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Questions to ask wedding suppliers and venue managers

At the earlier stages of planning your wedding, there are certain questions you should be asking prospective suppliers, vendors and venue managers in order to make sure everything will flow smoothly on your big day. In this article we will cover some of the most important questions you should be asking and hope that this will go some way to easing any worries you may have.

Questions for Suppliers and Service Providers

Question 1: How many weddings do you cater for each year?

By asking this question you can ascertain how experienced this particular supplier is. Don’t be afraid to probe by asking how long they have been in business either or by getting an idea of how many staff or freelancers they have on their team.

Question 2: Can I see your portfolio of work?

Every wedding supplier should have a portfolio of work or photographs of weddings they have catered for in the past. Whether it’s a florist, videographer, venue or musician, they should be able to demonstrate the quality of their product or service and provide references.

Question 3: Do you offer a payment plan?

Many supplier and vendors will offer a payment plan so you can pay in instalments up to the day of the wedding. Before committing to any down-payment you should also be aware of their cancellation or refund policy.

Question 4: Are there any hidden extras?

You need to know in advance the exact amount you will be paying for the service or product provided and won’t want to be surprised with any hidden extras that you haven’t budgeted for. Ask specifically if they charge extra for travel or delays and if there are any other expenses involved. Ask for an all-inclusive price.

Question 5: Are you insured?

All professional wedding suppliers and providers will be insured to cover equipment, public liability and damage. They should also be insured to cover any accidents that happen as a result of their equipment or team.

Wedding Planning Advice For Weddings In Tipperary
Wedding Planning Advice For Weddings In Tipperary

Questions for the conference or venue manager of your Hotel

Question 1: What is included in the package price?

Many venues will throw in little extras such as table settings, accommodation for the bridal party, complimentary champagne or prosecco for the toasts and tea and sandwiches for the evening refreshments. You need to have a detailed list of everything that is included so you can budget for any extras that need to be ordered.

Question 2: Can you offer discounts for midweek weddings?

For most brides and grooms, budgeting for a wedding can bring with it lots of stress and financial worry. By opting for a midweek wedding you may be able to bring down the costs significantly.

Question 3: How many people can you comfortably cater for?

Being sure of the capability of your chosen venue is extremely important and you will want to know that they can comfortably accommodate all of your guests. Ask about numbers for previous weddings they have catered for and references.

Question 4: Will you assist other vendors?

This is particularly important if other vendors require access to power points, water supply or need space for a particular service. It is imperative that your chosen venue is willing to work happily with the other service providers at your wedding.

Question 5: Are there any restrictions we need to be aware of?

This question is always worth asking to ascertain whether there may be any unforeseen restrictions. Available parking, bar opening hours, check out and check in times etc. are all important information to have in advance.

Get in touch with Eamon here at Drangan Video to ask as many questions as you would like about hiring a wedding videographer Eamon and his team are always on hand to help and offer only the most professional of services, all inclusive wedding video packages and work extremely well alongside your other chosen suppliers.

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Wedding cost saving advice for Tipperary Brides, and booking a Wedding Videographer.


At this time of the year many Brides 2 be in Ireland  tend to put off booking wedding suppliers until the new year and that is understandable considering that Christmas is just around the corner, it might be no harm to at least  contact a particular supplier/vendor and ask  them to save the date with a view to getting back to them in the new year to discuss wedding packages and options. This week  I have  received a number of emails and facebook messages with a view to selecting a videographer for 2015/2016 ,  I suggested that I would save the date until mid January 2015 and then discuss maybe going ahead with the booking and payment of a deposit to secure the day.

I have been producing Wedding Videos  for almost twenty years now, when I first set up my video production business in 1995 a mobile phone was considered a cool device to have, a tablet was something you took  for a headache.  Computers only played a small roll  in my video business I think it was an Amiga 1200 state of the art for titles and graphics at that time, my little studio/office was over crowed with bulky video recorders and mixers, my main camera was a huge shoulder mounted monster which recorded on to a full size VHS Tape “not very discreet” for fly on the wall recording. As far as wedding bookings were concerned it was normally a call on the land-line, cant believe that I didn’t have an email account.  “The Good Old Days” ??

Wedding Video Supplier Tipperary
Wedding Video Supplier Tipperary

Quickly fast forward to the present and what a contrast, Wedding Videographery is now a Hi- Tech and ever growing business in Ireland the latest cameras are small hand held devices ideal for unobtrusive recording of weddings and events.  Just getting back to bookings again, over the last couple of years I have noted a huge change in the way that potential customers get in contact with Drangan Video. In recent years I have concentrated very much on my on-line  profile via a high ranking  word-press website, Social Media pages, Facebook,    Twitter   and    Google + :  I made a decision to put as much information as possible on the website and all my social media pages, my full list of prices are featured on all pages, my latest wedding videos are  shared on a weekly basis, 70% of my wedding video enquirys now come through my drangan video facebook page and emails account for the remainder.



