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The perfect places for your wedding video in Waterford

Here at Drangan Video we are blessed many times a year with the opportunity to travel to Waterford to film couples as they make their vows to one another. This year has been no different; in fact we have had more trips so far this year than all of 2016. Waterford is a wonderful city, situated in a breathtakingly beautiful county with so much to offer to couples from all walks of life.

Are you planning on getting married in Waterford over the next couple of years? Would you like some advice on some of the most scenic locations, venues and activities? Look no further then! In this article I am going to talk about some of the county and cities most scenic locations, which will be just perfect for your wedding photos or wedding video shoot.

Waterford crystal champagne glasses
Getting Married in Waterford City

For those of you who are planning to celebrate your nuptials in Waterford City, we have a host of locations for you to choose from. These locations are perfect for wedding videos or photographic shoots.

The Peoples Park

The Peoples Park in Waterford City is one of the most perfect locations for your wedding photos or video shots. This wonderfully designed park allows you to step away from the city without having to venture too far from you guests or venue. As a backdrop the park contains an eye-catching bandstand, a water fountain, hectares of green lawn and beautiful flowers, an unusual orbital monument and an old iron bridge, which gives access to the courthouse. Well worth a trip – weather permitting!

Reginalds Tower

Reginalds Tower, situated in the heart of the city, is an ideal backdrop for wedding photos and wedding videos with a difference. Should you wish to have photographs taken inside or on the roof, please ensure you have organised this in advance and obtained any permissions required.

Getting Married in Waterford County.
If you’re planning a trip to the countryside on your wedding day, you are in for a real treat. Take a look at some of the locations listed below and know that wherever you choose you can be assured of a warm welcome and the most wonderful scenery.

Scenic wedding locations Waterford
Tramore Beach

One of my very favourite spots to film a bride and groom! If you’re lucky with the weather and fancy being a little adventurous, you really can’t go wrong with a trip to the beach to capture the magic of your big day!

Waterford Copper Coast

We’ll stay on the coast for this one. As well as Tramore, Waterford offers a whole coastline of wonderful inlets and bays, which make spectacular backdrops for wedding videos and photos. Maybe take a trip in advance and shortlist a few locations, which might suit you?

Woodstock House and Gardens

Filled with beautiful natural arched walkways and expertly landscaped gardens, Woodstock is one of Waterford’s hidden gems. Definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area and a wonderful place to capture some of the moments of your wedding day.

I could write this article for days, there are so many options for scenic videos and photos in Waterford, for now I’ll stop here and allow you to visit these fabulous locations to make up your own minds. If you are planning a wedding in Waterford city or county and would like to capture your big day on video, please do get in touch with myself (Eamon) here at Drangan Video and I will work tirelessly to ensure you are delighted with the results.

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Weddings In Waterford

For those of you who may have recently become engaged and are looking forward to planning your wedding in Waterford, I hope you find this article helpful. As a professional wedding videographer, I have had the pleasure of traveling all over this wonderful county for weddings of all sizes and can truly see why so many Irish brides and grooms choose Waterford as their wedding destination. We are also seeing many bridal parties from outside Ireland now travelling to this unique location to celebrate their big day. Everything you need for the perfect wedding can be sourced either in the city or county and what a range of spectacular venues you have to choose from! In this blog post I am going to guide you through some of my personal favourites, some wedding reception venues, a few ceremony venues and some scenic locations in which to get some memorable video and photographs.

Weddings In Waterford Castle

Wedding Reception Venues and Civil Ceremony Venues in Waterford

Waterford city and county offers a range of wonderful reception destinations to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking for an historical building that has a tale to tell or modern elegance with a twist. See some of my personal favourites listed below:

In the county

• Faithlegg House Hotel and Golf Resort
A wonderful 18th century mansion situated on a private estate in Faithlegg, Co. Waterford. This luxurious destination also caters for civil and commitment ceremonies throughout the year.
• Waterford Castle Resort
Situated on ‘The Island’, Waterford Castle is a unique location in which to celebrate your vows. This hotel also plays host to civil ceremonies and offers a 310-acre island for your guests to enjoy.

