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What We Loved About Irish Weddings in 2016

Well, here we are facing into the last weeks of 2016 and looking forward already to our spring and summer weddings in 2017. This year has seen an abundance of new trends for Irish Brides and Grooms, many of which are likely to continue right through to 2017. In this blog post I would like to talk about some of the more eye-catching and unique trends I have noticed over the past 12 months and perhaps inspire you and your intended with some ideas for your upcoming nuptials.

Wedding Planning Advice
Wedding Planning Advice For Weddings In Tipperary

Home-made Wedding Decor

Over the past year we have been blessed to video the most wonderful weddings up and down the country. What we noticed more and more as the month’s flew by was that Brides and Grooms were becoming more adventurous with the DIY aspect of their wedding décor. Some of the wonderful home-made touches we were lucky enough to enjoy included:

  • DIY Table centrepieces’,
  • Homemade wedding invitations,
  • Hand drawn place settings,
  • Twinkle lights and seasonal décor brought to new life by creative couples.

Alternative Wedding Suppliers

We have also seen an influx of new and exciting service providers, meaning the traditional aspects of a wedding ceremony are now not the only things to look forward to for guests and family.

  • Sweet Carts – stocked with wonderfully colourful candy and customised sweet jars and cups for guests to take away as a memento of the big day.
  • Make your own Tayto sandwich stand – without doubt one of the most impressive stands I’ve seen. Each guest could take away a pack that included bread, butter, plastic knife and of course a packet of cheese and onion Taytos. We were assured that this went down very well with all guests who were only too happy to have a quick and easy snack the morning after the festivities.
  • Bouncy castles, portable playgrounds and kids entertainment the likes of which we had never witnessed before. These extra touches go a long way for the little ones attending your big day and mean that the parents can relax without wondering if the festivities are a little too much for their child.

Alternative Wedding Guestbooks

There has also been some fabulously creative alternatives to the traditional guestbook

  • Wedding guestbook frames – write your message to the bride and groom on a little wooden heart and pop it into the frame provided through a little slot on the top. A wonderful keepsake for the Bride and Groom and something that will have them thinking of their wedding day for years to come.
  • Fingerprint wedding guestbook. Instead of writing on a traditional guest book, guests dip their finger or thumb in some paint or ink and stamp it on the canvas provided, along with their initials or a little note.
  • Christmas baubles – One wedding we worked at last Christmas, gave each of their guests a plain Christmas tree bauble along with a silver/gold pen and asked guests to write their names and hang it on the tree in the reception venue. A beautiful sight at the end of the night!
    Wedding videographer Tipperary, Ireland
    Drangan Video Tipperary Wedding Videographer

    Looking for some inspiration for your 2017 wedding? Over the coming months we will be posting about tips, tricks and trends to make your 2017 wedding a superbly successful day, so make sure you check back regularly.

    Looking for a wedding videographer? Eamon here at Drangan Video offers state of the art wedding videography services to suit all budgets. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have and remember, we are available to travel to venues nationwide.

    More Wedding News Soon


Caroline and Darren’s Wedding Video Highlights

After all my years of recording beautiful weddings in Tipperary, Kilkenny and  many other counties I am happy to say that my enthusiasm  for my job is just as vibrant as when I founded  Drangan Video.
My weekly wedding news blog  allows me to share wedding planning tips and all the latest wedding industry news, I also like to share  highlights from recent wedding videos.
The following clip is from the wedding of Caroline and Darren.

July 29th 2016 was a nice sunny day and for Caroline and Darren love was in the air, it was the perfect Tipperary Kilkenny match not to mistaken for the usual hurling battles between the two rival counties.
Caroline was getting ready in her parents house in Mullinahone which is not far from the county boarder, when I arrived to film the preparations I noticed two ESB trucks in the yard a huge generator had been set up to the rear of the house.  It so happened that there was a power outage in Mullinahone , Caroline contacted the ESB to explain that her worst nightmare was about to unfold ” a power cut on the very day of her wedding ”  an ESB crew were quickly dispatched to her house to set up a stand by generator and saved the day for a slightly worried bride to be.