Here are a few tips on saving money and hiring the best wedding supplier :   I came across this interesting advice  by    http://goodcents.pocketsmith.com/  which would be of great interest for anyone who is planning on getting married in the near future and worrying about  hiring the best wedding suppliers in Ireland, Munster and Co. Tipperary  at an affordable price.

By now, you should know that choosing the right wedding suppliers and vendors could help you control overall costs for the occasion. The wedding could be stressful and arduous overall. You could opt to hire a professional wedding coordinator for the job to spare yourself from those troubles. But be reminded that doing so would lead to higher expenses because you have to shoulder professional fees, which could be very expensive.  If you decide to be on your own when managing and executing wedding plans and preparations, it is very crucial that you find and hire only the best and most reliable suppliers and vendors.

For sure, you know that the best need not be those that charge more expensively than others. Do not be surprised to learn that some suppliers and vendors may not charge costly, but they could possibly be the best and most helpful to you.

You need more patience and determination when finding and hiring suppliers and vendors. Always prioritize costs whatever happens. By doing so, you could surely find, hire, and work with cost-effective but reliable suppliers. Here are some tips that could serve as your guide.  Read More

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Sunny September Wedding Video Cashel

This has been a busy week and an exciting one, on Monday I set off to Dublin to pick up my new Cameras  which  I put on order last June, both cameras are the very latest

Wedding Video Cashel Tipperary
Wedding Video Cashel Tipperary

addition to the XD range of Broadcast Cameras on offer from Sony, I suppose leaving the huge investment to one side I certainly had a spring in my step not unlike a child waiting to get his hands on new toys. Most of the day on Tuesday was dedicated to setting the new cameras, matching picture profiles and audio settings to my requirements and making sure that they are set up to record to very highest level of performance.   My first outing with the new cameras was a wedding video in Ardmayle Cashel.  Corinne Mulcahy &  Patrick Halley  celebrated their wedding ceremony in the historic Ardmayle Church which is a very popular wedding reception for weddings in Cashel and surrounding parishes. Yesterday was a  beautiful sunny day and the church and grounds looked beautiful, its was a perfect setting for a country wedding. Corinne and Pat are well know in sporting circles, Corrine for show jumping and Pat for hurling and football both families are well known in Cashel, and Ardmayle.  There was allot of talk about the big match on Sunday Tipperary Vs Kilkenny all Tipp supporters are in a positive  mood, hopefully Liam McCarthy will come back home to Tipperary.  I was looking forward to getting home last night and uploading the wedding footage, I am more than happy with the high quality video that these cameras are capable of recording.  Looking forward to many more weddings in Cashel and surrounding areas  during 2015/2016.

Here are a few pieces of information about the beautiful and famous  Historic Town of Cashel      Cashel.IE

Cashel is home to the iconic Rock of Cashel. One of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Ireland and one of the most visited. Cashel’s rich history is reflected in its built heritage, from prehistoric raths to medieval monasteries and fortified town houses, a Georgian Cathedral and a 21st century Library (which holds regular exhibitions, workshops and concerts). The Georgian quarter also boasts the Bolton Library where you can find the smallest book in Ireland.

The Bolton Library contains a unique collection of antiquarian books and is the finest collection outside of Dublin. The books were collected by Archbishop Theophilis Bolton, Archbishop of Cashel from 1730 to 1744. The library is now housed in the Chapter House situated in the grounds of the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick’s Rock and St. John the Baptist in John Street, Cashel.

The unique Brú Ború performing group have achieved international recognition on five continents. They are in constant demand throughout the world because of their performance of Irish authentic traditional music, song and dance.  The group have accompanied President Mary McAleese to Oman where they performed for the Sultan of Oman. They also represented Ireland at the World Expo on four occasions in Osaka Japan, Seville in Spain, Nagoya Japan and a group of 30 artists accompanied President Mary McAleese to Shanghai, China for the 2010 World Expo, where they presented their show for President Mary McAleese and her Chinese hosts on Ireland’s National Day. Most recently members of the group travelled to Lesotho where they performed for St. Patricks Day 2012 and had the honour of performing for the King of Lesotho. This group comprises the very best and most talented of musicians, singers and dancers. Enjoy an evening of live traditional entertainment with renowned accordion player Bobby Gardner, the delightful airs of fiddler Eileen O’Brien and Tipperary’s finest singers Nora Butler and Tadhg Maher, just to name a few.

My next wedding this weekend is in Dungarvan, Co. Kilkenny, I have my Tippeerary blue and gold fags flying at full mast on my van,  looking forward to the comments.

