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Happy Tipperary Couple Miriam and Tommy wedding Highlights

Its hard to believe that summer 2017 is drawing to a close, Autumn is just around the corner its just amazing how quickly time moves on.
To date 2017 has been a bumper year for weddings in ireland. Here at Drangan Video we are  proud  to have filmed so many fun and exciting weddings in our home County of Tipperay during 2017.
Tommy and Miriam were married in Gorthnahoe on April 28th, the following highlights feature some lovely happy moments from  Tommy & Miraim’s wedding film.

My day began with a visit to Tommy’s house to grab some video footage of  himself and the boys, they had got their hands on the Liam McCarthy Cup for the day,  the lads were pretty relaxed and  enjoying a puck around on the front lawn. Tommy and his family are dedicated Tipperary  hurling supporters. Up Tipp!!

Happy Tipperary Bride and Groom

I arrived at Miriam’s house at 11:30 with just two hours to go before the ceremony preparations were already  in full swing.  All my wedding video packages include coverage of the bridal preps, I really enjoy filming the preparations before the ceremony it adds to the art of good wedding film story telling.
The video features some sound bites from various parts of the day, at the beginning you will hear the voice Aoife the chief bridesmaid reading out  the words from a card delivered to Miriam from the love of her life Tommy.

Happy Tipperary Wedding Bride and Groom

The wedding ceremony was in Gortnahoe, it is a small village in County Tipperary,  located near Urlingford  on the kilkenny border.
Tommy and the boys arrived at 1pm in good time for the 1:30 wedding ceremony.  April 28th was a lovely sunny day the guests were happy to enjoy a chat and a get together before the ceremony, many of them headed for Prout’s pub which is conveniently situated across from the church. Miriam arrived almost on time she looked stunning, she was a very easy going bride and was taking the day in her stride, Tommy  did have a tear in his eye as he laid eyes on his beautiful bride at the top of the aisle.

Bridal Party Gorthnahoe GAA Field Tipperary

After the wedding ceremony we stopped off at the sports field in Gorthnahoe for a few quick photos, John Delaney is a kilkenny based wedding photographer covering weddings all over Tipperary, it was lovey working with him once again.
After a few quick photos we were on route to the Newpark Hotel Kilkenny.

Wedding Reception Newpark Hotel Kilkenny

The Newpark Kilkenny is one of my favorite wedding venues , it is trending high as been  the first choice of wedding reception venue for Brides in Tipperary and Kilkenny.

It was a pleasure to have part of Miriam and Tomm’s big day, they have receied their wedding film are are delighted with the production. The highlights  have been shared on my Drangan Video Facebook Page and has got some lovely comments. At the end of the clip the bride and a group of friends are featured singing ” The Jumbo Breakfast Roll”  great fun !!

MoreTipperary wedding video news soon
Regards Eamon.

Are you getting married this summer? This is what you should be doing now

When your big day is just a few weeks away, most of the main wedding planning is already completed. However, that doesn’t mean that your work is over yet!

Unfortunately, there is still plenty left for you to do, before you can relax and enjoy your big day. Here at Drangan Video we can let you into a little secret though, and that is that these last few weeks before your wedding, whilst they may be very busy, will be some of the best times you will have so enjoy every minute of it!

Whether you are getting married in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow, Waterford or any other wonderful location in Ireland, be sure to take a look at our last minute tips below to ensure you have everything in place for the day. Then take some time to relax and enjoy the rare sunshine on the run up to your wedding day.

Latest Wedding Planning News and Tips
Latest Wedding Planning News and Tips For Tipperary Brides

Contact Guests who have missed the RSVP Deadline

Now is the time to chase up any guests that have missed the RSVP deadline. You will require a final headcount to give to your venue, caterer and other vendors, so make sure you get in touch with any guests who have yet to respond. This will also assist you when it comes to making that final seating plan.

Organise Payments To Wedding Suppliers

At this point, you will need to ensure that all wedding vendors have been paid or at least given the requested down payment for their services. Consider creating a checklist detailing the names of each vendor, along with the amount owed and the date the payment is due.

