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As a wedding videographer in Tipperary Ireland, I’ve seen it all! From quiet, low key weddings to massive parties, and from black & white themes to bold, bright colours, I’m lucky enough to be in a unique position that allows me to watch as wedding trends in Ireland come and go. It’s really quite fascinating, and I’ve seen some amazing trends pop up within the last few years that look like they’ll be sticking around:

High Tech Media Delivery
Until recently, DVDs were pretty much the standard delivery method for wedding videos, and in fact many videographers still only offer this method to their clients. At Drangan Video, however, we also offer high definition video via USB sticks. Why? Because it’s what today’s brides and grooms want. USB stick delivery not only means we’re able to supply footage easily and conveniently in HD rather than in standard definition, but it also makes it easier for our clients to share with their friends and family, or upload to a video sharing website like YouTube. DVDs are a dying breed. Today, just 70 percent of homes in Ireland have a DVD player, compared to 75 percent just 12 months ago, and we want to make sure that it’s quick, simple, and most of all convenient for our clients to view their videos. DVDs are out, and high tech media delivery is in!

HD Wedding Videographer Tipperary
HD Wedding Videographer Tipperary







‘Cinderella’ Weddings
It’s fair to say that casual weddings in Ireland have dominated in the last few years. It was only in 2014 that I acted as videographer for Emer and Niall for their wedding in Tipperary that included a photo booth, fake moustaches, and the bride and groom munching on ice cream cones! But recently I’ve noticed things moving more towards the classic ‘Cinderella’ style wedding, complete with horse-drawn carriages, traditional chandeliers, and some of the most breathtaking wedding venues in Ireland you’ve ever seen. I’ve filmed weddings at both the spectacular Thurles Cathedral in County Tipperary, and in the beautiful gardens of the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny lately. One thing’s for certain, and that’s that glitz and glamour is certainly making a comeback, especially for brides and grooms getting married in Ireland!

Make Way for the Groom!
The makeup, the hair, the dress… there’s little wonder why the bride is the centre of attention on her wedding day. But one thing I’ve noticed lately as a wedding videographer in Ireland is that the grooms are starting to get more and more attention. Yes, I’m still regularly filming weddings where I meet the groom and his friends down at the local pub where they’re enjoying a refreshing pint, but it’s fair to say that the groom’s role is getting bigger and bigger. I strongly believe this has come from the fact that more and more couples are booking both wedding photography and videography in Ireland. While one focuses on the girls, the other can focus on what the boys are getting up to, just like at Stephanie & Gary’s wedding in Kilkenny when I filmed the groom getting ready for the big day.

Despite all the different trends, and all the different themes, colours, styles and so on, one thing always remains the same – a wedding in Ireland is always a spectacular occasion! I don’t know just what it is about Irish brides and grooms, but they sure know how to throw a party, and I’m so fortunate to be a part of the celebrations. After many years in the wedding videography business, I still love what I do!

Thinking of getting married in Ireland? Check out Drangan Video’s sample videos online, and see how brides and grooms in Ireland are incorporating the latest trends into their weddings.

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