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How Wedding Videography in Ireland is Changing

Although I launched Drangan Video back in 1995, I’ve been a wedding videographer in Ireland since as far back
as I can remember, and I’ve seen some interesting changes happen in the world of video production in that time.
Back when I first started out as an Ireland wedding videographer, requests were largely very simple, and very
similar. In many cases, my role would overlap hugely with the wedding photographer – I’d be providing a couple
with a physical copy of their love story – but that’s not what modern brides and grooms are looking for. Here’s 3
hot trends in wedding videography right now:

Documentary Style

As we’ve briefly touched upon, the role of the wedding videographer and wedding photographer were once very
similar. They both provided the ‘story’ of the couple. Today, however, the two roles are becoming more and more
independent. While wedding photography has retained that purpose of creating the fairytale story, with posed
photographs in front of some of Kilkenny and Tipperary’s most stunning scenery, wedding videography is now
taking a more ‘realistic’ approach. Couples want the best of both worlds – the fairytale, and the organic.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary and Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Tipperary and Kilkenny







That’s why documentary-style wedding videography in Ireland is really taking off. There’s raw emotion, real
events, and true personalities shining through. As a wedding videographer in Ireland who has attended more
weddings than the average Joe, I think this style is the future of wedding videos. I’ve lost track of the amount of
times a couple has told me that their whole day has gone by in a blur, and having a realistic copy of events to look
back on is a great way to experience all those little things that might have been overlooked or forgotten on the day.

Sound Bites

The age of the silent movie is well behind us, and I’m starting to see a lot of my friends in the wedding videography
world focus more and more on including sound bites in their videos. This fits in with the documentary-style
videography that’s becoming increasingly popular. Brides and grooms no longer want just a posed overview of
their big day, they want something more real, and something they can better connect with. Incorporating sound
bites helps to develop the characters, giving them personalities, opinions, and emotions they may not otherwise

We’re seeing a wide range of sound bites being used in wedding videos today, which is great! Not only are parts of
the vows and speeches used to create more depth to the videos, but snippets of quick interviews with the wedding
party and guests are also being utilised. From compliments on the dress to good luck wishes from family and
friends, these are huge parts of the wedding day that the bride and groom may miss out on at the time. The future
of wedding videography is all about making memories of the day more accessible to the newlyweds.

Aerial Footage

Ask any adventurous teen what he wants for Christmas, and he’ll likely say a drone. Ask any wedding
videographer, and he’ll probably say the same thing! Love them or hate them, it seems that drones are here to
stay, and while they have proven to be a little controversial in the past, we can’t deny that, in some industries,
drones have had a significant impact. Wedding videography is certainly one of those industries, and today there’s
a growing trend for aerial wedding videography, capturing the beauty of the surrounding landscape on the big day.

It’s a wedding videography trend that’s growing particularly rapidly in Ireland. Of course, I may be biased, but I
think we have some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Think about the incredible Ballykisteen Hotel in
Tipperary, for example. It’s situated right behind the Galtee Mountains, and the land there is just breathtaking. We already know that many more couples are being savvy now when it comes to wedding costs, and many are thinking
that if they’ve paid for such a beautiful backdrop, they may as well video it. Drone photography is catching on!

While it can be argued that some of these changes are a little extreme (not every videographer is such a fan of
drone photography, for example), the reasoning behind why wedding videography is evolving in such a way is a
beautiful thought. What it all comes down to is brides and grooms wanting meaningful memories of their wedding
day – memories that provide more of a connection and invoke more feeling than the more traditional styles can.
With so many changes, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a part of the wedding videography world, and I for one
can’t wait to see what happens next

To the future!

Valentine’s Day Wedding Video: Tipperary Couple Say Yes on February 14th

Here at Drangan Video in Tipperary I am  looking forward to recording a romantic wedding on Valentine’s Day for a local couple from the Cashel Fethard area of my home county. There is no better day to say yes than Saturday February 14th, love is in the Tipperary Air, at least for one couple anyway.

Wedding Vatentin's Day Tipperary
Wedding Vatentin’s Day Tipperary

Valentine’s Day is not new it has been around since 496AD, so when we leap forward hundreds of years and find that on this year 2015 Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday making the most romantic day of the year the ideal  day to say I do. I will be sharing Saturday’s wedding video highlights on facebook when the happy couple have viewed their wedding DVD.

More wedding news soon.

Regards Eamon.



Clonmel Couple Stephanie & Stephen : Wedding Video Memories

Spring is in the air it’s  6am I have a nice  wake up cup of tea lined up beside the keyboard, to day I am pleased  to share another lovely wedding video which I filmed in Clonmel,   on a warm sunny day in July 2014, Stephanie & Stephen were married in Powerstown Church which is one of favorite wedding ceremony venues in Tipperary, this is the highlights clip from their wedding video.