Pick up and Try on Wedding Clothing

Now is the perfect time to have your bridesmaids and grooms party round to try on their outfits for the last time. You still have plenty of time left for last minute adjustments, but make sure you don’t leave things too late! Seamstresses are extremely busy at this time of the year so it’s imperative you give them the time needed to get all those adjustments completed.

Wedding Videographer In Tipperary
Wedding Videographer In Tipperary

Once adjustments have been completed, it’s time to get all wedding outfits picked up and stored carefully. Keep fragile material stored in a dry cool place where they will be safe and sound until the morning of the wedding.

Tip: Get those shoes broken in now before the wedding day to avoid blisters and sore feet, you’re going to need them at their best to dance the night away!

Draw up a Final Seating Plan

Generally it’s good advice to get a final seating plan to your venue within 2 weeks of your big day. Some venues will tell you they only require it within a day or two of the wedding, but we’d advise doing it that little bit earlier so you don’t have anything to stress about in the days prior. At this point, you should also organise any necessary reserved seating for the wedding ceremony. Make extra copies of your seating plan and give copies to the ushers, caterer, photographer, wedding videographer and the best man.

Your seating plan should also address any dietary requirements or allergies.

Prepare your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

When your big day is this close, it’s a good idea to prepare what we call the ‘wedding day emergency kit’. The kit can include plasters, a sewing kit, clear nail varnish, spare pairs of tights or stockings, extra buttons, tape, mints and safety pins.

Re-Confirm Details with all of your Vendors

Confirm every last detail with all wedding suppliers, staff and any other vendors you have hired. Try to get firm details such as arrival and set up times, confirmation about the equipment or service they’re providing, and give them details on how to access the wedding venue.

Drangan Video Tipperary
Drangan Video Tipperary

Outline Duties

It’s not just your vendors and suppliers that you need to discuss details with on the lead up to the wedding day. The best man, maid of honour, and parents should all be briefed on their duties so that there are no unwelcome surprises on the big day.

Make sure you discuss logistics, last minute details, special duties, and your wedding-day schedule with them, so that everyone fully understands their role.

Organise Transportation

At this point, you need to ensure that all transportation has been confirmed and booked. Make final confirmations that transport has been organised for you and your fiancé, as well as applicable guests, to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception, and from the reception to the hotel or back home.

If you don’t plan on providing transportation for guests, bridesmaids or groomsmen, then print out cards with local taxis that guests can book in advance.

Prepare for your Honeymoon

Now is the time to prepare for your honeymoon, as the chances are the week before the wedding you will be extremely busy.

Try as best you can to organise particulars such as travel insurance, spending money, and packing in the weeks before your wedding.

Wedding News Tipperary
Wedding News Tipperary

Drangan Video would love to hear from any Brides or Grooms that are getting married in the Kilkenny or Tipperary areas this summer or indeed next summer. Eamon is a professional wedding videographer and is available nationwide and we are always available to answer any queries you may have.

More Wedding News & Planning Tips Soon.
Cheers Eamon

Happy Wedding Video In The Valley Of Slievenamon Tipperary

Mullinahone is a small  town situated in the valley of Slievenamon Co. Tipperary otherwise know as the home of Charles J. Kickham ones of Ireland’s best loved  poet and writer.
Over the years in my role as a wedding videographer I get to shoot weddings in many beautiful and exciting parts of Ireland but none so beautiful as my home county Tipperary.
This week I am delighted to be sharing the wedding video highlights from the wedding of Lousie & William who were recently married in St. Michael’s Church Mullinahone !!  “local weddings are best” 🙂

The wedding shoot got off to a lively start with a visit to Louise and the girls as they prepared for the long awaited wedding . Louise’s Mum’s house is situated on the Mullinahone Callan road just a 4min drive from the church which was ideal for me.  When I arrived Karen Maher was attending to all make needs and doing a fantastic job as usual, if you are in the process of wedding planning and looking for a top class make up artist just go ahead and book  Karen Maher
Seamus Costello was in charge of wedding photograpy I have shot lots weddings in Tipperary  with Seamus he a lovely guy to work with.
I was delighted with my coverage of the bridal preps, the video clip features some lovely shots of Louise and her bridesmaids which were discreetly captured on film.

The wedding ceremony was celebrated by F. John McGrath  he is a lovely man  his wedding ceremonies are always personal and  lighthearted, we were out of the church within the hour which allowed extra time for greeting guests and the ever important photoshoot.

