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Questions to ask your Wedding Videographer

When you’re searching for the perfect wedding videographer, it’s always important that you ask specific questions to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want for your big day. In this article we’re going to look at the questions that we find benefit our brides and grooms most and give our own answer to each question. Here at Drangan Video, we provide a professional wedding videography service with in-house editing and are available for weddings in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Limerick  and nationwide.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Question 1: What is the videographers style?

The team at Drangan Video offer a number of different styles to suit your dream wedding video. We find that most of our couples prefer a documentary/natural filming approach here we capture the moments of your day as the actually occur. This means that we don’t intrude upon your day or get in the way of your guests, and the resulting video is a true representation of your wedding day. A documentary style wedding video means we won’t stage any shots, we’ll just quietly work away in the background while you enjoy the celebrations.

Question 2: Does the Videographer have experience?

Having confidence in your wedding videographer is really the most important part of making your choice. Whilst we all know someone who is good with a camera, your wedding video should really only be shot by someone who has years of experience and can work professionally at every moment of the day. Drangan Video have provided wedding videography services to hundreds of brides and grooms right across Ireland. We know where we need to be and when and you can be assured that we will never miss a moment of your big day.

Question 3: Does the Videographer book more than one Wedding a day?

The simple answer to this question in NO. Even if we have a request for one wedding in the morning and another in the late afternoon, we will never book more than one wedding video a day. Our focus is on you and your intended for as long as you need us and we can promise you that you have our full attention.

Wedding Videographer Waterford
Question 4: Does the Videographer Outsource the Editing?

Drangan Video does not outsource any editing and has invested heavily in an editing suite to ensure we have full control over the quality of your wedding video. Outsourcing editing can lead to long delays and we know that simply isn’t an option for our brides and grooms.

Question 5: What Equipment does the Videographer use?

Using the very latest in videography equipment, hardware and software, the team here at Drangan will be utilising state of the art cameras and sound equipment when filming your wedding. No expense has been spared to ensure you are presented with the most beautiful wedding video!

Drone wedding video package
Question 6: Do you Offer a Number of Wedding Video Packages?

Yes, we realise that not every couple will want the full package available and are happy to offer a number of options to our brides and grooms. To learn more about the packages we offer, please do feel free to email, phone or fill in the contact form right here on the website.

If you have any questions you would like us to answer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Eamon here at Drangan Video. We operate throughout the year and are happy to travel to any destination in Ireland to ensure your big day is captured in its entirety.

Questions to ask a Wedding Videographer

Here at Drangan Video we love nothing more than providing the very best wedding videography services to brides and grooms right across Ireland. For over a decade now, we have had the pleasure of travelling the country and capturing the happiest moments in the lives of our customers. Over this time, our newly engaged couples have spoken to us about their main concerns and have asked us a lot of really important questions, in this article we’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions and will aim to provide you with as much information as possible.

Wedding Videography kilkenny

Should you have a question that you don’t see mentioned below, please do feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

Have you shot a Wedding Video at our Venue before?
Familiarity with a venue certainly brings its advantages and in most cases we can answer in the affirmative to this question because of our vast experience in venues across Ireland. In instances where we haven’t filmed in a location before, we will make it our priority to plan ahead and ensure we are familiar with all aspects of the venue.

What style of Videography do you offer?
Here at Drangan Video we offer both a modern and a traditional approach to videography. Our state of the art equipment allows us to capture every moment of your big day without intruding on the celebrations or those special moments. Whether you are looking for documentary style footage, a cinematic approach or indeed a mixture of both, we will be happy to accommodate your vision. Perhaps you want us to interview guests or shoot a special clip focusing on the children in your life? Whatever style you choose, the team here at Drangan will deliver in style.

Do you outsource your editing?
No, Eamon here at Drangan Video does all the editing in-house, meaning you never have to worry about the quality of your video. With the very best editing software and equipment you can be assured that no important footage will end up on the cutting room floor.