In the city

• The Granville Hotel
The Granville Hotel has long been the place for wedding receptions in Waterford City. Situated on Meagher Quay, we can personally recommend this wonderful venue.
• The Tower Hotel
As the name would suggest, you can find this welcoming hotel on the quays in Waterford situated right across from Reginald’s Tower. With 132 bedrooms this is the perfect place to host all of your guests.

Wedding Locations In Waterford

Scenic Locations in Waterford for your Wedding Video & Photographs

Waterford city and county boasts some of the most picturesque locations in the country, perfect for those memorable shots and video snippets on your big day. It’s been a tough task to list all of Drangan Video’s personal favourites as there are just so many to choose from, but here are my top 3. I would love to hear from you if you have others you think we should check out.

• Curraghmore House and Gardens
Whether you are looking for formal gardens, woodlands or a dramatic backdrop of a Victorian mansion Curraghmore House is the ideal location for a scenic wedding video or photo shoot.
• Tramore Beach and Cliffs
If you are lucky enough to have the Irish weather on your side, then a trip to Tramore will definitely provide you with a breath-taking backdrop for your wedding video or photography.
• Lismore Castle Gardens
Known to be Irelands oldest landscaped gardens, this immaculately kept location is perfect for those who want imagery that is both memorable and eye-catching. Note that the house itself is not open to the public.

I hope you have enjoyed my rundown of Waterford’s most sought after wedding venues and scenic locations and would love to hear from those of you who have experienced these first hand.

Civil Wedding Ceremony Waterford

As always, if you’re looking for a wedding videographer in the Waterford region, the team here at Drangan Video would be delighted to speak with you.

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Planning a Spring Wedding with the Weather in Mind

Spring weddings are truly magical. Bright, cheerful colours and the budding leaves all present and ready to begin the New Year afresh, there couldn’t be a more enjoyable time of year to plan your nuptials. Here at Drangan Video, we’ve been part of a wealth of spring weddings throughout Ireland and can offer some invaluable tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls caused by the good old Irish weather.

Thanks to our years of experience shooting springtime wedding videos, we know without doubt that spring weddings are absolutely wonderful. However, we also know what that the weather can sometimes make for some very unexpected situations!

In this article we will talk you through some potential weather conditions and how you can work around them on your big day.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary and Waterford
Wedding Videographer Tipperary and Waterford







1. Rain on your Wedding Day

The rain is unfortunately an issue in spring for us here in Ireland, but isn’t every other season? What we generally experience in Spring is weather that fluctuates quite a bit, you know those wonderful days where the sun us shining one moment and within the blink of an eye you are running for cover from the rain? Don’t worry; the rain needn’t put a dampener on your big day if you are well prepared and ready for all weather.

Brides and Grooms should ensure that they have a nice, warm, protective coat that can be easily worn over a dress or suit. Umbrellas should be given to each member of the wedding party to ensure no one is caught in an unexpected downpour. If you plan to hold your spring wedding mostly outdoors, then make sure that you rent or purchase strong coverage; canopies for example, for yourself and your guests.

2. Temperature Changes

During the spring months, the rain isn’t the only temperamental element you have to deal with. The temperature can be temperamental too, but once again, with preparation and forward thinking this needn’t be an issue for you and your wedding guests.

Brides, Grooms and wedding guests can often find that in the spring months the daytime temperatures can be pleasantly warm and then turn quite cold once the sun goes down. Perhaps consider checking the forecast a few days in advance and sending out messages to your guests advising on appropriate extra clothing to bring with them.

3. The Mud

With springtime weddings, there tends to be quite a lot more rain than experienced in the summer months and unfortunately this can make the mud a little more of an issue. This is of course, only the case for outdoor weddings, or those where guests need to walk some distance from venue to venue. If your wedding involves an outdoor setting then you should be aware that it could very easily cause damage and stains to wedding attire.

This is why it is important to have an emergency wedding kit on hand at all times. The maid of honour or mother of the bride can carry this in their handbag and will be equipped for all events that may occur. The kit should include a stain removal stick, and also some plastic bags that the bride can step into to keep her shoes clean.