Killaghy Castle Mullinahone Tipperary :

Killaghy Castle is situated on the outskirts of Mullinahone, we stopped off there for the weeding photos, I also got  amazing wedding video footage inside the historic house.

The castle has been owned by numerous families over the years. The present owners are Pat and Maria Collins who bought the property in 1995. The family have spent several years renovating the Castle to ensure that it offers tourists a totally relaxing and tranquil break. It was their priority to adopt a sensitive approach to the restoration project, ensuring that the Castle retained its historic feel while providing all modern conveniences. The family currently farm extensively on the estate.

Killaghy Castle is an extremely popular destination for tourists from all over the world.  The family are happy to allow acess to the house and grounds for local weddings in Mullinahone and South Tipperary.

Hotel Kilkenny: Louise & William’s Wedding Reception

Upon entering hotel Kilkenny you immediately feel the wonderfully warm atmosphere that is simply a signature of a Griffin Group property. Your eye is instantly drawn to the wonderful Italian marble floors adorned by larger than life furniture pieces which include a giant purple chair and an ever-elegant pink chaiselong.

Wedding Video Mullinahone Co. Tipperary
Wedding Video Mullinahone Co. Tipperary






Lousie and William enjoyed a wonderful wedding reception in the Skyline Suite, a stunning room which caters for between 220 to 400 people and offers unrivaled spectacular views of Kilkenny’s cityscape.

Weddings In Tipperary :

I really enjoyed working with Louise and William and not forgetting Emma who was more than happy to join in with Mammy & Daddy for their  first dance, it is memories like this that are so special,  just imagine Emma looking back over the wedding video in years to come and reliving dancing with Mam & Dad on their wedding day , Magic Memories 🙂

Hiring A Wedding Videographer :

It was an early  start this morning 6am to be exact, I like to take time out from my busy work load  and get down to sharing wedding news, wedding tips and samples of my work.
I cannot understand why certain  wedding videographers in Tipperary are not sharing their work on their websites, this has been brought to my attention by couples who have been researching wedding videographers online, and were surprised that not all videographers were sharing  recent video samples.

I do hand out a full wedding DVD for viewing  if requested by a couple, but the vast majority of my costumers are  looking at my work on the drangan video website or on  facebook.
As  wedding videographers  we are selling a product and it is vital that samples of recent wedding videos are available on line for viewing.

If you are planning on getting married over the next couple of years, why not contact myself Eamon by email or Facebook I will be happy to film your big day  at a price that is affordable.

More Wedding Video News Soon.
Regards Eamon





Tips for the Groom

When we think about weddings, the bride is generally the first person who comes to mind, however, your role as the groom is just as important. If you are planning an upcoming wedding it’s now time to make sure you are doing your bit and helping with the planning process.
Just like the bride, the groom has responsibilities that will contribute to the smooth running of your big day. These responsibilities will range from selecting the groomsmen to negotiating with vendors. Here are a few quick tips to guide you through the responsibilities of the Groom on the big day and throughout the planning process.

Choosing your Groomsmen:

Before you even start making a list, consider how many groomsmen you really need and how many you really want. To do this, you’ll need to answer the following questions:
– Will the groomsmen double as ushers? If this is the case, then as a general rule of thumb, you’ll need one usher/groomsman for every fifty guests.
-How many bridesmaids are there? This is very important. Keep in mind that the groomsmen will have to escort the bridesmaids down the aisle as well as share the first dance with you and your bride. You will need to ensure that you have the same number of Groomsmen as Bridesmaids.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Planning Tips: Drangan Video Tipperary







Once you’ve decided how many groomsmen you want, it’s time to make a quick shortlist. Think about your closest friends and relatives, but also think about the other men in your fiancé’s life. Does she have a brother that she’s particularly close with? If so, then consider him when choosing your Groomsmen.
When selecting your Best Man, make sure that it’s someone who is an important part of your life and knows you inside out. This may be a brother, a close friend or another family member. An old friend that you haven’t seen in years may not always be the best choice for the Best Man position. Your Best Man will need to be aware of his duties to assist you and your Bride on the big day and ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so you can enjoy the day in all it’s glory.