Tipperary Kilkenny Wedding Video Memories
Tipperary Kilkenny Wedding Video Memories






I was very happy with my camera coverage  of the preparations, lots of fun shots, smiling faces and magic moments with the children all the necessary  ingredients for a beautiful  wedding video.
The wedding ceremony took place in Coolagh Church, situated between Callan and Windgap.

After the wedding ceremony the newly weds and bridal party made their way to Kells Mill for the wedding photos, I was also looking forward to grabbing some high quality video footage on the banks of the kings river
Mullins Millin Kells Co. Kilkenny  is a popular stop off for wedding videographers and photographers, its a peaceful place offering a welcome relaxing break for the bride and groom.  As you stand at the mill and look at the bridge you will notice five large arches through which the Kings River flows it is a wonderful back drop for wedding videos and photos.

HD Wedding Video Kells Co. Kilkenny
HD Wedding Video Kells Co. Kilkenny






What better place to celebrate a wedding than the Springhill |Court Hotel in Kilkenny, it was Caroline and Darrens first choice of wedding venue.
When you plan your wedding with the team in Spring Hill you can expect  friendly personalized attention and a  top class service, its a one wedding per day venue  which will assure that each individual bride and groom are  the center of attention on their special day.

Caroline and Darren were so nice to work with, they were the perfect bride and groom a truly smashing couple I feel honoured to have been their preferred choice of  wedding videographer.

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest wedding blog post, it you are planning on hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding in Tipperary, Kilkenny or any other county, please feel free to contact myself Eamon  by email or a message on Facebook.



Questions to ask wedding suppliers and venue managers

At the earlier stages of planning your wedding, there are certain questions you should be asking prospective suppliers, vendors and venue managers in order to make sure everything will flow smoothly on your big day. In this article we will cover some of the most important questions you should be asking and hope that this will go some way to easing any worries you may have.

Questions for Suppliers and Service Providers

Question 1: How many weddings do you cater for each year?

By asking this question you can ascertain how experienced this particular supplier is. Don’t be afraid to probe by asking how long they have been in business either or by getting an idea of how many staff or freelancers they have on their team.

Question 2: Can I see your portfolio of work?

Every wedding supplier should have a portfolio of work or photographs of weddings they have catered for in the past. Whether it’s a florist, videographer, venue or musician, they should be able to demonstrate the quality of their product or service and provide references.

Question 3: Do you offer a payment plan?

Many supplier and vendors will offer a payment plan so you can pay in instalments up to the day of the wedding. Before committing to any down-payment you should also be aware of their cancellation or refund policy.

Question 4: Are there any hidden extras?

You need to know in advance the exact amount you will be paying for the service or product provided and won’t want to be surprised with any hidden extras that you haven’t budgeted for. Ask specifically if they charge extra for travel or delays and if there are any other expenses involved. Ask for an all-inclusive price.

Question 5: Are you insured?

All professional wedding suppliers and providers will be insured to cover equipment, public liability and damage. They should also be insured to cover any accidents that happen as a result of their equipment or team.

Wedding Planning Advice For Weddings In Tipperary
Wedding Planning Advice For Weddings In Tipperary

Questions for the conference or venue manager of your Hotel

Question 1: What is included in the package price?

Many venues will throw in little extras such as table settings, accommodation for the bridal party, complimentary champagne or prosecco for the toasts and tea and sandwiches for the evening refreshments. You need to have a detailed list of everything that is included so you can budget for any extras that need to be ordered.

Question 2: Can you offer discounts for midweek weddings?

For most brides and grooms, budgeting for a wedding can bring with it lots of stress and financial worry. By opting for a midweek wedding you may be able to bring down the costs significantly.

Question 3: How many people can you comfortably cater for?

Being sure of the capability of your chosen venue is extremely important and you will want to know that they can comfortably accommodate all of your guests. Ask about numbers for previous weddings they have catered for and references.

Question 4: Will you assist other vendors?

This is particularly important if other vendors require access to power points, water supply or need space for a particular service. It is imperative that your chosen venue is willing to work happily with the other service providers at your wedding.

Question 5: Are there any restrictions we need to be aware of?

This question is always worth asking to ascertain whether there may be any unforeseen restrictions. Available parking, bar opening hours, check out and check in times etc. are all important information to have in advance.