Tell us about the Equipment you use..
Eamon is constantly adding to and upgrading his videography equipment, using only the very best available on the market today. Investing in high-quality cameras and lighting has been the backbone of Drangan’s success (along with expertise of course) and we always strive to keep up to date with the very latest video technology.
Drone videography is also available for those who want a different perspective on their big day.

How many Weddings have you filmed?
Hundreds. On average, Drangan Video shoots 2-3 wedding videos per week, each of them unique in their own special way. Should you wish to read testimonials from our clients, please pop over to our testimonials page for further information. We are also happy to provide references and provide samples of our work.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary

To speak with us about your wedding video, please do feel free to get in touch with Eamon here at any time that suits you. He will be happy to provide you with a number of options that fit within your budget and answer any further questions you may have.

Drangan Video offers wedding videography services right across Ireland, so whether you are based in Kilkenny, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary or Dublin we would love to hear from you.

Wedding In Limerick’s Golden Vale District of Bruree Rockhill

Here is a lovely highlights  video clip from one of my recent weddings in Limerick. Sarah & Declan were married in St. Munchins Church Rockhill, Bruree,  the area  is locally known as the Golden Vale Area of Limerick.

Wedding Location:                                                                                                          Rockhill is on the N20 Limerick to Cork road it was less than a two hour drive through the  very appealing lush green farming pastures of Tipperary & Limerick.  I was delighted to be back again in this area of Limerick its a lovely countryside.

Bruree is just a short distance from Rockhill  as they are part of the same parish.  Many of Ireland’s famious ancient and moderen leaders are associated with the village of Bruree which sits on the banks of the Maigue River.  Bruree was one of the most inportant historical sites in ancient Ireland as it was the home to the King of Munster.

Wedding In Limerick
Wedding In Limerick

Sarah & Declans Wedding Story:                                                                                  I began recording at the church as requested by the couple it was a pleasant day with just an occasional shower which blew off quickly giving way to warm spring sunshine.  St. Munchin’s Church stand on a steep hill allowing some interesting vantage points for interesting camera angles. Sarah and Declan were a relaxed couple they really enjoyed their wedding ceremony which was celebrated by Fr. Liam Enright  he is a really sound Limerick Priest.

Dominican Priory  For wedding Photos :                                                         We stopped off in Kilmallock for a visit to the old stone walled Priory, it was the ideal location for gathering   nice video footage. The Priory is situated across the river in the towm of Kilmallock, the old priory  is  often frequented by Wedding Videographers in Limerick.

Ideal Choice Of Wedding Venue:                                                                                Springfort Hall Hotel is very popular wedding venue for weddings in Limerick and Cork ,   it was a pleasure to be back there once again for  Sarah and Declan’s wedding reception. The dedicated team at Springfort Hall are always on hand to answer questions and help in every way in ” Making Your Wedding Memories Magical”.

Congratulations to Sarah and Declan on what was a Magical Wedding , they really enjoyed their wedding day and for me it was a pleasure to have been their wedding videographer, they have passed my details on to many of their friend who are getting married  during 2015/2016 .

Thanks for reading this blog post:

Regards Eamon.


Charlene and Jason Tie The knot In Pallaskenry Limerick

It was a pleasure to have been the videographer for the wedding of Charlene and Jason who were married in St. Mary’s Church Pallaskenry, Limerick in July 2014, it was a typical

Wedding Bunratty Folk Park Limerick
Wedding Bunratty Folk Park Limerick

limerick wedding great fun and all guests very friendly and up for a good time. Charlene and Jason were a smashing couple to work with, as far as filming was concerned I just did my own thing with absolutely  no direction from this very laid back limerick Bride and Groom.

The wedding film kicks off at the Radisson Blu Limerick on the Ennis Road, I arrived at the hotel two hours before the wedding ceremony in plenty of time to grab all the excitement of the girls getting on with the bridal preparations.  I have recorded a few weddings in the Radisson Blu and I always  enjoy my visits, the staff are so helpful and accommodating towards videographer and photographer which is a big plus,  there is always a decent lunch menu option available in the bar which is also a treat when the hunger pangs set in.