Summer 2014 was an amazing year for weddings we all have memories of the long hot summer days and enjoying uninterrupted sunshine, July 26th was certainly one of those days. I arrived at Stephanie’s house in good time to capture the fun and excitement of the bridal preps, the girls were on high every thing was going as planned. Dave & Lisa Messenger were the photographers and for me it was a pleasure to be working with them once again on a Clonmel wedding. Stephanie was a lovely bride to work with apart from looking particularly beautiful she was so down to earth and easygoing with a warm  natural smile.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary & Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Tipperary & Kilkenny

Stephanie & Stephen decided to  celebrate their wedding ceremony in St. John the Baptist Church Powerstown, the parish of Powerstown Lisronagh is just on the outskirts of Clonmel. The parish stretches from the famous River Anner on the east side to Rathkeevin at the western side, it also touches Drumdeel near my hometown of Fethard, the parish has about 850 households both in Powerstown and Lisronagh.  I have recorded  many wedding videos in powerstown church and im sure that most wedding videographers would agree that it is and ideal  Tipperary Wedding Ceremony Venue the church stands on an elevated site overlooking the town of Clonmel which provides a stunning backdrop for wedding films.

Ballykisteen Hotel and Golf Resort was the wedding reception destination it is one of Tipperay’s best Wedding Venues. Located under the shadow of the Galtee Mountains Ballykisteen Hotel is a lovely retreat in which you can relax and unwind.  it is the perferct wedding venue the modern hotel conbines style and character, there is no more romantic setting than Ballykisteen Hotel and Golf Resort.

It was a pleasure to have been Stephanie and Stephen’s wedding videographer they were lovely to work with, we had great fun during the photo call on the golf coarse in Ballykisteen, the boys were very taken with the golf cars which were used to whisk the bridal party around to different  photo & video locations on the complex. This video clip has already been shared on my Drangan Video Facebook page which has almost 2500 likes from Brides in Kilkenny and Tipperary.

More Tipperary Kilkenny wedding news soon.

Regards Eamon.



Fun Clonmel Wedding Video With Cyrstal Swing

I really like local wedding videos in Clonmel sure its only a 15 min drive from here in  Fethard.  The following video highlights clip is that of Marian Dempsey and Derek Kennedy  it

Wedding Video Dundrum House Hotel
Wedding Video Dundrum House Hotel

was a really enjoyable wedding, one of the many highlights of the day was the surprise appearance of Cyrstal Swing as the wedding band in Dundrum House Hotel, Cashel Tipperary, the couple had not reveled the name of their wedding band, so it was a great surprise when they appeared on stage for the very first dance. The video clip below begins with a very energetic Derek Burke introducing the bride & Groom for the first dance.

Nearly all my weddings so far for 2014 are local in Clonmel, Cashel, Thurles and Kilkenny and its not fair to pick any wedding as been better than the rest, Marian’s & Derek’s wedding really stands out for me as been a happy relaxed and fun day.  My duties began at 11am  with the  setting up of cameras and microphones in St. Marys church Irishtown in Clonmel,  this beautiful church was built in 1850 replacing the original thatched chapel, which stood on the same site in Irishtown since 1660. Plans for the present building were prepared and agreed in November 1836. The church, dedicated to Our Lady under the title of the Assumption, was completed and blessed by Most Rev. Dr. O’Brien, Bishop of Waterford, on the 12th October 1856.  It is a popular Wedding Ceremony for brides in Tipperary especially in and around the greater Clonmel area, it is one of the most beautiful churches in Tipperary.

After setting up in the Church I made way on foot to Marian’s Parent’s house which is also in Irishtown a 3 min walk, Marian and the girls were in full wedding mode,  excitement was high and the sun was shining outside. Nick O Keeffe was the Wedding photographer and it was great to be working with him once again he is  former Weddings Online award winner, his work is amazing and he is quick witted and good fun. Marie Hickey of Bridal Hair By Marie was on duty from an early hour she is also a Weddings Online Award Winner she is a hair expert. Makeup was by Yvonne Maher who is also another award winner with Weddings online, only the very best for this beautiful Clonmel Bride.  I was delighted with the footage of the bridal preps, Marian has a lovely warm smile she has to be one of the happiest brides that I ever had the pleasure of working with her good humor rubbed off on everyone making us all feel relaxed and ready for a fab wedding.

The wedding Ceremony in St Marys Church was performed by Fr. Bobby Power who a well know Wedding Celebrant in Clonmel and South Tipperary, he has an easygoing and friendly approach to performing his duties, the ceremony was very much enhanced by the wonderful Mimosa Trio who provided a lovely selection of instrumental and vocal pieces during the ceremony. On our way to Dundrum House Hotel we stopped off just outside Cashel and entered huge green field which lay in the shadow of the famous Rock Of Cashel, we did consider dropping in to Hore Abbey but the field was a better choice as there was a clear view of the Rock Of Cashel anyway I think Hore Abbey is more suitable for Winter Weddings.  We had to climb a gate to enter the field which was no problem for this athletic couple, it was well worth the effort the video footage was lovely, green grass, blue sky and a gentle breeze which added interest to the veil and dress.

