn’t be like this, with careful planning and family involvement your wedding can be affordable, enjoyable and memorable without adding an extra financial burden.
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