Pallaskenry is situated about 24km west of limerick City close to the river Shannon Estuary its a lovely tidy  village, St. Mary’s Church is a great setting for a wedding ceremony a well maintained church with plenty of space and lots of natural sunlight.  After the ceremony the happy bride and groom released a pair of white doves into a clear blue sky and a big cheer from their guests, a nice video shot.

One of the highlights of the day as the wedding videographer was stopping off at Bunratty Castle & Folk Park for a video shoot with the bridal party, the highlights clip features shots of Charlene and the girls sampling a tasty pint of Guinness and the creamy head which remained  on their lips, all the video footage was totally natural relaxed and not in any way set up. Bunratty Park is a popular tourist venue in Limerick and of coarse its also an ideal location for wedding photographers and videographers, I love shooting video there.

Thanks to Charlene & Jason for choosing Drangan video to shoot and produce their wedding film, it was another fab Limerick wedding and Im looking forward to many more in and around  the south west of Ireland during 2015/2016.  The above highlights have already been shared on my Drangan video facebook page ,      Google+     and     Vimeo

Thanks for reading my latest wedding news blog :

More soon:  Regards Eamon

Spring wedding Video Knocklong, Limerick

This is a short highlights clip from the wedding of Louise Corbett & Brian O’ Shea who were married in Knocklong, Co Limerick on March 21st 2014. The recording began with

Wedding Video Knocklong
Wedding Video Knocklong

Bridal Preps at Louises’s house, Trish Fitzpatrick was the photographer and as always it was a pleasure working with her, I meet her on many wedding shoots and we share recommendations between us, she screened a lovely slide show of pics from the day on a big screen just before the first dance, she dose this at all weddings which is a nice touch.

Louise & Brian availed of the Drangan Video Diamond package which provides coverage of the full day from bridal preps up to 11pm, details and pricing can be found on the wedding page on my website, the diamond package is  most  popular choice of wedding video package by brides in Tipperary and Limerick.

Just a few lines about an issue that comes up in conversation when couples contact me about booking their wedding video in Tipperary.  It is surprising that not all Wedding videographers are  prepared to display their prices online, couples have commented on this and were asking the question, if a company is selling a product why is the price not on their website, ?  when shopping on line I would  have very little interest in a product that dose not have a price tag on it. I have been showing my prices on the website for many years and couples say that it makes the job of researching a wedding videographer much more straightforward. It also cuts down on unnecessary inquiries because the potential customer has their home work done and are aware that my wedding video packages are either within their budget or not.  I had this discussion with Bride to be as late as today who said that she definitely had no interest in suppliers that were not showing prices on their websites or Facebook, she had checked my packages and prices and  then got in contact about booking her  wedding video for 2015.

I enjoyed working with Louise & Brian they were lovely and easygoing and were more than happy to let me do my own thing in a discreet and quit way. After the ceremony we stopped off at Koockainey Church for some photos and and video footage with the bridal party, its a beautiful old church which has been restored to perfection

Wedding Video Limerick
Wedding Video Limerick

Louise & Brian enjoyed a wonderful wedding reception in the Fitzgerald Woodlands Hotel Adare,  I often comment on this leading wedding venue in Limerick its the perfect wedding venue , on arrival the Bridal Party will always receive a warm and friendly welcome from the the Fitzgerald family and as a wedding videographer its also a pleasure dealing with them, they are always tuned into the needs of both the videographer and photographer which makes our job easy.   They also  offer two venues for civil cermonies, The Fitzgerald suite can host a civil wedding ceremony for larger wedding numbers and smaller more intimate gatherings in the Treaty suite. Decorative packages available including chair covers & bows, flowers, and candles.

A big congrats to Louise & Brian on what was a wonderful day it was a pleasure for me to have been their Wedding Videographer, Louise has already asked me to share this highlights clip on the Drangan Video Facebook page.

More wedding news soon.

Regards Eamon.