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There is great old Irish saying that says  “Time Flys When You Are Busy”   ??  It is almost 20 years now from when I recorded and produced my very first Wedding Video, it was a Cashel

Wedding Videographer
Wedding Videographer

Wedding and the couple were friends of ours  the reception was in Dundrum House Hotel Tipperary, as it happened we were invited guests to the wedding, they had already booked a Wedding Videographer but for some reason he canceled the booking two days before the big day. At that time I was getting into Videographery as a hobby my equipment consisted of a decent enough camcorder and some basic editing gear, well to make a long story short they asked me to bring my camcorder  and to grab some of the highlights of the day, I was delighted to have been asked, it was also a challenge for me to tackle my very first wedding video.   I remember recording about 3 hours of non professional footage on the day but I had more than covered the highlights of the day.  Over the following days I got stuck into to editing and producing my very first Wedding Video  I really enjoyed the job of sitting down and going through the footage and cutting unwanted  ( shaky camera shots ) etc.  The video also included some basic special effects which looked a little over the top to say the least.  They were delighted with their 3 hour video tape, it was a record of their big day and they loved it, I also had caught the bug of video production the experience of recording footage and siting down to edit it and produce a video that told a story was an exciting and rewarding job.

Fast forward to today August 1st 2014,  Drangan Video is going from strength to strength with bookings accepted as far ahead as 2017.  Since starting out on the journey as a professionl Wedding Videographer I have carried 3 major equipment upgrades, one of  the most notable changes  in professional video production in recent years is the physical size of the  new generation of Video Cameras that are out there, gone are the days of the big heavy shoulder mount cams, broadcasters and Wedding Videographers alike  are now using the latest hand held file based cams for discreet and comfortable acquisition of footage.

At the moment I am in the process of researching the very latest Sony XD cams, the use of very large half inch  sensors in hand held

Latest Video Camera
Latest Video Camera

cams is a major break through in video camera design it is now possible to get a real feature film look on wedding video productions from a non shoulder mount camera,  Using large sensor  professional  cams is a little bit more daunting than grabbing a semi pro standard chip camera leaving it in auto mode and pressing the record button.  I am certainly up for the challenge and at the moment i am arranging to have a new Sony XD Cam on trial for two weeks, all the research on  line is very encouraging but its essential that I get my hands on the camera and use it before making a rather large  investment in two new high end sony cams.

Thanks for reading my latest blog, more news soon.

Regards Eamon.



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