Get in touch with Eamon here at Drangan Video to ask as many questions as you would like about hiring a wedding videographer Eamon and his team are always on hand to help and offer only the most professional of services, all inclusive wedding video packages and work extremely well alongside your other chosen suppliers.

More Wedding Video News Soon.

Why you should Choose Drangan Video to capture your Wedding Day

Here at Drangan Video in Tipperary we pride ourselves on providing a top class videography service to each and every one of our brides and grooms, whether you are planning a low-key casual style or a classic ivory wedding, the focus will always be on you and your guests. Drangan Video was established in 1995 by myself, Eamon Anglim, and I am delighted to say we have proven to be one of the countries most successful wedding suppliers.

What started out as a small, but serious, wedding video service has since evolved into a high-end, professional video production business that films weddings all across the country, in all weathers and with the most wonderful people as our customers.

Locations we serve

As the name would suggest, I am based in Drangan, County Tipperary, however I am always happy to travel to any part of the country you desire. Over the past 12 month alone Drangan Video has provided wedding videography services to couples based in Clonmel, Cashel, Thurles, Fethard, Kilkenny, Limerick, Laois, Offaly, Waterford, Cork, Kildare and Galway to name but a few.  I ask all my potential clients to remember that no matter where you are in the country, I am happy to travel from Tipperary to film your wedding day.

High End Wedding Videographer Service Based In Tipperary
High End Wedding Videographer Service Based In Tipperary







Why Choose Drangan Video?

As a consummate professional, I am dedicated to my craft and truly love my work and the people I meet along the way. Wedding videography is not simply a hobby or a part time pursuit for me. I have been filming weddings for more than 20 years, and offer my services Monday-Sunday at all times throughout the year. When you choose Drangan Video you can be assured of:

  1. A State-of-the-Art Wedding Video

In order to provide the highest quality videos to the couples I work with, I make it priority to keep up to date with the latest wedding video trends and techniques, and I update my equipment on a regular basis.

I use high definition Sony cameras to shoot all of my videos. These cameras provide crystal clear image quality and excellent sound performance, even in situations where the environment is noisy or the lighting conditions are not ideal.   All recordings are edited on an advanced HP computer, using state-of-the-art Edius editing software. I deliver the video in a format that best suits your needs, whether that is on a DVD, Blu Ray DVD  or a USB memory stick.

2 An All-in-One Service

Many part time wedding videographers give their footage to someone else for editing, however, here at Drangan Video I handle the entire production, from the initial planning process to filming and post-production. On average, a wedding will take me approx. twelve hours to edit and produce.

3 An Easy-Going Fun, Filming Experience

While you will want to ensure that your wedding is captured on a video that can be cherished forever, the focus of your big day should always be on the wedding ceremony itself and you will not want to be distracted from those precious moments by intrusive cameras. This is precisely why my style of filming is favoured by brides and grooms in Tipperary and across the country, on the day I keep everything very relaxed, easygoing and discreet – meaning you can focus on simply enjoying your big moments.

View my Previous Work

Please do not hesitate to peruse the website and view some of the sample videos I post on a regular basis. These videos will give you an idea of my very versatile filming style and will show you how relaxed the brides and grooms are in the presence of Drangan Video. You will also see some work samples posted regularly on our Facebook page.

Contact Drangan Video

If you are currently in the planning process for your wedding day, I would love to hear from you and talk about how I can make your wedding video a cherished memory you can share with friends and family for many years to come.

Feel free to call me at any time on (052) 9152 156 or (087) 2845 505, alternatively you can get in touch via email, Facebook or by using the contact form on our website. I will answer all queries in the shortest time frame possible and will provide you with a quote  well within your budget.

Thanks for reading my latest wedding blog news, more news from Tipperary soon.
Regards Eamon.

Happy Clonmel Wedding Video in Powerstown

Summer 2014 has been been  amazing with lots of warm  sunshine shining  on the the Premier County of Tipperary, it is almost September so we are heading into Autumn   with

Wedding Video Clonmel
Wedding Video Clonmel

lovely memories of a long hot Summer.  As a wedding Videographer in Tipperary it has been a busy year for me with an ever increasing amount of  local Weddings in Clonmel, Fetahrd, Cashel and Thurles coming my way ” Local Is Best”.  This weeks featured Wedding Video Clip is that of Emer & Niall who were married in Powerstown Church, Clonmel in May of this year, it is a smashing wedding video and I am delighted to share this highlights clip in my latest Drangan Video blog post.

