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Planning Interactive Entertainment For Your Wedding Day

Drangan Video has recently been lucky enough to provide wedding videograper services for a number of weddings in Kilkenny and Tipperary. At these weddings we were able to gain some inspiration for this ‘interactive’ wedding blog post, which we hope you will enjoy.

Apart from the vows – and the brides’ dress of course – one of the most important parts of any wedding party is the entertainment. It’s the entertainment that helps you and your guests to relax, kick your shoes off and really get into the spirit of things. Over the past number of years we have seen a large shift from the traditional entertainment of just a band or a DJ and a move towards a more interactive experience. The band and DJ will always have it’s place and we would be 100% remiss to think otherwise, however, it may be worth checking out some other varieties of entertainment that will compliment the music and have your guests raving about your big day for years to come.

Wedding Planning Advice For Weddings In Tipperary
Wedding Planning Advice For Weddings In Tipperary









Whether you’re having a laid-back outdoor wedding or a traditional formal wedding, it’s a good idea to ensure your guests are entertained throughout what can be a long day (especially for the kids).

  1. Hire a Magician

A magician is fun for guests of all ages, making it a great form of entertainment to have at your wedding. Most magicians on the Irish wedding circuit are happy to perform during the reception, after the toasts are completed and in the foyer as a welcome for your guests.

For those of you who have children at your big day, a magician can be a great way to get them to gather together and relax for a bit whilst the entertainer does his thing!

Wedding Magician Tipperary Weddings
Wedding Magician Tipperary Weddings









  1. Dance Lessons

Weddings and dancing go hand in hand, but why not take it a step further and offer your guests dance lessons.

Hire a dance instructor to teach your guests how to dance. It’s a great way to get your guests involved and to get everybody up on the dance floor.

Visions of line dancing, cha cha cha’s and old time waltzes will make great memories for you and your guests.

  1. Cocktail Bar & Liquor Tasting

We have seen cocktail bars now at a number of wedding venues, and they go down an absolute treat with the adults at the party. Consider hiring a professional cocktail maker or mixologist who can demonstrate and entertain those guests who want to avoid that queue at the bar. Let the adults sample some exotic liquors and consider setting up a kiddies cocktail bar with sodas, ice-creams and fruit juices, this will ensure all ages have an unforgettable experience

Wedding Planning Kilkenny
Wedding Planning Kilkenny







  1. Pick and Mix Sweet Stand

Rather than just handing out sweets to the guests or leaving parcels at their table, why not set up a pick and mix stand instead? The pick and mix sweet stand is an attraction that is sure to attract guests of all ages. Guests can help themselves and take home customised jars of goodies as a special memento of your big day.

  1. Make your Own Food Station

Whether it is crepes or hot dogs, a make your own food station can be a great way to make mealtime a bit more exciting. This could get a bit messy, so be prepared!

We’re sure there’s lots more interactive options available for weddings up and down the country and we would love to hear about any unique suggestions you may have, so please feel free to drop us a line.

Latest Wedding News Kilkenny
Latest Wedding News Kilkenny







Here at Drangan Video we offer wedding videography services with a difference, professional editing carried out by Eamon, superb audio and a portfolio with hundreds of happy brides and grooms who have used our services. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about pricing or the equipment we use, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any time.
All our weddings are filmed and edited by myself Eamon, I would not be happy to just film weddings and then hand the footage over to someone else to carry out editing and post production.  Over the years I have developed  a particular style that seems to appeal  to  the majority of quality conscious  brides in Kilkenny and Tipperary.

Lots More Wedding Blog News soon.
Happy Wedding Planning.




















Fun Wedding Video: Clonmel Tipperary

Its hard to believe that we are knocking on the door to another new year, I am looking forward to 2016 which is going to be another busy  year for Drangan Video, once again the majority of our bookings are for weddings in Tipperary.  At this time of the year  its nice to share some of our 2015  wedding films  from my home county.

Elaine Quirke and Dean McNamara were married in St. Mary’s Church Clonmel in July 2015,  I’m delighted to have the opportunity of sharing video highlights from what was a fun, exciting and romantic wedding.

This highlights clip  features some of the special moments from Elaine & Dean’s big day,  it has already been  shared on my facebook, twitter profiles  and has received  many glowing comments not least from the happy couple who played a staring role in their wedding film.