Dundrum House Hotel
Dundrum House Hotel

Dundrum House Hotel is one of the best known wedding venues in Tipperary .  The Galteemore Suite is the centre piece of the wedding day celebrations in Dundrum House, the ballroom is conveniently placed on the raised ground floor of this authentic Georgian Manor where spectacular views of the golf course and hinterland greet you upon arrival. With enough seated room for 350 guests a large bar, raised stage, so another great choice be Marian & Derek.  On the way into the hotel we used the Cherry Blossom tree in the hotel grounds which was in full bloom on May 3rd, we got some nice footage of the couple strolling along the pathway which was decorated with a carpet of falling cherry blossoms, you could not buy this, it was perfect.

So its back to the highlight of the evening a very special wedding band.   Crystal Swing are a new wave Country and Western and Country and Irish musical group, from Lisgoold, County Cork, Ireland. The family group is made up of mother Mary Murray-Burke and her children Dervla and Derek Burke, they are not alone well know in Ireland but in many other parts of the world also. The video clip features Derek enjoying the attention of my video camera. They are a really lively act and would enhance any wedding celebration, they are not available as a mainstream Wedding Band because of other recording commitments, Marian & Derek were chatting with Mary Burke on facebbok and a frienship was formed  and Crystal Swing offered to be their wedding band.

I would like to wish Marian & Derek all the very best for the future, it was an absolute pleasure to have been their Wedding videographer and thanks also allowing Drangan Video to share this Highlights Clip in this blog post and on the Drangan Video Facebook Page.

More Tipperary wedding news soon.

Regards Eamon.

A Winter Wedding In Callan, Kilkenny

Once upon a time weddings were very much a summer event and the though of having a wedding in December was a non runner, now a days Weddings In Ireland are an all year

Weddings Kilkenny
Weddings Kilkenny

round occasion. I like shooting and producing winter wedding videos sometimes the weather can be challenging during the winter months but that been said we are not always guaranteed perfect conditions for Irish Summer weddings.  Gemma Dalton & Eoin Phelan were married in Callan, Co. Kilkenny on December 13th 2013, the following clip is snippet from what was a lovely winter wedding, congrats to Gemma & Eoin.

Gemma is the second member of her family  to use Drangan Video to shoot and produce their wedding Videos, I am looking forward to recording Rachel’s wedding in August 2014 so its nice to have been asked to be videographer for three members of the Dalton family.  I arrived early  at Gemma’s parents house which is just on the outskirts of Callan on the Kells Road,  Michelle Dixon  Photographery by Michelle was already there when I arrived, for any Brides In Kilkenny or Tipperary Brides who are looking for a no nonsense professional wedding Photographer, Michelle should be on your shopping list.  I have rarely worked with a more easygoing Photographer and her style is modern and fresh, all photos were finished at 4:30pm which allowed plenty of time for Gemma & Eoin to chat with their guests and relax before dinner. Some wedding Photographers simply do not realize that your wedding day is not all about the photo session, the couple must be allowed the time to enjoy their day.

After the Wedding Ceremony in the Church of the Assumption Callan, we headed for the wonderful Lyrath Estate Hotel in Kilkenny.

Lyrath Estate Hotel provides you with the ultimate Kilkenny wedding venue. An amazing picturesque setting coupled with the expertise and professionalism of their  management

wedding Video callan
wedding Video callan

team and staff, guarantees your wedding guests a uniquely memorable experience. Weddings at the Lyrath Estate Hotel Kilkenny are a specialty. With fine cuisine as the trade mark, a tantalizing mouth watering experience is always guaranteed on your wedding day. The perfect wedding hotel Kilkenny.

Lyrath’s 17th century house has been immaculately and lovingly restored for magical weddings. Combined with new additions, this creates a perfect marriage between a bygone era and the present day. No matter how traditional or contemporary your Wedding Day, Lyrath Estate Hotel provides it all in one of the most unique wedding venues in Kilkenny.   Lyrath allows  your wedding Videographer  to explore every vantage point to capture those pure and magical moments, amid rolling hills, tranquil lakes and unspoilt view, it one one of my favorite Wedding Venues in Kilkenny.

Once again a big congratulations to Gemma & Eoin, I really enjoyed been part of their big day, thanks to them for allowing Drangan Video to share their Wedding Video on Facebook and on this blog post.  They were a smashing couple to work with, lovely and easygoing, I just went off and did my own thing on the day the end result worked out great.

Thanks for reading my blog post.

Regards Eamon.