Emer & Niall are both from the scenic area of Powerstown in Clonmel.   The parish of Powerstown Lisronagh is situated just outside Clonmel. It is a scattered parish, stretching from the river Anner on the east, to Rathkeevin on the west, encroaching up to Drumdeel near Fethard, Castleblake to the north, Two mile bridge and Silversprings to the south and skirting Clonmel on the north to Cahir road.  It is a growing parish with 850 households. It has two churches Powerstown and Lisronagh. Powerstown Church was built in 1810 during the pastorate of Fr. Felix Cleary and is the sixth oldest in the diocese of Waterford and Lismore.Lisronagh Church was built in 1831 during the pastorate of Fr. Michael Wall.The Patron Saint of both churches is St. John the Baptist.   I am a frequent visitor to Powerstown Church for wedding videos in and around Clonmel.

This entertaining highlights clip begins with two gentlemen in disguise, wishing the bride and groom all the best for the future, they quickly remove there disguise to reveal their real identity, very funny stuff.  Emer got ready from her parents house which is just off the Fethard road on route to Clonmel, Emer  has a really bubbly personality and a beautiful  warm broad smile ” a very happy bride ”  I stopped off at the house on my way to Powerstown Church two hours before the ceremony and recorded  some great bridal preps footage, I was back at the church in time to grab footage of the Niall and the boys arriving, they arrived in good time. Niall is also a bubbly guy and very easygoing, not a bother on him he just took the day in his stride.

Emer arrived just about 10 mins late which of coarse is the tradition in ireland and Tipperary brides are no exception to that rule, one lovely feature of wedding videos in Powerstown Church is to capture the bride and her dad walking up the pathway from the church gate, always looks great on video. Fr. Anthony O’ Connor was the wedding celebrant he always provides an interesting wedding ceremony, which dose not go on for too long.  After the ceremony the sun was splitting the stones and the guests were not in any particular hurry to leave the church grounds, and ice cream stand was set up at the church gate and it was in great demand, the clip shows Emer & Niall enjoying a cone, before heading off for photos. We went back to Niall’s parents house in Powerstown for the photo call.

Wedding Videographer Fethard, Clonmel
Wedding Videographer Fethard, Clonmel

The wonderful  5 star Castlemartyr Resort was the reception venue, its about an hour from Clonmel.   It is not only the elegant 18th century manor house and the 13th century castle ruins that make Castlemartyr stand out from the crowd, but the meticulous attention to detail that our experienced team of wedding planners provide.   Nestled in 220 acres of mature landscape, the manor house is indeed the heart of this unique resort, having been restored and extended to offer perfectly styled accommodation, an award-winning Restaurant, a Spa and Leisure Centre, as well as an 18 hole inland links-style Golf course.   From the traditional to the informal, all celebrations are a challenge to ignore the mundane and create the original. Our promise is to host one wedding per day giving you that undivided attention.   Castlemartyr Resort can cater for weddings of up to 220 in the Capel Suite.  The Capel Suite is unlike any other ballroom in Ireland…. With its floor to ceiling windows, giant chandeliers, mood lighting and magnificent drapes, the Suite is a magical setting for your wedding celebration.  Castlemartyr Resort is an HSE registered venue for Civil Ceremonies and is the perfect location to celebrate your Civil Partnership. Other smaller rooms are also available so that your celebration is tailor-made just for you.   Whether you require an intimate gathering or a large celebration, our dedicated team is on hand from the initial enquiry to the day itself to assist you in planning a personal and memorable occasion which is tailor-made to reflect you ideas and individual style.  True 5 star service and accommodation is the hallmark of Castlemartyr Resort.

So once again a big congrats to Emer & Niall on what was a fab wedding in Tipperary, they were both so easy to work with and it was a very happy and enjoyable day for everyone including wedding suppliers and guests.  This highlights clip has already been shared on facebook, all Drangan Wedding packages include sharing on facebook.

More Tipperary wedding News soon.

Regards Eamon.