St Mary’s Church Clonmel  is one of the best wedding ceremony venues in Tipperary, it was built 1850  and has stood the test of time to the present day,  I always look forward to recording weddings in St. Marys  its ideal for discreet video recording and the acoustics are amazing.

My first duty on the day was a visit to Elaine and the girls to capture the excitement of the  wedding preps, the easy going bride to be was in no particular rush to get ready she was enjoying all the attention from her attentive bridesmaids, a bottle of bubbly was uncorked to sound of a huge cheer from the girls, something was telling me that its going to be a fun day.

It was an honor to have been the videographer for Elaine & Dean’s big day, they were so nice and down to earth and a pleasure to work with, they have passed my name on to many of their friends who are getting married in Clonmel, Cashel and other parts of Tipperary during 2016/2017.

Drangan Video Tipperary Wedding Video Productions
Drangan Video Tipperary Wedding Video Productions








As a Wedding  Videographer in Clonmel and South Tipperary i am well acquainted with all the the local places of interest and beauty  for wedding photos and video shoots, here are a few that are worth considering.

No1  St. Patrick’s Well : ” Calm Tranquil Setting”

A must see for anyone interested in history. Very ancient feel and very spiritual, enjoy a break from the fuss on your hectic wedding day. If you are lucky enough to be able to just sit and listen and take in the absolute peacefulness of this place, you will come  away with your spirits lifted and ready to enjoy your wedding celebrations.

No 2  The Main Guard : ” A Historical Gem”

A visit to Clonmels Main Guard is a must for any trip to Clonmel. You’ll find loads of historical information about the town and the walls and invasions etc. You’ll also get to look down the main street and immerse yourself in what our predecessors must have seen many generations ago in more hostile time, its also an interesting spot for for wedding photos and video shoots.

No 3   Marfield Lake:   “Autumn by the Lake is Magic”

Great for a bridal party visit maybe feed the swans  or a short romantic  walk for the Bride & Groom.  The changing seasons are really apparent, and the many majestic trees make a very beautiful picture for Autumn Wedding Films,  take a detour to drive by the lake.

No 4  Carey’s Castle:  “A Hidden Gem”

Hidden away in the woods just outside Clonmel is Carey’s Castle. I wish I knew more about the place but there are so many tales and stories and you can nearly make your own up as you wonder about. Well wort a visit on your wedding day, dont forget your walking shoes.

If you are planing on getting married in Tipperary be sure to contact Eamon here at Drangan Video for a  profssional wedding video at an affordable price.

More wedding news soon.

Regards Eamon.






Beautiful Tipperary Spring Wedding In Irishtown Clonmel

This is a wedding video which I recorded in February , it is the wedding of Úna & Aidan who were married in St. Mary’s Church Irishtown Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.    Weddings in Tipperary are very special for me,  I  suppose its fair to say that I feel completely at home  when working in the Premier County.

The recording began with the guests arriving at St. Mary’s Church Irishtown, Clonmel for Úna & Aidan’s wedding ceremony,  it is a beautiful old church built in 1850  to replace the original thatched chapel.  It is a fabulous wedding ceremony venue  one of my personal favorites in Tipperary  for  a building that is 165 years old it has stood the test of time, just imagine all the newly weds that have walked down that long aisle over the last century.

Aidan & Úna were pretty laid back on the day they had the day well planned and everything fell into place perfectly,  I seem to be attracting easygoing couples  which is great ” not complaining”  Drangan Video is offering a choice of 5 wedding video packages Úna & Aidan were happy to go for the Bronze Package which covers from Bridal Preps up to  the drinks reception.  It was a 3 camera shoot in the church with some cool video editing and camera mixing  as Úna and her Dad walked up the long Aisle to join Aidan who was patiently waiting to set eyes on his beautiful Bride to be.

Drangan Video Clonmel, Tipperary
Drangan Video Clonmel, Tipperary

The Park Hotel Clonmel has  earned quite a reputation  for been one of the leading wedding reception venues in Tipperary and  attracting business from Brides in Tipperary and all over Munster, for me as wedding videographer its  only a 20min drive home. South Tipperary’s newest hotel is situated off the Dublin to Cork Road its only a short stroll to the Clonmel town center.

