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Kilkenny Wedding Photographer Ties The Knot

John Delaney is a professional wedding photographer based in Kilkenny city, since setting up his business as a full time wedding supplier he has attended  his fair share of weddings in Kilkenny and surrounding counties.
On May 12th 2017 John  married his long time sweetheart Noeleen, when John and Noeleen  asked me to film their special day I said yes and would be more than happy to record their big day, it was interesting  to see John at the other side of the camera for a change.

Noeleen is also a busy wedding supplier, her business is known as Kilkenny Hen and Party Events  so both John and Noeleen are no strangers to the busy and demanding wedding supplier market.
John is a much sough after wedding photographer, his work is amazing, his attention to detail is second to none. I was delighted to be his choice of videographer but I did fell under pressure to produce an extra special wedding video knowing that John would be casting a  judgemental  eye over the finished production.

Wedding In Butler House Kilkenny

Wedding Ceremony In Butler House Kilkenny

The video story begins with ample  footage from the Bridal Preps, Noeleen was enjoying all the special attention that she was receiving from her bridesmaids. Ella who is Noeleen and John’s daughter and needless to say she is their  pride and joy was also helping Mum with the final preps.
The ceremony took place in one of Kilkenny’s finest civil ceremony venues  Bulter House is situated close to  Kilkenny Castle, once upon a time it was home of the Earls of Ormonde, elegant  staircases, high plastered ceilings, marble fireplaces and a  walled garden are just some of the beautiful features that the house has to offer.

John and Noeleen’s wedding ceremony was  very special, they are a lovely down to earth couple, born and raised in Dublin and worked hard to get to where they are today. John was somewhat emotional during the exchange of the rings I think its nice when guys are not afraid to show their emotional side on their big day.

Kilkenny Bridal Party Photo In Butler House

Wedding Reception Langton House Hotel

The wedding reception took place in the  in Set Theatre , Langton House  Kilkenny,  just  across the road from St. John’s Church  and a short walk from Kilkenny Castle, langtons is the ideal location for a memorable  wedding reception in Kilkenny City.
John and Noeleen  had their reception in Set Theater which is suitable for a full wedding reception or evening reception, I love shooting weddings in the Set, its like stepping into an  upmarket European wedding  venue.

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

It was a real pleasure to have been the videographer for John and Noeleen, it was a fab wedding both families were so nice and friendly, it was also a fun wedding. They are a very happy couple and as you can see from the video clip they are very close soulmates.

If you are planning your wedding in Kilkenny  and trying to decide on a photographer, get in contact with John Delaney his work is top class at an affordable price.
As a kilkenny based wedding videographer I work with John on a regular basis, his  lighthearted approach to wedding photography makes a pleasant change from the more traditional serious style, some of my best videos were created while working with John.

More Kilkenny wedding blog  news Soon.

Mid Summer Wedding Video, Danesfort Kilkenny.

There is no better weekend for sharing a Kilkenny Wedding Video than now, the Tipperary Kilkenny All Ireland reply is the the topic of conversation in both counties today as

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

we start the countdown to another epic battle on Saturday next. Pamela Ireland & Joe Sinnott were married in Danesfort Church on suuny warm day in June 2014. Pamela is the the third member of the Ireland family to avail of my services as their wedding videographer and I am looking forward to Gillian’s wedding in 2015, its always great to be asked back to film weddings for other members of the same  family.

Danesfort is a small rural area in County Kilkenny, Ireland, located approximately 6 km from Kilkenny City on the N10. the Ireland family are well known in the area Pamela’s Dad Billy Ireland is FG Counselor and is popular in political circles, Minister Phil Hogan was one of the many guests who has attended all the family weddings.  The video begins with bridal preps at Pam & Joe’s house  just off the main Callan Kilkenny road. John Delaney was the photographer for the day and he is also booked for Gillian’s wedding next year, John is an up and coming photographer and is making quite a name as a wedding photographer in Kilkenny and Tipperary, he also provides an open Photo Booth which is great fun on the night.  We stopped off at Burnchurch Castle for some photos before heading to the reception.

Burnchurch Castle is situated about 4 miles south west of Kilkenny and 6km from Ballybur, off the Clonmel Road.  Burnchurch is a six storey tower house. The castle was originally attached to a walled courtyard, most of which has now disappeared, apart from a 40 foot high tower at one corner.  The castle has an unusual complexity of passages and chambers inside the walls, including a hidden room in the wall of the fourth floor.. There used to be great hall attached to an outside wall of the tower which has now gone. There is a vault under the castle above which is the main chamber. Access to the upper three floors is via an outside staircase. Other notable features include mullioned windows, a fine carved fireplace and a round chimney which may have been a later addition. The video features lovely shots of Pam & Joe strolling around the grounds with acres of golden corn fields in the background, the weather on the day was just perfect warm dry and sunny.

