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Questions to ask your Wedding Videographer

When you’re searching for the perfect wedding videographer, it’s always important that you ask specific questions to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want for your big day. In this article we’re going to look at the questions that we find benefit our brides and grooms most and give our own answer to each question. Here at Drangan Video, we provide a professional wedding videography service with in-house editing and are available for weddings in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Limerick  and nationwide.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Question 1: What is the videographers style?

The team at Drangan Video offer a number of different styles to suit your dream wedding video. We find that most of our couples prefer a documentary/natural filming approach here we capture the moments of your day as the actually occur. This means that we don’t intrude upon your day or get in the way of your guests, and the resulting video is a true representation of your wedding day. A documentary style wedding video means we won’t stage any shots, we’ll just quietly work away in the background while you enjoy the celebrations.

Question 2: Does the Videographer have experience?

Having confidence in your wedding videographer is really the most important part of making your choice. Whilst we all know someone who is good with a camera, your wedding video should really only be shot by someone who has years of experience and can work professionally at every moment of the day. Drangan Video have provided wedding videography services to hundreds of brides and grooms right across Ireland. We know where we need to be and when and you can be assured that we will never miss a moment of your big day.

Question 3: Does the Videographer book more than one Wedding a day?

The simple answer to this question in NO. Even if we have a request for one wedding in the morning and another in the late afternoon, we will never book more than one wedding video a day. Our focus is on you and your intended for as long as you need us and we can promise you that you have our full attention.

Wedding Videographer Waterford
Question 4: Does the Videographer Outsource the Editing?

Drangan Video does not outsource any editing and has invested heavily in an editing suite to ensure we have full control over the quality of your wedding video. Outsourcing editing can lead to long delays and we know that simply isn’t an option for our brides and grooms.

Question 5: What Equipment does the Videographer use?

Using the very latest in videography equipment, hardware and software, the team here at Drangan will be utilising state of the art cameras and sound equipment when filming your wedding. No expense has been spared to ensure you are presented with the most beautiful wedding video!

Drone wedding video package
Question 6: Do you Offer a Number of Wedding Video Packages?

Yes, we realise that not every couple will want the full package available and are happy to offer a number of options to our brides and grooms. To learn more about the packages we offer, please do feel free to email, phone or fill in the contact form right here on the website.

If you have any questions you would like us to answer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Eamon here at Drangan Video. We operate throughout the year and are happy to travel to any destination in Ireland to ensure your big day is captured in its entirety.

Wedding Trends for 2019

It’s January again, that time of the year where we take a look at the trends that look set to take the wedding world by storm for the next 12 months. In this blog post we’re going to take a look at the trends for 2019, whilst also giving a nod to those old trends that looks set to continue long into the future. We’d love to hear any insights you may have, so do please feel free to comment below or get in touch with Drangan Video  via social media.

Tipperary Love Birds
Colour Trends in 2019

2019 see the continuation of the trend for pastel colours; however, we are now looking at darker more dramatic shades. Set your sights on darks purples, pinks and blues and you can be sure that you’ll be right on trend. Silvers, golds, bronzes and metallic tones are also looking likely to top the style trends for guests and bridal parties alike!

Making the Change

We’re not quite sure if we should thank Megan Markle for this or not, but the stunning bride has set the tone for things to come with a change of dress after the wedding ceremony. Realising that cost plays a huge part in this new trend, we’d recommend keeping your eyes peeled for bridal bargains on the run up to your big day. Opt for an outfit or dress that allows you to relax and enjoy some dancing later in the evening without having to worry about or be restricted by a heavy gown.

Personalised Wedding Stationary

Never before has wedding stationary been so important! The trend now seems to be pointing more than ever to personalised wedding invites with monograms designed specifically for you both, professional calligraphy and laser cut designs. Most small towns, villages and cities in Ireland will have a number of craft professionals that will be delighted to design something bespoke for your and your intended. Plus you’re supporting a local small business, what could be better than that?

The More Intimate Experience

Whilst it appears the recession in Ireland is well and truly over (for now), Brides and Grooms have learned from the past decade of austerity and have taken stock of what is most important for their wedding day. Gone are the days of large extravagant weddings with three or four hundred guests, we now look more to the people who are most important in our lives and put them centre stage. Large weddings are great fun, but when the costs run too high it can be hard to justify any resulting debt!