Thanks so much for reading my lates blog post, more news next week. If you are looking for a wedding videographer in Clonmel , Cashel or any part of Tipperary be sure to contact Eamon for a competitive price and a professional wedding video service.

Regards Eamon



Wedding Planning Hiring A Videographer

Here at Drangan Video in Clonmel,Tipperary we are noticing changes in couples views towards making a decision  on hiring  a wedding videographer.  Nearly all couples are sure that they are going to have a professional photographer at their wedding after all  it is the most important day of their life, the photo album will sit on the coffee table for viewing by family and friends, photos will also be shared on social media including facebook and twitter.

Wedding Videographer Clonmel
Wedding Videographer Clonmel

Many couples only decide on hiring a videographer when all other wedding suppliers have been booked,  they may be at a friends wedding  and realize that the wedding is been filmed prompting the though “should we have a video” then they might look at some wedding videos on line or on  a website which will enhance the idea of having their big day on film.  Here at Drangan Video we find that the majority of couples are now booking our services at least 12 months in advance.

Photos are a smashing memory of a wedding day and are a must for every couple – but having the memories  on film is totally different. Moving pictures speak a thousand words, hearing your vows, the speeches and messages from guests, walking up the aisle with your dad, interacting with family and friends, the first dance are just some of the magical moments that will look beautiful on video.

If you are undecided about having a videographer my advice is make up your mind and go for it. Photos will always be there and will never go out of fashion. Just imagine having video footage of your parents or grandparents getting married  it would be a treasure  and personally I would love to have it.

Gone are the 3 hour wedding videos that were challenging to sit through without falling asleep, there are fantastic edit and presentation options available. Most full time professional videographers will offer a short edit version of your wedding film, full of magical moments from your day, they will also offer to share highlight video clips on line for sharing with family and friends who are  in distant parts of the world.

A general comment from couples is “the day just flew”  after all the months of planning and budgeting the long awaited big day was over in a flash. Couples never regret having the opportunity to relive their special day in the comfort of their own home.  The video night is a lovely occasion for the couple to relive their wedding day over a bottle of wine and experience all the happy and romantic emotions that are part of every wedding day.

Here at Drangan Video we always include messages   from wedding guests on every wedding film production, as the day flies by the Bride and groom may not get a chance to chat to all uncles, aunties and relatives, just imagine watching your your wedding video and hearing them talking about how beautiful the bride looked and what a fantastic day it was, they also might share a funny little childhood story.  Messages from the flower-girls and pageboys is just so special, imagine looking back on that 10 years later.

Hiring the right videographer is a pretty easy task, its just a matter of checking out their website and facebook page to view the sample videos, you can check out numerous wedding videographers from the comfort of your home, when you see samples that you really like and are moved by and if the the price is right then you are ready to hire that particular videographer. Easy as Pie !!

If you choose the right videographer you will never regret it, the happiest day of your life captured on a wedding film forever.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post.

Regards Eamon Drangan Video Clonmel Tipperary.





St. Mary’s Choral Society Clonmel 2014

St. Mary’s Choral Society Clonmel proudly presents it’s 113th production ” Fiddler on the Roof” and what an amazing performance it was. The following  clip is a snippet from the

Musicals Clonmel, Tipperary
Musicals Clonmel, Tipperary

video which was filmed and produced by Drangan Video, once again it was  an honor  to have been asked to record this truly amazing production.

I have been working with St. Mary’s Choral Society for more than 5 years now, they stage two shows/musicals every year and this in itself is a rare achievement for any musical/choral society. ” Fiddler on the Roof” was the 2014 spring production I am already looking forward to another production in November,  recording shows and musicals in Tipperary is one part of my job that I really enjoy, I love the whole theater experience and after recording many of the same famous musicals maybe twice in the one year, each production is different and always highly entertaining.

Fiddler on the Roof
Fiddler on the Roof

Theatre has been growing increasingly popular in recent years. A once exclusive, upper class activity now attracts people from all walks of life. OnePoll’s latest research polled 1000 UK theatre-goers to find out why.

Of the people polled, almost half said they go because they like the actual show they’re seeing (48.4%) with the lowest amount going because they want to work in the theatre industry (3.6%).