Choosing your Tux or Morning Suit :
Here are a few quick tips for choosing your tux or morning suit:

– Decide whether you want to rent or buy: Generally speaking, renting a tux or suit will cost you between 30 and 50% less than buying. So, if you are looking to save money, and you don’t really feel you’ll need the suit for any occasions after your wedding, then renting will be a good option for you.
– Consider your wedding colours: You and your fiancé should have chosen your wedding colours prior to purchasing or renting your suit. Always keep the colour scheme in mind when selecting your outfit and consider bringing your fiancé with you when you go to make the final decisions (it’s important that she sees the suit or tux beforehand). You can add elements of the Bride’s colour scheme into your outfits, through matching cummerbund, tie, waistcoats and cufflinks.

– Make sure the suit fits well: Even a very well designed, expensive suit can look wrong if it doesn’t fit well. If your suit doesn’t fit perfectly, make sure that you bring this to the attention of the retailer or rental store who will have someone available to make adjustments for you in most cases.

Focus on the Big Things :

From the centrepieces to the music, there’s so much to think about when planning a wedding that it can be overwhelming. However, it is important not to get too tied up in the little things. You need to focus the majority of your energy on the big aspects of your wedding, like the venue, the guest list and the honeymoon.

Don’t forget to enjoy every minute:
While choosing the tux, planning the honeymoon and selecting groomsmen are perfect jobs for the Groom; certain tasks are best left to the bride. Brides usually want to choose their dress, their bridesmaid dresses, and the flowers, so try to stay out of those areas. If she asks for your help, then do so, but don’t try to take over.
Most of all, it’s important to relax and try to enjoy your big day, it’s a wonderful time for you and your Bride and should be a day you will treasure and remember for the rest of your lives. By helping out where you can it’s going to make the day even more special for both of you.
Call Drangan Video to arrange the video for your big day. We offer a full range of packages and are available nationwide throughout every season of the year.

Wedding Day Memories for Tipperary Couple James & Margo

In recent weeks I have been sharing lots of Kilkenny Wedding Videos, so in the interest balance equality and allegiance to my home county  here is a beautiful wedding Film which I had the pleasure of  shooting in my neighboring parish of Mullinahone situated in the heart of Co. Tipperary.

This wedding story takes us back to a warm sunny day in July 2014, in fact temperatures were in the very high 20s,  Margo & James are from Poulacapple Mullinahone which is predominantly a farming community. Margo is a farmers daughter no surprise that she fell in love with local farmer James.

The wedding video begins at the Dalton farmhouse where  family and friends had gathered for Margo’s bridal preps, been the only girl in the family it was a very special and emotional day for Margo’s mum. The video clip features some lovely shots of a very proud Mum admiring her daughters elegance and beauty, the Dalton boys were also on hand to attend to all the final preparations before heading for the church. Sinéad Ní  Riain is a well know wedding photographer based in Thurles, Tipperary, it was a pleasure working with her throughout the day.

Wedding Films Tipperary, Drangan Video
Wedding Films Tipperary, Drangan Video

The wedding ceremony took place in St. Michael’s Church Mullinahone  the celebrant  Fr. John  McGrath conducted a lovely relaxed and lighted hearted ceremony, he is a very sound guy and a pleasure to deal with.  The modern parish of Mullinahone is situated in a  broad valley area, it was home to   Charles Joseph Kickham who was an Irish revolutionary, novelist, poet,  he wrote the well known Tipperary  anthem  “Slievenamon”

After the ceremony our next stop was at Butler House and Gardens, Patrick Street Kilkenny, it is the No1 choice for Wedding Video and Photography.  Both the garden and interior are a  Videographer’s paradise.  Exclusive use of the garden is guaranteed for each wedding party.

Our final destination was  the ever wonderful and amazing Langton House Hotel  which is a very popular choice of wedding venue for Tipperary and Kilkenny Brides.  Attention to detail and quality of food and friendly service are just  some of the atributes of this famous and much sough after wedding venue.

Margo & James have long since received their Wedding Video  this highlights clip has already been shared on the Drangan Video Facebook Page, thanks to the couple for allowing me to showcase their magical wedding film.

More Tipperary Wedding Video Samples soon !!!

Regards Eamon.