What Is Expected Of The Bridesmaids

The role of bridesmaid can be a tough one to take on no matter how organised an individual you are, but it’s important to remember that it is an honour! Your best friend or family member has just extended to you one of the most important roles in her big day and this is a gesture money simply can’t buy!

So now that you are one of the chosen few, you will need to know exactly what your duties are in the months prior to the wedding and of course on the big day itself. We have put together a list of tips for you, so that you can complete your duties with ease and take great joy in being the best bridesmaid in local history.

Wedding Tips For The Bridesmaids

The Hen

There was a time when a hen party simply meant a night out on the town with a close group of friends. However, in recent years Hen nights or weekends have morphed into a far more involved affair, often including at least one night away from home. Traditionally the head bridesmaid takes the lead on this, but head honcho or not, all bridesmaids will need to contribute.

A Speech

A little unexpected this one, as traditionally the bridesmaids don’t make speeches at a wedding. However, with more and more brides taking up the mic following dinner, it may fall to you to say a few words about the happy couple. To make sure you don’t get caught out mumbling, or accidentally divulging lesser-known details about the Hen party, make sure you’ve chatted to the bride about this before the big day.

Be Prepared

Brides generally don’t carry a handbag at the their wedding, so, just like the best girl guides you’ll need to be prepared for all eventualities. Extra brownie points will go to those bridesmaids who keep a handy kit for their brides close by, spare stockings, bobby pins, the brides lipstick and lip liner and a travel sized antiperspirant are all great ideas.


As well as looking great in the pictures of the wedding party, the Bride and Groom will likely have decided to take some group shots of their close families and other people that are important to them. While they are getting these pictures taken, they will need someone to help round up those stray aunts and uncles for the extended family photos, ensuring these snaps don’t consume too much time. Be prepared to be vocal, and get a little bossy if this is required of you. Bonus points of course to bridesmaids that offer to herd wedding guests into their group shots.

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Remind the Bride to have Fun

Planning a wedding can be accompanied by a certain amount of pressure for the happy couple as families press their ‘advice’ or needs on the bride and groom to be. It is your duty to remind the blushing bride that she should be enjoying the process as well as getting things ticked off her list. If your bride is getting a bit frazzled, don’t forget to check in regularly with a visit, phone call or text to see how they’re doing.

Are you going to be a Bridesmaid in 2017? Do you have any questions about your duty? Feel free to comment below and we’ll do our very best to help in any way we can. Don’t forget that Drangan Video offers wedding videography services nationwide and we would love to hear from any Brides, Grooms or of course Bridesmaids who may need our services.

More Wedding Planning Tips Soon

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