Research also showed some generational differences in theatre-going. Over 55s are mostly attracted to the show itself (62.25%) whereas 18-24s prefer to go just to socialize (29%). Other popular reasons to go to the theatre included the person/ star in the show (13.1%) and to heighten cultural awareness (8.9%).

London unsurprisingly had the highest average amount people spend on a ticket at £35.85, no doubt because it’s the home of the west end’s ‘Theatre-land’ and are also the most likely region to go to the theatre to socialize and have fun (21.63%).

Respondents were also asked to detail what it is they like about going to the theatre. A huge amount of people described going for the entertainment value or to escape from the real world and see things through other people’s perspectives:

Clonmel Theatre
Clonmel Theatre

Fiddler on the Roof    features music by Jerry Bock and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. The show is set in Tsarist Russia in 1905 and is based on the story of Tevye the Milkman by Sholem Aleichem. The story follows father of 5 Tevye as he tries to uphold tradition in an ever changing political and social landscape. During a period of change for Russian Jews, the family learn to cope with the decline of Tsarist Russia and the tough laws enforced on the family and the village of Anatevka. The musical is extremely popular all over the world, and was the first Broadway show to play for over 3000 performances. The original production ran for almost 10 years. Numerous revivals and a film adaptation keep introducing the show to new audiences.

The White Memorial Theatre Clonmel, Tipperary :  

The provision of a suitable residence for the society to use as a rehearsal space incorporating a performance area had, for many years been an ambition and so the merging of these two ideas seemed  a logical step to take when a dilapidated but historic building came up for sale in Wolfe Tone Street. Known as the Forrester’s Hall, it had been used as a paper store by The Nationalist Newspaper and had previously been a dance hall, a meeting house and a food house for the poor.

The building was originally a Wesleyan/Methodist Chapel.  It was designed and built in 1843 by William Tinsley at a cost of £600, half of which was raised locally. The chapel replaced one built by Thomas Tinsley, father of William. It is Greek revival style and the facade is framed with corner pilasters supporting a plain pediment.  It is crowned at the apex and the corners with palmettos. This decorative stonework also appears on the County Museum and on the porch at Knocklofty House.  The chapel earned the accolade of ‘the most beautiful chapel in methodism’ for the splendour of its modified Greek temple style.

With very little financial resources, but with much energy and enthusiasm, St. Mary’s Choral Society acquired this old place of worship and transformed it into a charming 220 seat theatre where the curtain opened for the first time in November 1975.  The opening production in the newly named James A. White Memorial Theatre was Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore. The dream had become a reality- the White Memorial Theatre stands proudly today in the heart of old Clonmel, a living reminder of one of its most illustrious sons.

Since opening its doors in November 1975, the White Memorial Theatre has proved its versatility and showed its vital position within the community. The years have seen numerous organisations using the facilities of the theatre which is arguably the theatrical and cultural centre of South Tipperary.  In addition to the society’s two annual productions, On Your Toes Dance Academy, Stagecraft Youth Drama, Clonmel Theatre Guild, Open House Players are just a few of the local groups that use the theatre as the venue for their  productions each year.  The C.B.S. High School/Presentation Secondary School annual production, the Clonmel National Song Contest and Clonmel’s Got Talent are also staged in the White annually.

 A brief history of Clonmel :  Clonmel (Irish: Cluain Meala meaning the meadow of honey) is situated in County Tipperary, Ireland and is the county town for the South Riding of County Tipperary. It lies in a valley surrounded by several mountains and hills. The Comeragh Mountains are to the south, while east of the town is Slievenamon (Irish for the hill of the women). The River Suir flows through Clonmel on its way to the sea at Waterford harbour.
Clonmel was built up significantly in medieval times and many remnants of this past can be found in the town itself. The town was once completely walled and a good section still remains and can be easily seen at Old St. Mary’s Church in Mary Street. One of the former entry points to the town is now the site of the ‘West gate’, a 19th century construction. Oliver Cromwell, who is infamous in Ireland but respected in Britain, laid siege to the town in 1650. The walls were eventually breached, but not without heavy losses on Cromwell’s side.
Theatre  is still alive and thriving in Tipperary and long may it live.
Thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog post.  and if you have a moment please join Drangan Video on Facebook for all the latest Wedding  News In Tipperary
Regards Eamon