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Short or Long Wedding Films

One of the most common differentiators between wedding

Short Wedding Videos
Short Wedding Videos

videographers is the length of the final film that you receive, and there are two main types, long or short.  As I would describe it, long is more like  a feature-length film, with the ceremony and speeches in their entirety.   Between these two main sections of the day is the story of the day, establishing shots of the venue, guests mingling, the evening reception, Vox Pops  and the guests dancing etc.

Just before I continue this post, I would like to congratulate the Boys Of The Monastery School, Tipperary Town on a wonderful  School Show which was performed in the The Simon Ryan Theatre also know as the Excel Centre, Tipperary.  They put on a show every two years and Drangan Video have been recording their productions for more than 8 years now.  This years show was staged over two nights March 12th & 13th 2014.  The DVDS will be available from the school early next week, my turnaround on large volume  DVD orders is really fast now, thanks to the introduction of a new automated ink jet  disc production system, which is combined with a new high  speed laser  printers for sleeve printing.  producing orders in excess of 400 dvds   is a seamless operation  thanks to addition of the  very  latest editing software.  ( toys for big boys ).

Short wedding videos:   vary quite a bit between 5 minute trailers and 15 minute highlights. What these edits generally provide is a less comprehensive  story of the day, normally focusing on the bride and groom with less  guests and snippets of the ceremony and speeches.  I suppose I speak for most Wedding Videograpers when I say that we currently offer are long, feature-length Wedding Films, but it’s something that’s always on my mind.

Short Film:  The argument for shorter films is that they’re more interesting to watch, especially to those that don’t know the couple very well. What this often means is that Wedding Videographers

Wedding Film Production
Wedding Film Production

like to show off their work to other industry professionals  and of course potential Brides & Grooms  this is a lot easier to do that with a 5 minute wedding film than a 45 minute film. This is also an odd one because the wedding video has been commissioned by and is being produced for the bride and groom. What other people think  especially those that don’t know the couple   is completely  irrelevant.  Of course work can be appreciated by these people but whether they think it’s entertaining or not doesn’t matter.

Feature Films:  Drangan Video  produce feature length films 2 hours long max: and always have. The main argument against them is that they’re boring because they’re too long.   We have created a huge amount  of  feature-length wedding videos in Tipperary and Munster  to date and not one single couple has had anything but positive remarks regarding the length and amount of content.  Along with my main feature length films I also include a highlights clip as a  separate  chapter point on the DVD  which is a 6-9 minutes minute edit which does what it says on the tin: provides a short highlights wedding video of the day, Drangan Video will also share this clip on Facebook  and on the website.  Couples love this because they are  able to show friends, family and those who live abroad. The couple experience the best of both worlds: a long feature film and a short highlight video

 A lot of videographers don’t particularly state how long their films are, so be sure to check. And if they do only offer a short film, remember

Drangan Video Facebook
Drangan Video Facebook

that whilst that might be great to show off within the 6 months following your big day, a wedding video should be a memory of the day for the rest of your life and the extra content you get with a longer film is priceless, particularly when it comes to your guests.  The typical length of a Drangan Video Wedding Film is 2 hours and that includes a 6 minute short edit on the same disc. Check out  short edits on our Facebook Page

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Wedding Video Holycross Abbey, Thurles, Tipperary.

This is another Local Wedding Video In Tipperary, Susan Finn & James Freeman celebrated their Wedding Ceremony in Holycross Abbey, Co. Tipperary followed by their Wedding Reception in Dundrum House Hotel, Tipperary.

Bridal Preparations with Susan and the girls took place in one of the self Catering Holiday Homes on the grounds of Dundrum House Hotel, Dundrum, Cashel, Tipperary. This Video Clip shows some lovely shots of Susan and the Bridesmaids preparing for the day. Hair styling was carried out by Marie Hickey Bridal Hair by Marie and Yvonne Maher makeup by Yvonne  was in charge of makeup, these two ladies are true professionals and have received awards on Weddingsonline   recently.

Patricia Fitzpatrick  Insight Photography was the official Wedding Photographer and once again it was a pleasure working with her on yet another Wedding In Dundrum House Tipperary within two weeks. Drangan Video is offering a choice of 5 individual and unique Wedding Video Packages, Susan & James opted for the Diamond Package which provides extensive Video Coverage of the day beginning with Bridal Preps in the morning and finishing at 11pm that evening.
Susan & James were more than happy to share this Wedding Video Clip on Facebook with all their friends from far and near. Facebook  now plays an integral part in the promotion of Wedding Suppliers In Tipperary, Limerick, Waterford, and Kilkenny. Check out Drangan Video on Facebook for all the latest wedding news in Munster and North Tipperary.