Wedding Planning Kilkenny Weddings
Catering with a Difference

Looking for something different for your wedding? Why not look to the mobile catering trend that continues to grow throughout Ireland? More and more we are seeing Brides and Grooms employ the services of outside catering companies, burger vans, burrito bars, ice-cream vendors and mixologists! If you fancy a change from the traditional sit down dinner, have a look at some of your local mobile catering service providers for some incredible inspiration.

If you are planning a wedding in 2019 or 2020 and looking to hire the services of a professional wedding videographer, the team here at Drangan Video would love to hear from you. We are happy to travel anywhere in Ireland and will always work closely with you to provide you a service that will last you a lifetime.

Recent Wedding Videos in Kilkenny

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to two venues in Kilkenny, in which we recently had the pleasure of providing wedding videography services. For those of you who are actively looking for the perfect wedding venue, we can thoroughly recommend these locations!

Both venues hosted our brides and grooms for the ceremony, meal and reception and left no stone unturned when it came to providing a service that was absolutely superb.

Wedding Video Kilkenny
Wedding Videography Tipperary and Kilkenny

If you are getting married in Kilkenny or Tipperary and are considering hiring a professional wedding videographer for your big day, the team here at Drangan Video would love to hear from you. We offer a number of wedding video packages and are always happy to talk you through the services we offer within all budgets. Do please feel free to get in touch with Eamon who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny

The luxurious 4* Newpark Hotel is situated on the outskirts of Kilkenny City on over 30 acres of scenic parkland. Their award winning gardens are the perfect backdrop for any occasion, but really add something special to a wedding ceremony or reception. When it came to shooting our wedding video, the staff couldn’t be more accommodating and went out of their way to ensure there was ample opportunity and space for us to work our magic. The hotel offers a choice of suites and can cater for weddings of all sizes up to 320 seated guests. The main ballroom has it’s own private garden which is ideal for weddings in the mid-summer and works perfectly for those who wish to extend the celebrations to the outdoors.

On our last visit to the Newpark Hotel, our bride and groom could not have been happier with the level of service they received from the venue and we can certainly echo that sentiment.

Whether you require a venue for a reception only or wish to host your ceremony and celebrations all in one place, the Newpark Hotel is without doubt a dream venue.

Newpark Hotel Kilkenny
Mount Juliet Estate, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny

Just a short 20 minute drive from Kilkenny City, Mount Juliet Estate is probably one of the best-known names in hospitality in Ireland. For a luxury wedding with a difference, Mount Juliet is quiet often the number one choice for our fabulous brides and grooms.

Mount Juliet caters for wedding receptions, civil ceremonies and civil partnerships and is without doubt one of the most luxurious wedding venues in the country. On our last visit to Mount Juliet, our bride and groom had booked the Manor House in which to host their ceremony and celebrations. This venue provided us with the most perfect backdrop for filming their wedding video and meant that the couple and their guests had the exclusive use of the venue. What more could you ask for?

• Indoor and outdoor ceremonies catered for.
• Exclusive Manor House hire.
• 1,500 acres of parkland for you and your guests to explore.
• Two unique venues to choose from.
• Michelin star dining experience.

If you and your intended are planning your Kilkenny wedding and are looking for a wedding videographer who will capture all the important moments without infringing on your big day, please do feel free to get in touch with Eamon to learn more.

Wedding Fashion for Guests in 2016

Here at Drangan Video, we have had the pleasure of witnessing a plethora of weddings in Tipperary and across the country. It goes without saying that the fashion focus is most firmly on the bride and her groom, however, we love to see the guests decked out in all their finery, which no doubt adds to the sense of occasion for all.

We are sure that if you’re attending a wedding or two in 2016, you’ll want to be looking your best. With this in mind we have put together a blog post detailing 2016’s most discernable fashion trends and we hope you find something that catches your eye.

The Midi Dress

Midi (mid length) dresses have been popular for the past 2-3 years and it looks like the trend is set to continue for 2016. A midi dress is a dress that falls just on or below the knee. This style is an elegant length, and offers a certain versatility that full-length gowns do not. You can be guaranteed that a chic midi dress won’t sit at the back of your wardrobe awaiting the next wedding invite, as it is just perfect for all occasions!

White Shirts

White shirts with black pants featured prominently in many 2016 fashion shows from world renowned designers such as Fendi, Vera Wang and Phillip Lim, meaning this look is set to be a popular sight this year. Pair a crisp white shirt, with a pair of sleek black trousers, for a chic, classic outfit that will suit all weddings. This outfit is particularly great for women who may not feel comfortable wearing a dress and is just perfect for cold weather weddings.