If you are planning a wedding this spring, preparation is key to ensuring the weather doesn’t scupper your big day. With all that said, we all know that regardless of the weather there is nothing on this earth that can influence how happy you are on your wedding day. I have been at many weddings where we experienced, rain, hail, thunder, lightning and sun and not one of these elements made a difference to how enjoyable the day was for either the Bride and Groom or their families and guests!

If you would like to book Drangan Video for your spring wedding, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time and we will be happy to provide you with a package to suit your budget.

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Regards Eamon


Wedding Videographer Waterford

Drangan Video has long been serving the couples of Waterford with a top-notch wedding videographer service and we absolutely love to travel there whenever we are given the opportunity! Waterford City and County is home to some of the countries most prestigious wedding venues and we find that Brides and Grooms rightfully want to capture the day and all it’s fabulous surroundings with a professionally shot wedding video.

Why chose Drangan Video? Well as mentioned already we have been working in Waterford now for many years and are more than familiar with all of the venues and ceremony locations the county has to offer. This experience has enabled us with the power of foresight when planning the video for your wedding. Hail, rain or shine, we know what will suit your venue of choice regardless of the weather. We come prepared with extra lighting, should there be lack of natural light on the day and we always make it our goal to be as unintrusive as possible throughout your ceremony and celebrations.

Wedding Videographer Waterford
Wedding Videographer Waterford





We will be happy to travel to your home to capture all the morning preparations and will set up our equipment in the church or ceremony excitement of the venue well in advance to ensure everything runs as smoothy as possible.

For those of you who are planning a wedding in Waterford, we invite you to get in touch with us for an initial consultation. Perhaps you have already chosen a venue and would like to get our advice on how your finished wedding video would look? No problem! If we have recently shot a wedding video in your venue of choice then we can show you a sample (with the couples permission of course).

Perhaps you haven’t chosen a venue yet? Why not drop us a message on Facebook or send us an email and we can send you on some reliable suggestions!

Over the past decade we have been lucky enough to shoot videos for weddings and many other family and corporate events in the Waterford area. Here are just some of the venues and ceremony locations we have worked in over the past few months, all of which we can wholly recommend to our readers. Note, this is just a small section of the Waterford locations we have filmed in, if you don’t see what you’re looking for listed here, make sure you drop us a line and we’ll find a sample for you to look at!

• The Faithlegg Hotel
• The Church of the Sacred Heart Folly
• Ballindud Mill and Cottage
• The Tower Hotel
• Tramore
• Kilmacthomas
• The Sacred Heart Church Faha
• Stradbally
• The Nire Valley

• The Nire Church
• The Woodlands Hotel
• Waterford Castle
• Faithlegg Church
• Lismore Castle
• Crook Church

Some of our readers, as with many of the couples we have worked with, will wed in one county and celebrate the reception in another. We particularly see this a lot between Kilkenny and Waterford. We have found that this trend is becoming increasingly popular and we will be very happy to help in any way we can to make this journey a most enjoyable one. If this is an option you would like to explore, we would urge you to take a look through our blog where you will see a number of sample videos that were shot across Waterford / Kilkenny borders, a fabulous way to start your married life!

Please call myself Eamon here at Drangan Video any time I will always be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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Wedding In Woodlands Hotel Waterford.

Drangan Video covers Weddings in all Munster Counties, Waterford is a busy area for Weddings.  As aTipperary Wedding Videographer it is nice to cross over the border and record  Déise Wedding Videos.

This is the Highlight Clip from the Wedding of Aine Tynan & Barry Curtin who are both from Waterford. Aine & Barry were happy to go with the Gold Wedding Video Package which is a very popular choice by Waterford Brides, it is an affordable Wedding Video package and delivers  a very high quality end product.

The Photo Shoot took place in the grounds of Waterford Castle which was a nice opportunity to grab some Cool Video Footage which is featured on this Video Clip.

The Woodlands Hotel Waterford was the setting for this Waterford Wedding Reception. I like this Waterford Hotel it is an affordable Munster Wedding Venue offering a high standard of professional  service.

It was lovely working with Aine & Barry they are a friendly down to earth couple and also thanks to them for their sweet comments on Facebook  Thanks Guys 🙂