Wedding DVD Danesfort
Wedding DVD Burnchurch Castle

Pam & Joe enjoyed a fab reception in Lanton House Hotel which is the number one wedding venue in Kilkenny and the south east, its always a pleasure working there, we enjoyed our own daughter’s wedding there last year, for anyone who is shopping for wedding venues just check out Langtons its top class.  I have already shared this highlights clip on my Drangan Video Facebook Page and Pam and Joe have shred it with their many friends both home and abroad.

Wishing Pam & Joe all the best and thanks for choosing Drangan Video .

Here are a few wedding day tips which I will be sharing over the coming weeks :   log onto this link for full list  Weddings.about.com

As your wedding day approaches you might be starting to fret about all the little things that could possibly go wrong on the big day.   One thing that can help minor issues become major drags is a Wedding Day Emergency Kit.  While there are plenty of pre-packaged emergency kits that you can purchase, we want to share with you what wedding pro’s keep in their kits so that you can potentially build your own either for your big day or for a friend or relative who might be getting married.

Beauty Items:  Unless you are a Kardashian, or some other kind of celebrity, you’ll most likely be photographed more on your wedding day than at any other point in your life.   Whether you are having professional hair and makeup or going DIY, the following beauty essentials are emergency kit musts:  Blotting tissues to control shine, small hairspray for flyaways, bobby pins that match both you and your bridesmaids hair color, clear nail polish, spray deodorant, lip gloss and as a bonus, a Benetint- you never know if your nerves might make you go pale and you want a boost of color on your lips or cheeks.

Fashion Items: Of course, it’s not every day that you find yourself wearing a gown and sometimes small things can happen like bustles un-bustling or a clumsy relative who accidentally steps on your pristine dress.  No fear- with the following items in your kit, you’ll be prepared for anything: Clorox Stain Removing Pen, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, A White Cotton Napkin (which is perfect for rubbing out general dirt stains), a sewing kit (better than just a white needle and thread since your bridesmaids may have wardrobe emergencies too!), fashion tape, static guard, lint brush and last, but certainly not least, safety pins.  A well placed safety pin can alter any number of emergencies.

General Usage Items:  Your emergency kit can also hold items to help with minor, but common, wedding day snags as well.  Always be sure to have some crazy glue, some toupee tape (perfect for holding together more things than one can imagine), some thin Sharpee pens, a long lighter for candles and practical first aid items like band aids and Advil.

 Not sure what to pack your kit in?  Shop your local pharmacy and see if you can re-purpose a travel cosmetics case or some other soft, mid-sized pouch with a carryable handle.  Be careful not to make your emergency kit too large, or you won’t want to bother dragging it around all day. If possible, desginate someone- perhaps it’s your Day-of Coordinator, a bridesmaid or a relative- to be the official Kit Carrier.
Thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog post, more news soon.
Regards Eamon.


Wedding Video North Tipperary

Philip Gleeson and Katie Clavin are both from Clonmore which is just outside Templemore in the heart of North Tipperary. This is the Highlight Montage from Katie & Philip’s Wedding DVD, it contains some really cool footage of the girls getting ready and of the happy couple strolling in Templemore Park

Templemore is home to the Garda College, boasts the widest town square in Ireland, and is also proud of its 72-acre publicooo park which is well known to Wedding Videographers In North Tipperary, its a lovely spot for a Wedding Photo Shoot and for recording Wedding Videos.

Katie & Philip crossed over the border to Kilkenny City for a wonderful Wedding Reception In Langton House Hotel, which is the number one Wedding Venue in Kilkenny & Carlow. Wishing Katie & Philip all the very best and thanks for selecting Drangan Video to film their Wedding day.

Drangan Video is about to launch a totally  new Wedding Video Package to our existing wide range of Packages,  more news on this in the very near future. Check out our Tipperary Wedding Videos on facebook.






Wedding Video/ Langton House Kilkenny

Deirdre Gannon & Stephen O’ Shea celebrated their Wedding In St. Patricks Church Kilkenny followed by their Wedding Reception in Langton House Hotel Kilkenny.

This short clip from the Wedding Video includes some lovely footage of Deirdre and the girls getting ready and footage of the dancing which was great fun. After the Ceremony the Bridal Party stopped off at Butler House in Kilkenny City, Wedding Videographers in Kilkenny are regular visitors to Butler House as it provides the perfect setting for Wedding Videos in Kilkenny.

The reception took place in Langton House Hotel which is the number one Wedding Venue in Kilkenny for 2013 and 2014. Langtons Kilkenny is a popular choice by Tipperary Brides, Cashel Brides, and Munster Brides.