Billowy Tops

Billowy tops also featured extensively on runways for 2016. Billowy tops are loose fitting enough to keep you comfortable during whole wedding, but trendy enough to still look chic and stylish. These undulating tops when worn with a pair of fitted trousers or leggings create an outfit that is perfect for all weddings.

Tipperary Wedding Videographer
Tipperary Wedding Videographer









Pleated Pieces

Pleated skirts and dresses have featured in shows from world-famous designers, such as Gucci, Hermes, and Carolina Herrara. This would strongly indicate that pleated garments are going to be fashionable in 2016 and 2017. A pleated dress is perfect for traditional weddings, and is a great option if you are looking for something that is classically feminine. Worn with a blouse, shirt or simple vest top, the pleated skirt is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.


Ruffle detailing is appearing on garments in numerous 2016 spring / summer fashion shows, featuring some of the world’s most respected designers; Michael Kors, Miu Miu, and Roberto Cavalli. Ruffle detailing adds an elegant, stylish touch to any outfit. Whether you opt for a dress or a skirt, clothing that features ruffle detailing is ideal for casual or informal weddings.

The Slip Dress

Slinky, stylish slip dresses are very trendy this year, and many designers, such as Burberry and Celine, have featured them in their 2016 collections. Slip dresses are incredibly feminine, and can be layered with other well thought pieces such as blazers and knitted boleros to create a number of wedding appropriate outfits.

We hope that these fashion tips and trends will inspire you when shopping for a wedding outfit in the next few months, and we would particularly love to hear from you if you can recommend any up and coming Irish designers.

If you or someone you know and love is searching for a professional wedding videographer in Tipperary or any place in ireland please don’t hesitate to contact Eamon here at Drangan  any time, we will be happy to provide you with assistance in any way we can.

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Scenic Wedding Video Locations in Tipperary

Here at Drangan Video, we have had a busy year, and it is hard to believe that the year is almost at a close. From Galway to Kerry, we’ve traveled   the country to provide wedding videography services to excited brides and grooms.

Over the past year I have received a number of requests to write a blog post about Tipperary and the picturesque locations it has to offer, so please feel free to read on and find out more about this wonderful county and why it could be the perfect choice for the wedding of your dreams!

Holycross Abbey

Located on the River Suir in Holycross Village, just outside Thurles, this beautiful Let the beauty of Holycross Abbey be the perfect backdrop for your wedding video. religious building provides wonderful historic scenery for any wedding shoot

Cahir Castle

Cahir Castle Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Cahir Castle Wedding Videographer Tipperary







One of the most well preserved castles in Ireland; Cahir is a unique and simply stunning location. The 12th century castle is actually a fortress, which is surrounded by an idyllic river and lush greenery. Why not capture your joyous day on film against the beautiful backdrop of Cahir Castle?

Lough Derg (Shannon)

Lough Derg is breathtakingly beautiful, making it a stunning, scenic backdrop for your wedding video and photographs. Not to be confused with Lough Derg in Donegal, the lough in Tipperary is surrounded by picturesque rolling green fields and on a summers day is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. Located in the Shannon River Basin, this huge lake, which is the second largest in Ireland, touches shore in numerous counties, including Tipperary.

The Swiss Cottage

The Swiss Cottage is a charming, quaint setting for a whimsical wedding video. Located about two kilometres from Cahir, this lovely cottage is truly inspired by nature. An innovative place for capturing your special day.

Ormond Castle

This stunning 16th century castle is located in Carrick-on-Suir. This location features a striking castle and an Elizabethan manor house. It is an awe-inspiring setting that would be perfect for traditional weddings, and for those that want their wedding to simply emanate grandeur.

Nenagh Castle

Nenagh Castle is a striking 13th century caste. This beautiful castle tower resembles a Disney fairy-tale, making it the perfect setting for a wedding video that is sure to stand out and be remembered for all the right reasons.

The Rock of Cashel

Stunning Wedding Video Locations Tipperary
Stunning Wedding Video Locations Tipperary







The Rock of Cashel is a beautiful historic site in Cashel. It features a wide range of truly amazing medieval buildings, from a gothic cathedral to a stunning chapel and is a stunning backdrop for a wedding video.

Tipperary is home to a wide range of simply beautiful locations that are perfect for couples that really want to make an impression with their wedding video. If you have any ideas of your own or if you know some hidden gems around Tipperary that we’ve missed, then please don’t hesitate to let us know!

We would love to hear your ideas. If you are currently planning your wedding and require the services of a professional videographer in Tipperary, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (Eamon) here at Drangan Video.

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Regards Eamon